1. nic says

    who would have thought that the good bishop would be reading my mail? except for the fact that he puts a religious spin on the issues, it’s all well and good.

  2. Rey says

    I have emailed HBO asking for an explanation before I do anything rash. We were incredibly disappointed though tuning in and wondering why the show started without the invocation. After about an hour, I was no longer in denial and realized that for one reason or another it had been cut.

    I want an answer as to why this decision had been made.

  3. mcNnyc says

    This outrage is clearly the fault of the Obama Inugural Team. If you tell HBO that ur live show starts at 2:30 you don’t put ur Gay Bishop on TEN MINUTES BEFORE and expect them to broadcast earlier. And you most def Put the speakers on for the crowd.


    So 1993.

  4. LA says

    We, my gay brothers and lesbian sisters, have been left behind at the revolution. In this time when I feel I should be filled with hope and joy, I am filled with tremendous sadness.

  5. Paul Weidig says

    You don’t think this scenario was engineered? Why did Barack Obama and Joe Biden appear only AFTER the invocation? Why was the sound system “malfunctioning” during Bishop Robinson’s prayer, only to be “magically” restored AFTERWARD, just in time for the concert? Why were all the choruses identified EXCEPT the Washington Gay Men’s Chorus? Why did HBO decide to broadcast the event only AFTER the silenced invocation?

    The Obama team choreographs every detail to the split second, so it’s pretty obvious that once again, we’ve been made expendable.

    Don’t expect any gesture or measure of decency or justice toward the LGBT community from his administration. Once again, as with the Clintons, we’ve been “thrown under the bus.” And you can bet that homobigot Rick Warren’s voice will be heard loud and clear next Tuesday.

  6. says

    The honeymoon is over, and we are learning more and more. Obama is better than McCain, however, we took Obama’s rhetoric hook, line and sinker. Now sit back and watch us get pushed to the back of the bus, because it looks like we’ve been taken for a ride.

    While Obama is not directly to blame, he is so indirectly. His inaugural committee is overseeing all the events. If this is a sign of how his administration is going to run, we are in deep kimchi. It is also rumoured that the microphone wasn’t working and/or speakers weren’t turned on. In otherwords, Bishop Gene Robinson was silenced/censored without actually being silenced.

    I fear that the gay community is going to continue to get stepped on. Rick Warren was just a slap in the face. We were promised hope and so far all we have gotten is heartache. I am kind of wondering which side of the fence Obama is going to fall on.

    As a side note – although Obama stated he didn’t support gay marriage during the Presidential election, at one time he did. A true politician; get the votes anyway you can. Support gay marriage when it benefits you, don’t support it when it doesn’t. The below pdf link was just sent to me, check out pages 6 & 7…maybe you’ve heard the term ‘flip-flop’?

    Time to fight for equality…shameless plug…

    Always a groomsman, never the groom!

  7. Jack Harris says

    We were ‘played’ by the Obama appeasers in response to the heat they took over their decision to include Rick Warren in the Inauguration The producers of today’s concert aren’t part of the established HBO family, and had no intention of including Bishop Robinson’s prayer in their prestigious, historic, pro-American propaganda production. HBO broadcast this concert to all American troops, here and abroad, and played it on their world wide cable and satellite networks. And it is still being broadcast repeatedly on the HBO U. S. network. I’m sure the concert’s production team believed that a prayer by a gay clergyman would contaminate the pop-culture quality, and marketability of their product.. and put the Bishop’s prayer before the concert’s previously planned opening, so it could be easily omitted from the live broadcast that followed.

  8. 24play says

    Clearly, Barack Obama was personally responsible for this vile and underhanded trick!

    Clearly, he was also responsible for the attacks on 9/11!

    Clearly, he was also the second gunman—on the grassy knoll!—in Dallas in November of 1963!

