Aussie Swimmer Ian Thorpe: I’m Not Gay


Former Olympic swimming champ Ian Thorpe today responded to insinuations by the Australian media that Daniel Mendes, another swimmer who has been his housemate for the past three years and traveled extensively with Thorpe, is more than just a friend.

ThorpegaySaid Thorpe today: “Over the last few days there have been a series of press articles published speculating about my friendship with Daniel Mendes. I am still friends with many of the people I competed and trained with during my swimming career. Daniel is one such good friend whom I have known for many years. I have only commented on this issue at this time because I draw a line when innuendo implicates people like my family and my friends. I find this kind of inaccurate speculation tiresome and I am annoyed by the hurt it has caused those closest to me. In the past, on several separate occasions, I have openly and honestly with the media. My situation in this regard has not changed. I look forward to myself and those around me receiving the respect and privacy afforded others.”

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  1. B! says

    I can see why he’s upset though. There’s speculation and then there’s downright invasion of privacy. My best friend is straight and I’m sure from a distance many could speculate that we’re more than just friends. But if you’re closer than a camera lens you’d realize we weren’t. Straight men can be friends without it being gay. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. If he is closeted, no one wants to be outed like this.

  2. late says

    @Shane: because gay men only care if hot famous men are gay (“hot” ignoring the typical and not unexpected comments disparaging Thorpe’s current physical condition).

  3. glennmcgahee says

    Too bad we think its a scandal if the man is or isn’t gay. So what. Plus, the guy is still hot even if he’s gained some. Everybody doesn’t have to be model-perfect.

  4. Hermes in DC says

    @GLENNMCGAHEE: I don’t know that anyone on here at least is suggesting that Thorpe’s sexual orientation one way or the other is scandalous. But I think at least part of the interest in the gay community stems from the very natural pride we would feel that a notable and very accomplished person happens to be gay. In the same way that I am proud of Matthew Mitchum happens to be one of us, I would be proud if Thorpe were. If only because the more of us that other people know and can admire, the easier it is for all of us.

    Admittedly, another part of it is that, in his prime, he was smoking hot.

    Final thought, did anyone else note that in his “denial,” as reported here at least, he doens’t actually say he’s not gay. He condemns the speculation but doesn’t affirmateively say anything else. Denials are always the most insistent right before the final acknowledgement, see for instance Neil Patrick Harris.

  5. duane harrison says

    Thorpie think anything and say anything about me it dont hurt me. I am very happy loving a man. Being gay is not a bad thing, people need to over come this closed minded issue. People need to quit talking about gays like they are an alien for another planet, we are human just like anyone else. Smile and just say I love you for who you are!!!!

  6. says

    Why would anyone think that a longtime housemate and traveling companion could be anything more than a friend??!! Now I’m worried that innuendo could implicate me and my boyfr–equent traveling companion and housemate.

  7. anon says

    Where is the actual denial? I don’t see it.

    Sometimes people think my str8 friends are also gay–I’m not kidding!–am I that obvious?? However, I don’t live with them.

  8. seattle mike says

    Thorpe says: “Some people think it’s an insult to say, ‘Oh, I think he’s gay’, but I don’t take it that way. I’m not gay. I’m lucky that within myself I don’t care enough to get worried or upset over it.”

    Yeah, he doesn’t worry about it or get upset. So why this latest statement?

  9. Mike says

    The real issue is for the people around him, family and friends, who feel hurt by the rumors of his homosexuality. Keanu Reeves always handled this very well by simply responding with “so what?” He said that such speculation should no longer be a thing of scandle, and when one goes around denying it you lend power to it. The “so what” defense hadn’t hurt Reeves career and it wouldn’t likely hurt Thorpes either. Meanwhile, his friends and family would do well to educate themselves a tad better.

  10. TANK says

    What’s with all these overeater’s anonymous commenters? My shoe is filling with blood.

    Anyway, this is as predictable as the tides by now. A story followed by his denial. Who cares is right. But for the love of ring dings, stop with the body shots already! It’s scarring small children and disturbing pets. I just puked in my mouth staring at his moobies, imagining their violent jiggling.

    Give him some poptarts, a ham, live goat or something to distract him from taking his shirt off in public!

  11. Jay says

    If Ian Thorpe, after years of hardbodied goodness wants to pack it on a little, good for him. He’s def got some chub, but he’s hardly obese. Good for him for being a normal person and eating fatty foods when he feels like it.

    Now the denial thing I’m not such a fan of. Suppose he’s straight – who are these insinuations hurting exactly?

  12. Drew says

    I can’t believe the media even covers Ian’s personal life. What, is Michael Phelps so busy being a dipshit somewhere around town that HE can’t be bothered a bit?

  13. Whosie says

    Not to rationalize, but the story is more complicated than anything described here.

    Despite being a has-been, Thorpe is still making good money in Japan (endorsements) where he’s still a star: he would likely lose all or most of those endorsements.

    btw, his Brazilian mate was training in Oz in 2003 until age 17 – they shared a couch, erm, coach then. But articles quote EVERYONE saying these boys met in 2006 or 2007 … “Make sure you put that in!”

    The 21yo Brazilian bf is smoking hot, btw:

    Can we talk about Brazilians now???

  14. praveen says

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  15. BRENT says

    Take a look at the Maggie Taberra Ian thorpe interview – His manerisms in the whole interview are WAY BEYOND just gay – he is a raving queen!!

  16. FluffChop says

    Hahah it’s just so funny how he denies being gay when he’s as queer as can be! Just look at any photo of him and you know he’s gay. It’s like he thinks denying it convinces anyone he’s not gay, but he’s just sooooo gay. I mean he lives with a guy for three years etc. He’s so bloody gay it’s just a joke to even attempt to say he’s not. As I said, it’s laughable. Totally gay!

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