1. says

    It’s a freaky building: terrifyingly skinny and deeply vertigo-inducing, it has a way of suddenly appearing in your field of vision when you’re somewhere else entirely in Dubai. Close up, it seems like something out of a Terry Gilliam nightmare, stretching up, up, up for no particular purpose. At least, unlike way too much else in this part of the world, it’s not gilded.

  2. Rob says

    A building that’s approx. a 1/2 mile in height! That’s just crazy. With the constant swaying of a building that tall, I would think that the people in the upper floors would need to take Dramamine every day to keep from being ‘sea sick’.

  3. Drew says

    Living that high up is like owning a Ferrari in Michigan – awesome, but totally not convenient for daily life.

    I mean, how long is the elevator ride? Isn’t moving water and air (pressure?) that high going to cause future problems? Ugh, these tall-buildings are pretty, but so petty.

  4. Carl says

    It looks so out of place with all the smaller buildings around. Does Dubai have that much of a population to need that tall of a building? Will all the space in that building be utilized? It seems a waste of building if it is just for getting a height record. And I thought Americans were excessive.

  5. says

    Dubai is excessive with everything. Most people love it or hate it. Another company has plans to build a tower 1 km high – but news today was they’d put construction on hold for 12 months.

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