News: Football, Yair Hochner, iFart, Courtney Love, Stonewall 2.0

road.jpg Top footballers — Sol Campbell, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney — on wish list for anti-homophobia campaign being produced as a collaboration by the Football Association and gay activist Peter Tatchell: “The video will be shown in cinemas, on TV and in stadiums in an attempt to rid terraces and pitches of homophobic chants and slurs…The FA has put aside a budget of £20,000 and is hoping that a major advertising agency will take on the project at minimal cost.”

Harry_williamroad.jpg Prince William decides that ‘boy’ look is so over.

road.jpg Sean Penn to receive Desert Palm Achievement Award for acting at the 20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival: “Penn is the first artist to receive back-to-back awards from the festival. He is also the first artist to receive awards in two different categories, according to Darryl Macdonald, executive director at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.”

road.jpg CAMPAIGN: One million letters for marriage equality.

road.jpg Brody Jenner talks about those awkward gay guy moments.

road.jpg Rex Wockner: Why Stonewall 2.0 isn’t fizzling. “That’s because Stonewall 2.0 already happened. Stonewall itself lasted three nights in 1969, but it set the stage for much that came after it. Stonewall 2.0 lasted, at minimum, 11 days — and, I suggest, set the stage for much that will come after it.”

road.jpg iFart iPhone app makes $40,000 in two days.

Madonnaroad.jpg Jesus follows Madonna to London?

road.jpg Obama advisor David Axelrod defends Rick Warren decision: “The important point here is you have a conservative evangelical pastor coming to take part in the inauguration of a progressive president.”

road.jpg Lady GaGa, Little Boots, La Roux, and Ladyhawke tipped as new electropop royalty: “Every now and then pop music undergoes a dramatic shift, and if you believe the people who influence what we listen to, we’re currently on the verge of just such a phase. Out, according to record labels, are the male guitar bands who have dominated the charts and airwaves for much of the decade; in are solo electropop artists who have arrived en masse from Planet Quirky.”

road.jpg Courtney Love accuses Kim Kardashian’s brother of gay bashing.

Hochnerroad.jpg Filmmaker Yair Hochner opening doors for gay films in Israel: ” Hochner’s success has put him on the front lines of an Israeli culture war: How permissive should the country be for gays and lesbians? Same-sex marriage is illegal in Israel, and Jerusalem’s annual gay pride parade has been the scene of violent clashes in years past, pitting Orthodox Jews against liberal Israelis waving flags and banners. Hochner says that, outside of Tel Aviv, many Israelis are homophobic and that ‘in Jerusalem, it’s dangerous to hold hands.’ This is one reason Hochner wanted to ratchet up the scenes in ‘Antarctica’ where gays and lesbians do more than hold hands.”

road.jpg Naomi Campbell cracks a smile.

road.jpg Chattanooga, Tennessee paper profiles “ex-gay” Chris Delaney: “The question of whether someone can choose to be gay is at the heart of all gay-rights issues, Mr. Delaney explained. By saying that a homosexual is genetically born with gay tendencies in the same way a black person is born with dark skin, gay rights advocates are trying to bolster their arguments for equal treatment of gays, he said. ‘What I do flies in the face of their agenda,’ said Mr. Delaney, who noted that he periodically is the target of hate messages on his Web site and threatening voice mails. But Mr. Delaney and Mr. Buchanan say they aren’t going to let resistance interfere with their work. Mr. Buchanan said he believes the ex-gay movement will not only continue but will expand.”


  1. Jay says

    Something about Mr. Delaney’s math doesn’t add up. If he was in the “lifestyle” for 12 years and started this in 1996 and is 38 now, wouldn’t that mean he was doing the “gay bars and boyfriends” thing when he was a pre-teen? Anyhow, he’s full of it.

  2. PM says

    £20,000 budget for an advertising campaign?
    Are there a few digits missing from that figure, or is the commerical to be filmed on a camcorder, 5 seconds long and run before midnight screenings?

  3. qjersey says

    Peter Staley has a leg to stand on and offer a critique based upon his own well documented activism. Dan Savage parlayed an advice column (even though he has no advanced degrees in psychology or social work) into a talking head status… so while is often a great commentator on news shows, has he ever led anything or started anything?

  4. jason says

    Holding hands between men is not just dangerous in parts of Israel, it’s also dangerous in New York. Beyond the gay enclaves, it’s positively life-threatening. It’s not only conservatives who oppose it, either. I’ve seen liberals express their disgust at men holding hands. New York’s gay community has lulled itself into a false sense of security, partly because it has failed to move beyond the enclave and into the mainstream with its criticism. It has also failed to criticize liberal media organizations that promote the bisexual double standard (i.e. girl-girl “hot”, guy-guy “not”).

