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Chris Evans on His Shirtless Photo Ban, and His Gay Brother


Chris Evans talks to Brandon Voss at the Advocate about male objectification, particularly the amount that occurred after a much passed-around shirtless photo spread appeared in Flaunt magazine. The shoot lead to a ban by his publicist on photo shoots of that nature, so as to protect his chances at becoming a "serious" actor.

Evans_3Said Evans of the shoot: "I really didn’t think twice about taking my shirt off at the time, but my current publicist would pull her hair out if I did that photo shoot today. If I got to a photo shoot and they said, 'OK, we’re going to do some shirtless shots,' I’d say, 'Fine. No big deal.' It never really occurred to me that that could be misinterpreted as a bad thing or as selling out. I couldn’t care less, and I don’t think it makes one lick of difference. But I hired my publicist for her professional opinion, and she seems to think it’s a mistake. I have no problem taking my shirt off for a role if the part calls for it, but my publicist says, 'When you’re promoting yourself, being you, there’s a way to keep it as classy as possible. Greasing yourself up and stripping down may not be the best way to do it.' To some degree, she may have a point. But at the end of the day, it didn’t bother me then and it doesn’t bother me now."

Evans also confirms his brother is gay:

"Yes, I do have a gay brother. I’m down with the gays. Mostly I’m hanging out with him and his gay buddies, who are fucking hilarious. They’re the funniest people I know. They’ve invited me out to gay bars before, and I said, 'Look, guys, I’ve got to draw the line there.' That’s where a photo will get taken, it will run in magazines, and before you know it, I’ll be living down the gay rumor for the rest of my life. [My brother looks like me], but he’s about an inch taller and about four shades tanner than I am. He’s a very fit young man. Believe me, he does quite well for himself."

One more shot from the old Flaunt shoot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. "My brother looks like me], but he’s about an inch taller and about four shades tanner than I am. He’s a very fit young man."

    Holy crap, really? Who cares about Chris Evans, I wanna date his BROTHER! ;-)

    Posted by: RS | Jan 6, 2009 2:56:13 PM

  2. Yea I met his brother Scott Evans briefly once. He went to NYU and is HOT.

    Posted by: Geo | Jan 6, 2009 2:57:33 PM

  3. I'm sure he won't stop taking his shirt off in movies--that would just kill his career.

    Posted by: db | Jan 6, 2009 3:01:06 PM

  4. Dam. I want to see what this man looks like.

    Posted by: chi brian | Jan 6, 2009 3:02:47 PM

  5. My first impression was: Fire the publicist!

    Posted by: Rad | Jan 6, 2009 3:06:50 PM

  6. You can see Scott here:

    Scroll down to #3. He's been in a few TV shows. They don't exactly look alike but there's a resemblance. He's cute!

    Posted by: Ryan | Jan 6, 2009 3:14:48 PM

  7. He'll be back to taking his shirt off for the cameras any day now. It isn't like he's got anything else going for him, like, you know, being able to act or anything.

    Posted by: Roscoe | Jan 6, 2009 3:15:06 PM

  8. His brother is cute, I'm sure he does very well for himself like Chris said. *Sigh*

    Posted by: Matty | Jan 6, 2009 3:44:51 PM

  9. That black and white photo is just...I have no words. It makes me drool.

    Posted by: Joe | Jan 6, 2009 3:45:05 PM

  10. Those shirtless pics did a lot for his career i think..they were def well circulated..i saw them everywhere, still do. I think most people remember him from those pics and the whip cream scene in NATM ofcourse.

    The first pic is mad hot

    Posted by: daveynyc | Jan 6, 2009 3:53:06 PM

  11. HAHA. Scott says "Thanks, bro!" on Facebook.

    Posted by: Nick | Jan 6, 2009 4:29:51 PM

  12. I think we need more male objectification, not less. Men get away with too much w/r/t their bodies.

    Posted by: Michael | Jan 6, 2009 4:38:08 PM

  13. Three words, CHris:


    "Greased up and stripped down" or bust!

    Posted by: Strepsi | Jan 6, 2009 4:50:41 PM

  14. "I'm down with the gays"??
    Isn't that the 21st century version of "Some of my best friends are black"?

    Posted by: robert | Jan 6, 2009 5:01:09 PM

  15. So knowing that his brother is gay, were they photographed together at a gay bar with other folks, Chris Evans is worried about the tabloid photos and what people would say? I know it's a bit nitpicky to focus on that in light of everything else that he said that was good, but that statement is just bloody stupid. That photoshoot was my favorite.

    Posted by: Harrison | Jan 6, 2009 5:10:07 PM

  16. I want a three way with Chris Evans and his gay brother. Hot, hot, hot!

    Posted by: VicoDANIEL | Jan 6, 2009 5:11:30 PM

  17. I want a three way with Chris Evans and his gay brother. Hot, hot, hot!

    Posted by: VicoDANIEL | Jan 6, 2009 5:11:57 PM

  18. I caught the same, Harrison. But I don't think he meant it in that way. And in context, he might have been telling them that some time before his brother was out. The important thing is that here is someone showing people it's possible to love your gay brother. Which, wrapped in a sea of hard bodied hotness, is nice late Christmas gift.

    Posted by: Jay | Jan 6, 2009 5:43:16 PM

  19. Scott is HOT! I would like to see him build some muscle though.

    Posted by: Bill | Jan 6, 2009 5:46:46 PM

  20. Who is this guy? What does he do? What is he famous for?

    Posted by: Andy | Jan 6, 2009 5:49:23 PM

  21. Seems to me that if one wants to be taken seriously as an actor, one might avoid any future Fantastic Four flicks. Of course, 90 minutes of Evans' bulging crotch stuffed into skin tight lycra is sooo much more serious than a shirtless photo, right? Now where'd I put that F4 DVD??

    Posted by: basis4insanity | Jan 6, 2009 7:37:01 PM

  22. His brother's aight, but he's no Chris Evans. That body is, like, godmotherfuckindammit.

    Posted by: JeffRob | Jan 6, 2009 8:02:00 PM

  23. it's cool if he wants to keep his shirt on, as long as he continues to drop his jeans like that.

    Posted by: Pbar | Jan 6, 2009 8:50:56 PM

  24. Yeah, I agree... fire the publicist! Women and Str8 men WANT Chris Evans (yes, THAT way) and Str8 men want to BE Chris Evans, so who does that leave? Mormons? This publicist is a moron. Fire the dunce and strip to the waist, you gorgeous creature! -fan for life

    Posted by: Jim | Jan 6, 2009 8:58:50 PM

  25. Scott is "cute" i guess, but he's no Chris!! It's obvious who got the looks in that family!

    Posted by: Please | Jan 6, 2009 9:05:56 PM

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