Vatican Opposes UN Resolution Condemning Anti-Gay Discrimination

Yesterday, it was reported that the Vatican stated its opposition to a UN declaration formally condemning discrimination against gays because doing so would pressure nations which do not recognize same-sex unions to do so. The resolution, which the Vatican claims would “de-criminalize” same-sex unions, is set to be introduced by France on December 10th at the UN General Assembly, on the 60th anniversary of the UN declaration of human rights.

BenedictThe Times reports: “Over 80 countries in the world currently outlaw same-sex relations, with punishments range from short prison sentences to life imprisonment and even death by execution. The UN declaration will not be binding, but gay rights movements hope it will lead to a UN resolution. The French minister of human rights and foreign affairs, Rama Yade, said that the EU should also ‘take the lead in stopping violence against women worldwide.'”

Today, Reuters reports that the Vatican has been “attacked” for the condemnation. Once again, gays are being framed as the aggressors:

“A strongly worded editorial in Italy’s mainstream La Stampa newspaper said the Vatican’s reasoning was ‘grotesque.’ Pointing out that homosexuality was still punishable by death in some Islamic countries, the editorial said what the Vatican really feared was a ‘chain reaction in favor of legally recognized homosexual unions in countries, like Italy, where there is currently no legislation.’ Franco Grillini, founder and honorary president of Arcigay, Italy’s leading gay rights group, said the Vatican’s reasoning smacked of ‘total idiocy and madness… ‘The French resolution, which is supported by all 27 members of the European Union, has nothing to do with gay marriage. It is about stopping jail and the death penalty for homosexuals,’ Grillini told Reuters.”

In late October, the Vatican said that candidates for the Catholic priesthood should undergo psychological tests to screen out heterosexuals unable to control their sexual urges and those with strong homosexual tendencies.


  1. Barin says

    Honestly, as if anyone would expect anything more from Pope Dracula and the Cabal of Intolerance. Hate and prejudice (wrapped in a message of love) are the standard operating procedures for an organization that needs to find a cross to hang from.

  2. Nick says

    Does the Catholic Church honestly believe they can speak with any credibility about anything anywhere in the world-given their historic, systemic hypocrisy? They have no validity, believability or reason to feel any reasoned, intelligent individual would listen to this cabal of shame and intolerance.

  3. ggreen says

    The entire papal charade in Rome and around the world is nothing but a glorified drag pageant. Starring closeted self-hating homosexuals in the lead roles. Parading around in these holy vestment dresses telling the rest of the world how to live and raise families even though they are forbidden to marry, procreate or even have sexual relations. They can only thrive if their followers are kept ignorant, idol worshipping and poor. Catholic women are still considered second class citizens; not smart enough to make contraception decisions for themselves.

  4. dbzeag says

    So apparently the head of the Catholic church, and therefore the overseer of a belief system practiced by over one BILLION people worldwide actively declines support for a non-binding request for nations to treat people equally and humanly?

    So peace and good will to all in God’s kingdom is the part of the Bible the pope decides is forgettable.

    Just making sure.

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    The solipsism repeatedly exhibited here [and, well, everywhere else] is stunning. Sorry, kids, but just because YOU don’t take the ReichsPope seriously doesn’t mean that millions of others agree with you. Were you all in a coma when he visited the US and tens of thousands of brainwashed fools showed up wherever he went and “objective” mainstream media, again, covered it as if he were the Risen Christ.

    And, tho they would have definitely done it on their own, it was the Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco who initiated contact with Mormon leaders to conspire together about how to pass Prop H8TE.

    So, Stonewallers 2.0, what are you doing about THAT and this latest attack on our personhood?

    Were Harvey Milk still alive I guarantee you he would be shouting:

    Out of the blogs and into the streets!

  6. Thad says

    The Holy See is doing what they believe they need to do in order to protect the integrity of the holy Catholic Faith.

    The Vatican’s issue is *not* about being gay but about same-sex unions (marriage). Perhaps some of you should actually read what exactly it is the Church is having issues with before you start flapping your wrists in the air:

    “Father Lombardi said that “obviously nobody wants to defend the death penalty for homosexuals.”The church supports fundamental human rights and opposes every form of “unjust discrimination” which includes “not just the death penalty, but all violent or discriminatory criminal laws against homosexuals,” he said in a commentary on Vatican Radio Dec. 1.”