    And clearly, some of you Hillary dead-enders are batshit crazy and wouldn’t be happy if Obama issued an executive order on Tuesday declaring daily buttsex mandatory for all Americans.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    Remember folks, the fight for Gay Civil Rights is up to Gay Americans. Yes we have allies, yes we have friends, yes we have supporters, yes yes yes. At the end of the day the fight is ours. Volunteer, Get involved in politics (shocking for Gay men), organize, support Gay candidates (as often str8 ones don’t follow through, again shocking to say, disappointing to constantly see). It’s OUR fight, not their’s.

  10. Foochy says

    I think Andy struck the right tone in his original post — something regrettable happened, now let’s request an explanation. Having worked on large outdoor events during college, I can personally attest to the speed and frequency which things can get screwed up at a festival-type event where there has to be multiple lead coordinators, even though every detail was planned over half a year.

    That does not dismiss the role of actual malice in the omission of Gene Robinson in the aired program, but to me concerts will always be like sausages: great to eat — but if you knew what actually went into making them, you’d drop them from your diet.

  11. Eric says

    What’s with all this “we” business?

    Some of us chose to support candidates that support the GLBT community without reservation.

    Fuck Obama. Let’s see if he’s still around in four years to pull this same stunt at the inauguration in 2013.

  12. Drake says

    >They are saying that it was the Obama
    >Inauguration Committee’s decision for the
    >Invocation to NOT be televised.

    Is anybody truly surprised by this?

    Can’t wait to see Rick Warren stick a knife in Obama’s back tomorrow.

  13. Micah J. says

    Fuck Obama? No, FUCK YOU, Eric!

    How about we meet up somewhere and we’ll see what you have to say after I punch you in your fat mouth. Talking about my President like that. I will fuck you up, chump.

  14. GayRepublican says

    I thought Obama was the weaker of the two main candidates, so I didn’t vote for him. That having been said, why not give the man a chance and see what he does on the actual ISSUES? All this inauguration crap is just for show. Wait and see what he does on DADT before going nuts.

  15. says

    perhaps it is because i am looking for ways to be hurt and insulted, but the affronts to dignity for the gay (read glbt) tribe seem neverending. i tuned into the opening inaugural event and concert to see just a few things, chief among them the DC gay mens chorus, and bishop gene robinson. i tried viewing the event from HBO’s website, three times i tried. i never seemed to catch the opening invocation from the good bishop. puzzled and annoyed i did a quick scan of some news sites and found out that the bishop’s speech was not telecast. given that his presence was seen to be a counter to the invocation of pastor warren, i find this insulting to the maximum degree.

    here is the story from AMERICABLOG. any takers on a bet the MSM will not find this a compelling enough story to cover?

    as to the explanation given, it might carry some weight for the first live feed broadcast, but not at all for the two following rebroadcasts.

    the DC chorus was theere, but as far as i could tell, they sang back up for josh groban and were not identified for the tv viewing audience. i will ASSUME they were credited in the programs given out.

    i found the whole experience one of ineffable sadness, as the many of the human rights achievements that were being trumpeted clearly did not apply to me and mine.

    i do not want to throw the baby out with the bath water, as i realize how far things have come, but i can’t overlook how many ways equality is denied us.

  16. glennmcgahee says

    The filmed piece will be shown over and over to schoolchildren and in churches for years to come. The Obama team had to make sure that the children’s minds were contaminated by gay/lesbian thoughts. Of course, Obama had no idea this would happen, he was just “present”.

  17. says

    The less religious presence in these Inaugural proceedings the better… HBO did the world a favor. Let’s hope other Inaugural religious rites get cut from broadcast as well.
    It is inappropriate to feature and select Christianity to champion over all other religions in what needs to be an inclusive and secular Federal event.

  18. Kirk says

    I was in the shower when the event started, so I was listening to it on NPR, and they also did not have Robinson’s invocation. So, once the schedule was set, I believe the broadcast partners were basically out of it, so it’s probably not worth it to get too upset at HBO (or NPR, for that matter). They’ve got a schedule to keep, and regardless of those corporations’ feelings on the matter, they’re going on at a certain time and can’t start earlier too easily.

    In a broad sense, I don’t mind too much, since religion shouldn’t be part of governmental activities. As a gay man, it is disappointing to not have been able to see Robinson up there in a nationwide broadcast.

