‘Wicked’ Protest: Musician Calls on Others to Stop Mormon Licensing


Ex-Mormon Jon Powell is calling on musicians and artists to stop licensing their work to groups associated with the LDS Church.

ABC4 reports:

"Powell is leading this front. He's a former member of The Church, and of BYU's Young Ambassadors. His website states, 'I feel all gay artists should not allow their art, music, dance or theatrical piece to be used to promote the Mormon Church.... Please do not support them and do not allow them to use your work to support their message of hate.' Powell has talked with one artist in particular, Stephen Schwartz, the composer of the musical 'Wicked' which the Young Ambassadors wants to use in their show. Powell says, 'For me that material is so blatantly hypocritical... the use of it in the Young Ambassadors show.' Part of an email Schwartz wrote to Powell says, 'I'm looking into it, and if this is truly a Mormon 'promotional' group, rather than just student singers, I will try to do something about it.'"

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(via americablog)