    Why is it that certain people in our community demand that other people respect who we are/what we do yet they mock and talk hate towards people who don’t?

    And the Holy Father’s attire is better than the trash that half of the drag queens wear.

  7. says

    Thad you can take the “Holy See” and shove it. Even if the Catholic church begrudgingly admits that I shouldn’t be put to death for being gay (gee, thanks), they still think that I should have to live my life celibately and alone. I’m not going to be respectful toward an organization that calls me an “abomination” and wants me to be miserable… no matter how sassy the pope’s shoes are.

    And I demand respect because I’ve worked my whole life to earn it. The pope should have to do the same.

  8. says

    the more out-of-touch and medieval the Vatican appears is ultimately so much more advantageous for our liberation… if the Vatican stubbornly adheres to the past with no regard for future or advancement, then not only will the catholics continue to dwindle in numbers, but their suspect and fictional beliefs will seem more preposterous as time marches ahead.
    Simply put those red pumps on eBay and you could feed The Philippines for a year.

  9. RainbowPhoenix says

    Thad, we did read the statement. The Catholic administration thinks that protecting a definition that they can define on their own terms anyway,(and originally didn’t recognize at all), is more important than protecting a long suffering segment of God’s children from being tortured and killed just for existing. We will not respect an institution with such blatant hypocrisy.

  10. MAJeff says


    What respect has Nazinger and the RCC shown gay people? The nonsense they always put out about not discriminating is shown to be a lie when they oppose every attempt at including gay people in non-discrimination policy. The RCC actively supports excluding gay and lesbian people (not to mention the even more “broken,” or “objectively disordered,” bi and trans folk.) This isn’t about marriage, it’s about whether or not queer folks are to be included as full participants in society. The RCC, along with its cobigots in the LDS and Southern Baptist (and multiple other) churches, has answered with a resounding “no” and is attempting to make sure we aren’t integrated.

    The Roman Catholic Church is an anti-gay hate organization.

  11. mike says

    Somebody ought to bitch-slap 1,000 x 1,000 times that miserable, wretched, hateful, evil, vile, pathetic, viscious travesty of a human being!! That man is EVIL EVIL EVIL. A resolution giving the same human rights that this prick of a pope enjoys to a group that his “church” has caused much suffering and condemnation is now being criticized by that German Nazi. Why? Because it directly calls into question the hateful and dangerous homophobia of the modern Catholic (and catholic) christian churches. You can bet a solid dollar that that slimy bastard is lobbying heavily amongst the Muslim members of the UN and those countries with large evangelical populations to get them to support his “church” and its campaign against the human rights of gays and lesbians everywhere. It’s a disgrace! Why hasn’t someone in Congress or the ACLU called that prick pope on the Vatican’s campaign of hate against gay people? Why hasn’t anyone seriously questioned whether or not Catholics–priests and lay people alike–are violating U.S. law by lobbying for the Vatican in matters that concern civil, secular law and not church law? Why hasn’t anyone brought a lawsuit that will force these Catholic lobbyists to register as agents of a foreign government? This whole thing is disgusting and this is one more fight that gays and lesbians and people of good will should NOT back down on. Fight these assholes and never let them get away with their hatred and bigotry ever again!!

  12. Alex says

    The hate being spewed here is unbelievable. Is it logical to respond to perceived hate with even more inflamed hate? Pope Benedict, despite what we may think of his stances on this issue, has done far more good for the world than I surmise any reader of this blog, including myself, could ever dream of doing. That may be something to think about before you start hurling hate-ridden, disparaging epithets at an elderly man who has sacrificed his life to bring peace to the world.

  13. dbzeag says


    I know the pope is not 100% against all of gays and every right they have. I know the Catholic church does not wish harm on innocent people for believing and viewing life differently than them (oh wait…). The UN announcement was a generic wish for nations to promote peace and equality, not an ad for same-sex marriage. It was a Vatican representative that made the claim about same-sex marriage.

    The UN agreement was for equality and peace to all UN nations, starting with the EU. The pope’s representative did not want the Vatican to support such a plea. Simply put, this appears to me to be the RCC not wanting peace on earth and equal treatment to all in “God’s kingdom”; nothing to do with same-sex marriage at all.