    It will also be difficult to judge this in the context of the Warren invocation. The inaugural committee could just as easily schedule him early, but since Tuesday’s events will have broader media coverage, the extent to which events air is not directly in the control of the inaugural team, I don’t think. But someone with more direct knowledge should feel free to correct me on that.

  19. says

    I voted for Obama, as I know that sexual minorities will suffer far worse at the hands of the GOP. That said, I have never had any illusions about the Democrats who seemingly lack any sort of central directive.

    Does choosing Warren or omitting Robinson have any long term impact? No. So what is its value? What it tells us is that their word (LGBT folk are mistreated, we will change that) when compared to their action (they are disposeable) don’t match. Which one reflects the Obama administration’s position? I guess we will have to wait and see for ourselves.

  20. JOEJOE says

    PBAR is right. Why is ANYONE allowed to pray at an inauguration? It’s not a religious event. If Bishop Gene Robinson or Rick Warren or anyone else needs to say a prayer for Obama, they should do it at home or in their tax exempt churches. We do still have a separation of church & state, although lately that seems debatable.

  21. Ryan says

    “Why were all the choruses identified EXCEPT the Washington Gay Men’s Chorus?”

    Wrong. Other than the Naval Academy Glee Club, every other chorus group were not identified.

  22. sfpromo says

    Though Robinson’s prayer was cut, the DC Gay Men’s Chorus was prominent. As prominent as it was when Obama included “gays and straight” among the all that are a part of who need to be included to bring the United States together.

    People…stop being so harsh.

  23. Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. MED. RET. A.P.V. says

    01/19/09 – Monday

    On Sunday I tuned into HBO to watch Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson give the ‘Invocation’ at President Elect Barack Obama’s Igauguration Concert and all those who were to be performing.

    I am a person of Faith. I am not a member of any Cult Religion. With having Rick Warren give the Invocation tomorrow when President Elect Obama takes the Oath of Office, shows the total disregard for Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson and for all of those wanting to hear his message. Rick Warren is a Bigot, Racist and one who spreads Hatred against the Disabled and L.G.B.T. Community in America. He has 30,000 in his Religious Cult Church spreading the word of Hatred 24/7. Where Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson spreads the word of ‘Love’. This is what my Faith is all about.

    I joined the NAACP in 1975. I have walked in many Civil Rights Marches in my life time for equal rights for the Black Civil Rights of Black American Citizens. I have devoted my life 24/7 that all people are equal. No matter if they are Race, Sex, Disabled, L.G.B.T. Community, Womans Rights, Equal Pay Rights, Senior Citizens Rights, Childrens Rights, Veterans Rights, Unemployed and the Homeless Rights of all American Citizens.

    For more years than I can count I have fought for a ‘Real Hate Crimes Bill’ for the Disabled and the L.G.B.T. Community in America.

    To not see nor hear Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson give the Invocation at yesterdays Igauguration on HBO was a huge shock wave. So I picked up my phone and cancelled HBO. I have seen how Bigots, Racist and Hatred works 24/7 in America for many decades. I have personally been the victim of Hate Crimes for only being a Permanently Paralyzed and Disabled Law Enforcement Officer.

    For the past 8 years we have had, “Emperor George W. Bush and his Dick as in shoot your best friend in the face Cheney causing the ‘Daily’ Suffering and Deaths of the American Poor, Disabled, L.G.B.T. Communiity, Senior Citizens, Children, Veterans and the Unemployed by Economic Deprivation. It leaves no finger prints at the crime scene”.

    I did not think we were going to have a repeat performance for the next 4 years by President Elect Barack Obama and his administration of the past 8 years of Fascist Dictatorship. Igaugurations are not just an event to celebrate at but they are a ‘Blue Print’ to show what is to come. It is a reflection of who the person who will be living in our ‘White House’ for the next 4 years represents and supports. Granted America could not take Emperor Bush and his Dick for another 4 years as we have not been able to take them for the past 8 years for all the damage they have done to America 24/7. They have committed Treason against the Oath of Office they took when they were appointed the first 4 years and into the second 4 year term they provided for the 1% Far Right Rich 24/7. In their failed Unjust War against the Mid East to their Hatred, Racist, Bigoted and Homophobic actions against anyone that is not like them.

