1. Mr. E says

    He now sells insurance? Bwaaaa haa haa haaa. That’s funny. I wonder if he’s got any snake oil. The guy is not just a loser in this stage of his life.

  2. Jay says

    It’s nice to know that despite the Rick Warren situation, the gays and evangelicals can agree on this much: none of us want anything to do with Ted Haggard. Loser, indeed!

  3. FASTLAD says

    This is a tragic story, ultimately. He’s a gay Faust. He’s deluded and hypocritical and he railed in public against what he practiced in private, he’s reprehensible etc.

    I get all that.

    He just wanted what every straight white evangelical male does: his patrimony. Even though in secret he’s everything they profess to despise. But why let a little thing like gayness get in the way of all that money and prestige?

    Those who want to wear a mask have to. That’s their punishment.

  4. Ian says

    so he didn’t come out. because. he feared the reactions of his friends and family. but he’s going to stick with it. unhappily. constantly denying who he is. for the sake of his children.

    i’m sorry, but faggot needs to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

  5. Adam says

    I raised my self in religion as a Pentecostal. After completing 3 years at the Theology Institute at the young age of 16. I started to feel something funny about my being with certain guys my age and how turn on I would be. I knew what it was because I studied and preached against it. At 18 my pastor told me I had to help him with one of his chrches. I had to put in practice all that learning that God inspired in me to start so early in the path of Jesus. He hammered me. Finally I accepted, protesting that it had to be until someone could take my place. As I gather the “flock” together , I knew this was not permanent. I could not let this people down and also my family. I decided to quit everything. The church I had, which it closed and my membership with the main church. I just buried myself into my job. At 24 when there was a man coming to my life, I swalled a pill conatainer of( Darvons)with Johnny Walker Black. I survived. I came out.Stayed away from any church.

  6. RB says

    I understand and respect your situation Adam! I applaud your determination to be who you really are. I decided being a gay would be better than a dead one. I put away the gun and started the task of coming out. I have never been happier!

    Ted on the other hand will not do what either of us did. He will never come out and he will never be happy. That is what makes him a loser. I do not care how hard you try you cannot change who and what you are and he is a gay man! Sad really.

  7. nikko says

    Oh my, religianity….I’m always amazed at how deluded christians are about themselves….they may look in the mirror, but they don’t see the truth about themselves. They claim god is in their life, yet they’re so mediocre.

  8. rayy says

    I feel sorry for the man. I would pray that he comes to accept himself and accept God as He reveals himself to him, and not trust in society, other people, etc.

  9. LeeBoe says

    Does any rational human being believe that Rev Ted Haggard, has the option to be Gay? If this person has a choice to choose and change his sexual preference at will, then each and every one of us would have had to make a conscious decision at some point in our lives about our sexual preference too. I have never heard a heterosexual person say they consciously made the decision to be heterosexual. In that were true, then logic points to the fact that we all have same-sex attractions, that we have to consciously choose one sexual orientation over the other. A heterosexual does not make a choice to be straight anymore than a Gay person chooses to be gay. Yet, religious folk affirm that Gays make a choice. It’s odd how religious folk rationalize what they do versus what they believe.

    Is it not interesting how Rev Ted Haggard publicly spewed his hatred and disapproval of Gays until he himself was publicly exposed and had to publicly admit to his drug use and homosexual relationships? It is doubtful that he will ever so boldly beat up Gays again in public to boost his reputation, line his wallet, or secure his position in a church. And, why won’t he? We know the answer — Hypocrisy will no longer work for him.