  14. says

    Alex and Thad are clearly delusional. Any good that is done in this world is done by INDIVIDUALS within the church. Ratzinger, as pope, has no more to do with the charitable work of the church than any of us do. If you’re upset by the level of rancor against the catholic church, then perhaps you should ask yourself where this comes from. It comes from decades (if not centuries) of systematic abuse and atrocities committed by the catholic church in the name of God. Until the church begins to accept my equal humanity, then they deserve not one bit of respect.

    And Ratzinger hasn’t sacrificed CRAP… are you fucking kidding me? Yeah, living a life of unequaled luxury in the Vatican, controlling the pent-up lives of millions, and claiming to be the vicar of Christ on Earth. Yeah, that sounds like quite a burden.


  15. Thad says

    Yes, there are people in the Magisterium who are anti-gay and are more than likely “bigots” but why should you judge them becuase on how they chose to live their lives according to how they want to? Why should you judge, mock, hate them because of what they believe?

    Do you prefer to be who you are, live as you live, believe as you believe and not be harassed or degraded for your thoughts? If so, why not show the same respect for the people on the opposite side of the spectrum?

    You cannot demand respect without giving it in return.

    Why should the Church give you respect if you refuse to show it in return? If the things being said were directed towards the GLBT community some of you would be livid, offended and hurt. Why not have the courtesy to be kind to those who are different than you?

    And not all members within the Church are evil or hate gays or spew some of the nonsense as some here have shown.

  16. ggreen says

    How can the Roman Catholic faith ever be defended? The Church only recently apologized for the Inquisition that killed millions of INNOCENT people. They continually threaten and coerce their members with excommunication and denial of sacraments while its priests still molest children. The Church has always put idolatry and the papacy ahead of Christian love and compassion.

  17. MAJeff says

    Thad, you refuse get it. The Church–as an organization–is anti-gay. That’s it. Period. It consistently takes steps to make living life as gay people more difficult. It condemns us as “disordered,” our relationships as “evil,” and placing children in our homes as “violence.” No, not all Catholics are bigots. The organization, however, is anti-gay to its very core. It’s a hate group.

  18. Derrick from Phiily says

    You can insult the Catholics if you want, but what happens your sinful ass gets possessed by a demon-who you gonna’ call then? Sarah Palin and the Evangelicals? (sounds like a 60s doo wop group)

    My favorite Pope was Anthony Quinn (The Shoes of the Fisherman). I didn’t like Rex Harrison (The Agony and the Ectasy)…he wasn’t sexy at all–no beef.

  19. Mr. E says

    Thadeus, apparently you didn’t take my advice. The catholic church does NOT deserve my respect, and, quite frankly, neither do you. I can respect someones individual beliefs, but when they are institutionalized and CLEARLY harm other people they deserve more than disrespect. And seriously, you need to come up with a lot more than that silly link to try to prove that the catholic church is tolerant of gays. What bubble do you live in?

  20. Thad says

    Mr. E,

    Obviously you don’t respect anyone’s beliefs if they are “institutionalized” becuase then you would disagree with anyone with ties to politics, religion, etc.

    How exactly does the Catholic church *clearly harm* you? For some reason the whole “sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me” comes to mind.

    And the link wasn’t trying to prove that the Church is tolerant of gays but that it is taking steps in the right direction. You damn them if they do and you damn them if they don’t?

  21. Thad says


    I’m trying to find the document that the article is refering to. Bishops are not allowed work independently from Rome and certainly cannot issue/force anything without a nod from the Holy See.

    However, if they are doing this without getting approval from someone in the Magisterium it will quickly be fixed and made publicly known.

  22. Mr. E says

    Thud, Obviously I’m referring to the institution of religion. Lets not take this beyond that at the moment. Are you being facetious or serious when you ask how the church has clearly harmed the homosexual community? That question alone clues me into the fact that you are a troll and clearly are neither gay nor sympathetic to our cause. So I repeat, go fuck yourself with a very sharp crucifix. :-) Good day.

  23. says

    Thad and Alex: what kind of self-hatred (assuming you’re gay, which perhaps you’re not) drives you to defend this evil man?

    Even before Ratzinger became Pope he was responsible for the hypocritical Catholic ideology that basically acknowledges that gay people exist (a group, a minority) but refuses to allow them to express their sexuality (same-sex-attraction, which I call ASS-backwards).

    In 1986 it was he who described homosexuality as an “intrinsic evil” and an “objective disorder.” As Pope he has claimed same sex marriage is a threat to world peace.