    So it has been another wake up call to see on HBO no Invocation given by Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson. To see no Disabled in their production yesterday. It was another wake up call for the Washington D.C. Gay Men’s Choir to have no credit shown when they performed.

    I can never accept for anyone to be treated less than others who are treated by more. Respect of all minorities has surely been voided in the beginning of President Elect Obama’s Igauguration Concert. It could not have been a more bold statement how HBO and the Obama team have shown their ugly heads by the discrimination of the Disabled and the L.G.B.T. Community in their two hour broadcast yesterday. After the fact is like throwing crumbs, which we have already been served the last 8 years by Emperor Bush and his Dick.

    The only way America is going to change is for us all to demand the changes needed. So every Disabled American and every L.G.B.T. Community member demand the change to be treated as equals among everyone else in America. Until that day comes, we will continue to be told to go to the back of the bus. Some have said, it is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. I would agree but I would also state it is the worst example of Discrimination, Bigotry, Hatred and Homophobia that was practiced and broadcasted yesterday in Washington D.C. Lincoln Memorial and Mall.

    America is not in a Recession. America is Bankrupted. We are not the richest country in the world anymore. Emperor Bush and his Dick have bankrupted America by over $10 Trillion dollars and the count continues as every 30 seconds $500,000 dollars is being spent on the Unjust War in the Mid East. It has been reported it will take until 2012 before Americas economny starts to recover. It is going to have a huge effect for generations to come.

    I have cancelled HBO and I encourage everyone to ‘Boycott HBO’. The only way we can make ‘Change’ effective is to hit them where it makes them ‘Change’ in their revenue HBO has coming in each month.

    The past 2 years I have watched and heard U.S. Senator Barack Obama run for President and promiss everyone he has talked to about ‘Change’. After yesterdays broadcast on HBO and the Obama Team not wanting Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson Invocation aired has shown me the ‘Change’ U.S. Senator Obama and now President Elect Barack Obama was talking about when he spoke about ‘Change’. It is not the ‘Change’ I was expecting nor one I support. It will take those under President Elect Obama to make the ‘Change’ happen if it is to happen. I have seen for decades the Disabled and the L.G.B.T. Community thrown under the bus. I have learned a great deal from the L.G.B.T. Community in fighting for a real ‘Hate Crimes Bill’ for the Disabled. I have seen how the Federal Government and all 50 States in America have knocked down a ‘Real Hate Crimes Bill’ for the Disabled by adding on the L.G.B.T. Community onto the ‘Hate Crimes Bill’ to guarantee it’s passage to become a ‘Dead Bill’ in passage. It has not stopped me from fighting for what is right for the Disabled and the L.G.B.T. Community. As in any ‘Civil Rights Bill’ to be passed by the Federal and States we have to continue to keep the message alive. It takes more than one person to make a village. Even if we all lived to be 100 years young, no one should be ‘Discriminated Against’ because they are born or become Disabled or born a L.G.B.T. Community Member in this part of the journey of life.

    Officer Thomas A. Porter
    D.P.O. MED. RET. A.P.V.
    Retired National Outreach Chairperson
    The National Paralyzed & Disabled
    Police Officers Association

  24. yaaah69 says

    Let us not forget who really torpedoed us , other than ourselves. Mostly (religion) esp. mormon. Prop #8 was beat by mostly catholic hispanics , and evangelical people of color. And a few rich-bitches with a lot of $. But a lot of the blame falls on our shoulders , yes , don’t start!!! We cannot or willnot stick together , devided we have fallen. We rant and rave about ONE preacher who is going to lambast us on inaugral day , and yet we flock to see a movie whose main character is played by an homophobic piece of crap (Penn) and we dont seem to care. (Oh shit if we start downgrading our movie hero’s??? my god people , whats with you. He counts castro and chavez as his buddys. And his trip to their countries was but an ploy to get his movie off the ground. I would not put it past him to get those two-bit assholes to release a few homosexuals before the Oscars night. And they do treat us with more than harsh words in those countries. We have the power to make it work but it wont happen with our rainbow parades. We need to wield our power, which is our $$$ to get what we want. Start misbehaving , not parading! Clinched fists , even in drag. I am an survivor of San Francisco , in the 60’s and can remember the first gay march , and it was a great sight….