    Unless the cloistered New York gay community starts criticizing liberal media organizations and liberals in general, it’ll get nowhere.

  5. nickbilz says

    i have to disagree strongly with the unnecessarily bitter and bitchy–almost cuntish–post on dlisted, and say that William has just retaken the lead as hottest royal son. i didn’t recognize him at first and had to do a double take when i read the heading. the beard is a major improvement and very becoming.

  6. Chris says

    PM – the FA only dedicating £20,000 to this campaign says a lot about their commitment to this issue. Most players at Premier League clubs get paid at least that amount PER WEEK, so I’m sure the money is there. This seems like a token gesture from an organisation that doesn’t actualy want anything to change.

  7. jason says

    This is my theory on ex-gay men. A lot of them are bisexually oriented men who fall somewhat short of exclusively heterosexual on the Kinsey scale. They’ve probably had a few experiences with men and have thus classified themselves as “gay”. Keep in mind that society puts a lot of pressure on men – but not so much on women – to self-polarize as either gay or straight. When they become “ex-gay”, these men essentially reject same-sex practices in favor of opposite-sex practices. It’s a case of making a decision and not of changing from gay to straight. Their orientation remains bisexual but their practice is now heterosexual only.

  8. says

    Jason never fails to have a wacky theory!

    This is my theory on ex-gay men. When they become “ex-gay”, these men essentially reject same-sex practices in favor of opposite-sex practices. And then they spend their lives in denial and misery pretending to be something they’re not: straight.

  9. Kyl says

    I wonder if Prince Harry is getting hair transplants. That would complete his newly rediscovered hotness transformation.

  10. Leland Frances says

    Rex the Wockner Horse can’t even accept that he’s bald let alone that the Stonewall 2.0 that he keeps jerking off about was over before it started because it failed to take any note of what came before. Note to fools such as he: subsequent generations of both software and social movements are SUPPOSED to be different than the earlier versions, not reruns which is exactly what we’ve seen so far.

    Mass demos? Candle light demos? Begging via “good deeds” for our rights? Oooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaah! Wowwww! Nifty! It’s all been done before. Repeats aren’t bad as long as they ACCOMPLISH something, and so far ALL we’ve seen is self-aggrandisement and self-satisfied self-righteousness AKA narcissism…no less childish and self-defeating just because it’s been spread virally.

    Ya’ll feel different, like something’s changed, that you aren’t going to take it anymore, Rexy? Funny, La Straight World doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo, including our New Smile Fucker-in-Chief who just shoved a huge dry hard one up our asses and NOBODY’s doing anything about it but bitch.

  11. Leland Frances says

    Wait! I spoke to soon! I hadn’t seen the latest brilliant idea from Stonewall 2.0: one million letters for marriage equality

    Just one slight suggestion: send them all to Santa.

  12. jason says


    Your response conveniently neglects the existence of bisexuality in many men. Your entire post is thus predicated on the polarization paradigm which deems that all men are gay or straight. This paradigm is utter nonsense, and a terrible starting point for a proper elucidation of the ex-gay issue.

    As I said earlier, ex-gay represents, in many cases, men who are bisexual in orientation but who have rejected same-sex practices in favor of opposite-sex practices. They are still bisexual in orientation, however. The only reason they are referred to as “ex-gay” is because the media and society subscribes to the nonsensical paradigm I mentioned above.

  13. sparks says

    I’ll continue to say: Prince William was an adorable youth and has turned into a quite good-looking man, with or without the beard (although I’d say he does wear one very well). Anyone who thinks thinning hair equals an instant loss of attractiveness is just frightened to death of aging, so some of the comments I read here from insecure men who criticize anything which doesn’t fit their own gym/twink ideal … well, they aren’t all that surprising.

  14. says

    I’m with Jason on the “ex gay”. While I certainly don’t believe someone can become an “ex gay”, I also don’t believe anyone’s sexuality is black or white (gay or straight). Women are allowed by society to be more fluid, but men, no way. You are either gay or straight. And maybe, just maybe guys, some men are bi and don’t feel compelled to be totally gay and decide, maybe because there is so much pressure by gays and straight society, to conform one way or another. I don’t believe the same sex urges ever go away.

    And what is it with all the nasty, mean, downright cunty comments about Madonna’s age? Come on children, hopefully you will all make it to 50! I seriously doubt many of us will be in that great of shape or look that good at 50. It’s called getting older. And there’s only one alternative to that and that isn’t nearly as pretty.