    The Catholic Church has harmed countless gay people through lobbying against non-discrimination and against safe sex programs, killed probably millions in the AIDS epidemic. It has harmed children by refusing to place them in loving homes with same sex couples. It has also destroyed the lives of countless gay priests whose closeted and truly unnatural and objectively disordered lifestyle has led them to act out on vulnerable young men. Do you really think the abuse scandals have nothing to do with Catholic ideology?

    Take off your blinders and see the face of evil! It is Benedict XVI.

  24. RainbowPhoenix says

    Bishops are allowed some autonomy over their jurisdictions. Since their statement was restricted to Britain, where the church has little power anyway,and gays have all the benefits of marriage, the Vatican didn’t feel the need to make themselves look bad by condemning it. From what I’ve seen, the Vatican mostly only releases statements like this when the issue of us getting more protections comes up.

  25. Joe says

    Thad and Alex aren’t gay. They are Catholic trolls who found this story on one of their Catholic websites. Then they come here and pretend to be outraged gay people. It happens all the time. The anonymity of the web allows all kinds of concern trolls to post as outraged “gays”, “Democrats”, “Obama supporters”, etc. We’ve seen it here hundreds of times.

  26. dbzeag says


    RCC “clearly harms” me daily by investing time, money, and energy in advertising tough and biased opinions about minorities, pushing agendas to government officials, and in the end corrupting the secular world with governmental influence that can change laws that affect me every day.

    The RCC was a major funder of the support for a bill that passed in Ohio in 2004 that basically took every right I had away from me if I acknowledge a same-sex individual as a partner.

    This is such a generic constitutional amendment, you could almost claim something as simple as power of attorney to anyone that is not a legal spouse is unconstitutional.

    My partner is getting laid off at the end of the month. I cannot put him on my insurance plan because of this bill.

    This directly affects me. And this bill was advertised, funded, and supported directly in part by RCC as well as other religious organizations.

    I guess I should be thankful then as I haven’t physically beaten by a hymnal, yet.

  27. Alex says

    I had some respect for the Catholic Church when John Paul II was in there. At least he was concerned about Human Rights and charity.
    Its hilarious to actually see that an institution as influential as the Catholic Church actually believes it has the right to discriminate against a minority. They are indirectly killing people if they have any influence with their opposition – and I’m sure for some bible-quoted reason that Catholics will find it AOK to take violent action on people that are gay. Pope’s mouth is the mouth of god for some… sigh… what a sad situation.

  28. Alex says

    You idiots need to learn some fucking history. “The Inquisition killed millions of people?” Hmm, ok…and I guess Jews have horns, too? I won’t even bother telling you that the Inquisition most certainly did not kill millions of people. And anyway, no one living now was around during the Inquisition, and therefore no one who has not committed the acts themselves need apologize for them! They were committed by human beings who have been, for centuries, dead. Use your brain, people.

    The fact of the matter is that many on here just can’t handle the fact that a large group of people believes homosexuality to be a disorder. You are not demanding equal rights, you are demanding for others, and entire religious systems, to accept that homosexual acts are not immoral. We are ALL for equal rights! And I happen to think the Vatican’s current policy towards these rights is a bit shoddy, but then again who came blame them for thinking that these “equal rights” will mean that those who speak out against homosexual acts will be punished?

    It is the Catholic Church’s right to disagree with your morality just as it is your right to disagree with the Catholic Church’s moral vision. The truly intolerant ones are the ones who wish to leave no room for disagreement because, I suppose, they are so insecure that the thought of people publicly ridiculing their lifestyle is so unbearable that they will stop at nothing to crush those people’s free speech. It is a sick, sad, foolish little thing which only serves to discredit the gay cause.

  29. Alex says


    By the way, the Spanish Inquisition wasn’t controlled by the Church. The Church did not execute people, the State did. Secondly, a few thousand (as in four or five, not fifty or sixty) died, not “millions.” Oh, and Protestant witch hunts in Germany resulted in a far greater number of deaths than in any state-controlled Inquisition. The fact that it happened at all is bad enough not to warrant spreading fantasies and lies.

  30. MAJeff says

    Another one defending a Church that considers us lesser humans…and attacking us for criticizing those who would consign us to that lesser status on the basis of their hate-filled “morality.”

    And, because it is us criticizing, and our opponents actively working to take rights away from us, to ensure we don’t receive rights, and to make our lives more difficult, we are the intolerant bigots.