  25. charlie says

    Was it HBO or the Obama team that made the decision not to include Bishop Robinson in the broadcast? And what about the fact that his microphone malfunctioned and there was no recognition of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I am curious.

    The LGBT press/blogs are going to have to do the investigating if we’re ever going to find out the truth. This is a complete non-story to the mainstream media, and also, sadly, to the progressive blogs like Daily Kos, HuffingtonPost, MyDD, etc. They’ve got other fish to fry. The symbolism of this (accidental?) slight seems to be completely unimportant to straight people and I guess to a lot of LGBT people too.

  26. says

    After all of that Robinson wasn’t shown or heard at all? Omigod – in some ways it’s too ironic.

    The solution? Keep religion out of the whole thing. If a president-elect wants a blessing, then have that person and the family have a private ceremony/invocation with their religion of choice.

    I have tended to be religious (too much sometimes) throughout my life, but even I am tired of the mixing of politicians and religious leaders. Enough!

  27. Oval Nowhere says

    I wonder if Obama’s speech, tomorrow, will rise to the level of Bishop Robinson’s prayer. I’ve read comments on different blogs and MSR reports that chastise the bishop for mentioning gays and lesbians in his prayer. But what was he going to do? I mean, he was eclipsed by that virulent homophobe, Warren, who was given the BIG prayer, and that’s even before the bishop was slapped around with non-functioning speakers and the PIC’s decision to third-list him and not make him part of the main program. Oh dear, here I am a straight guy, so terribly ashamed. How is Obama going to repair this! Well, he might include gays and lesbians in his speech, tomorrow, like he includes “just plain folk” in speeches like the one he gave at the Lincoln Memorial. If he’s going to sleep with the Republicans – as he has been doing – then maybe he should sleep with the BLGT people, too. Now, that would make for a president who believes in ALL the people!

  28. says

    Foochy, if you think this is just “regrettable” as Andy said above I fear that the days and weeks ahead when we really find out what happened here will really piss you off.

    And when that happens I hope you’re not ready with another excuse.

    We’ll have to watch this guy every second. And I’m ready.

    And I say that after voting for him in the primary and the general.

    This is remarkably disappointing. I’m just hoping I won’t have to stop blogging about True Blood because of what HBO has done here.

    Showtime wouldn’t have done it, there’s a gay man in charge there.

  29. Jenn says

    It is disgusting to me that it is now confirmed that it was the Presidential Inauguration Committee that cut the Bishop (not HBO). They told them what time to broadcast, and they put the Bishop on before that time.

    Again, throwing LGBT people under the bus. When will we admit that this is NOT a man who is supporting us? His own words were used to support Prop 8, he doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage, and he now excludes us even from the “second rate” inauguration events….putting a known bigot front and center instead.

    If he wants to be so inclusive, how about “including” the head of the KKK? Oh, I forgot, it’s acceptable to be a homophobe….just not a racist.

    Where’s the “change?”

    still waiting.

  30. Aliceken09 says

    Actually, we LGBT do support Obama. We just saw the relative short video on SeekBi. Com for LGBT. If I were they that will be great. I do really feel proud of being one member of LGBT.

  31. roger says

    Ladies and gentle men, the Gay revolution will not be televised. Gays and Lesbians, you will not have a dream, and your voices will be muffled by the wheels of the bus as it rides over your backs. Expect not thanks for the road you cleared for that bus.

  32. roger says

    If we want change it should be obvious by now we are going to have to do it ourselves. We can’t rely on anyone to fight our battles. Funny how they rely on us to fight theirs. Become active in your local GLBT organizations and actions. I know it is cheesy but be the change you want to make.