  31. Thad says

    The Church does not consider gays to be lesser humans! And the Church is not attacking you. The Church is only trying to make sure that political institutions do not force the Church to do anything it believes in something it doesn’t.

  32. Alex says

    Majeff, you are really, really thickheaded, aren’t you. This is like pulling fucking teeth. Damn.

    The Church does not think active homosexuals are lesser humans. You and I both know that the Church doesn’t believe that someone is “more human” than someone else. All the Church is saying, whether we disagree or not, is that homosexual activities, like heterosexual activities outside of marriage (or inside a marriage without being open to the possibility of procreation), are against God’s intent and therefore sinful. And the last I heard, the Church considers every last one of us sinners, with the exception of Jesus Christ and His Mother.

    Equating “We do not believe that homosexual acts are morally acceptable” with “We think you are less of a human than all other sinners because you commit morally unacceptable acts” is intellectual deceit of the highest and most despicable order.

    Unless you are as stupid as it seems, you should be ashamed.

  33. Mr. E says

    Thad, please provide your card number so that I may verify. If you really do like cock, than why such a catholic apologist? Are you catholic? If so, then how do you reconcile what the church says with the fact that you may take cock up the ass?

    And Alex, I could give a flying fuck about what the church actually believes. But I do care about their actions that continue to harm people who do not believe the way they do.

  34. says

    I’m sorry, Alex, the “intellectual deceit of the highest and most despicable order” is trying to twist the Catholic “love the sinner, hate the sin” into something positive.

    My gayness, and I would wager that of 99% of the card carrying gay men on this blog, is not a behavior or an activity or a lifestyle. It is an identity. We were gay even before we had gay sex and even when we’re not having gay sex. Many of us were gay well before puberty.

    The official Catholic ideology, hatefully formulated by Benedict when he was Ratzinger, makes a whole class of people lesser in that they cannot love without sinning, while straight people are free to marry. Furthermore, the Catholic Church fighting against marriage doubles that error by making it impossible for them to love within marriage, which is the only kind of love they approve of.

    They do not love us. They do not love us because we love. They hate us because we love, and you have bought their ideology.

    Feel free to remain celibate and consider your own nature “objectively evil” and “disordered” — and you’re telling me that doesn’t make you a “lesser” human being? Please!

  35. says

    “The fact of the matter is that many on here just can’t handle the fact that a large group of people believes homosexuality to be a disorder. You are not demanding equal rights, you are demanding for others, and entire religious systems, to accept that homosexual acts are not immoral. We are ALL for equal rights!”

    ALL? Not from what I’m reading. I don’t care what Catholics or any other “religious systems” think about the way I have sex or live my life. It’s none of their business. If they want to believe, falsely, that homosexuality is a disorder, that’s their right. (Priests molesting children, on the other hand, IS clearly a disorder.) It’s when Catholics, or any other religious group, uses their religious beliefs in a secular society to infringe upon my civil rights that there’s a problem. I may not believe in their religion (even as I support Catholic stands on war and the death penalty), but I have never worked to prevent Catholics from practicing their religion, whereas Catholics, led by the pope, have actively worked to keep me from having the equality I deserve. A big difference.

    I find it odd that gay people (if you’re not gay, shoo) are so passionately defending an institution that believes you should spend your life alone, celibate, and without the love that can only come from fully accepting your sexuality. Unless you want a life of celibacy, a gay Catholic who follows the church’s teachings is pretty much guaranteed a life of misery. To me, that is both disordered and sad, but it’s not my place to tell Catholics how to live, and it’s not their place to tell me how to live or who I can marry.

  36. Rovex says

    Religious belief is a choice, homosexuality is not. Its not acceptable to discriminate against someone for their genetic make up (blacks, gays, women etc), but it IS acceptable to ‘control’ people based upon their beliefs. Beliefs are what cause all the worlds problems, especially the belief that you have a right to be excluded from legal control.

  37. MAJeff says

    These Catholic apologists never tire of lying, do they? The Church only opposes civil laws it fears would impinge on how it operates? Utter lie. The Church is attempting to shape the world outside its doors, and one approach to that has been to oppose pretty much every attempt at the inclusion of gay people into the institutions of American life. Instead, when they come out with statements like, “Talk nice about the homos while you try to strip them of their rights,” fools like Thad run around saying, “See, they’re not anti-gay.”

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