1. RS says

    “My brother looks like me], but he’s about an inch taller and about four shades tanner than I am. He’s a very fit young man.”

    Holy crap, really? Who cares about Chris Evans, I wanna date his BROTHER! 😉

  2. daveynyc says

    Those shirtless pics did a lot for his career i think..they were def well circulated..i saw them everywhere, still do. I think most people remember him from those pics and the whip cream scene in NATM ofcourse.

    The first pic is mad hot

  3. Jay says

    I caught the same, Harrison. But I don’t think he meant it in that way. And in context, he might have been telling them that some time before his brother was out. The important thing is that here is someone showing people it’s possible to love your gay brother. Which, wrapped in a sea of hard bodied hotness, is nice late Christmas gift.

  4. basis4insanity says

    Seems to me that if one wants to be taken seriously as an actor, one might avoid any future Fantastic Four flicks. Of course, 90 minutes of Evans’ bulging crotch stuffed into skin tight lycra is sooo much more serious than a shirtless photo, right? Now where’d I put that F4 DVD??

  5. Jim says

    Yeah, I agree… fire the publicist! Women and Str8 men WANT Chris Evans (yes, THAT way) and Str8 men want to BE Chris Evans, so who does that leave? Mormons? This publicist is a moron. Fire the dunce and strip to the waist, you gorgeous creature! -fan for life

  6. Rick in DC says

    As is he could not have been objectified enough in films. First, he was naked except for the scant application of Ready-whip on his nipple & his junk in “Not Another Teen Movie”. I almost forgot to mention he made his “Banana Split” with a dildo stuck on his back right above his sexy lil behind. (Love that scene).

    Then in the Fantastic Four, his charctaer is introduced completely naked as he burns off his clothes as the Torch (think that was his character.. I was distracted by the nudity).

  7. Bob West says

    I rented “Cellular” and thought I hope he takes his shirt off. Bam! the very first scene, the movie wasn’t bad either. I flickered all his films, great in “Fantastic 4″ and now he’s got a handsome brother as well. Well I can dream. Thanks for the link Ryan.

  8. jonas says

    Yea, being related to Chris must suck – Scott ain’t that cute, and as for the quote, ” he does quite well for himself…”

    Please, that kid has slept with more of New York than Carrie Bradshaw!

  9. JP says

    So, he is “down with the gays,” his gay brother and brother’s friends, but isn’t about to go to a gay bar because he is afraid he might be mistaken as actually being gay…

    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  10. Mark says

    First, let me say…wow. Exceptional looking but cursed with the Straight Disease: well-intentioned.

    If everyone knows Evans is straight (as he so loudly proclaims) and if everyone knows he has a Gay brother why not go to a Gay bar?

    You know I’d like to go to a Chris Evans movie but people might think I’m really dumb…and then “I’ll be living down the [dumb] rumor for the rest of my life.” Folks, what the guy said is really offensive: replace “Gay” with “Black” or “Jewish”. Basically, he said I like you but I can’t be seen in public with you or connected to you in any way because you are just way too fuckin creepy.

    Good luck with your pimplicist Chris. I’ll be waiting for that Oscar nomination.

  11. Superman says

    His publicist is an utter boob. I’d make sure he’d always walk around in his birthday suit, for crying out loud. Don’t they realize the utter sexual frenzy he creates among his fans every time we get a glimpse of that insanely HOT treasure trail? Fire the publicist, Chris! If it were up to me, I’d keep you in a sling slathered in Crisco. So maybe I’m not your ideal publicist either. Ha!

  12. EM says

    Hot he might be but it’s still annoying that actors are so afraid of being “seen” as gay they make statements that make their own family sound like second class cotizens. Why the fuck would he care what people think when he’s out with his brother? Is he so shallow he can’t trun round and say “yep, I was at a gay bar with my gay bro”. What would be the problem? I’m sorry, he’s just another goon. Well-meaning maybe but why he thinks he owes anyone an explanation and worse still is embarrassed to be seen with his brother is a mystery. Why are “straight” men always the ones trying hardest to be straight, and yet come off as ten times more prissy and fussy than the fussiest gay? Hmmm…

  13. Contrarian says

    While I agree that his remarks are offensive, as a practical matter, it’s all about his commercial bankable value as a str8 hunk, cuz he ain’t Larry Olivier.

    Like it or not the vast majority of his most dedicated fan-base consists of str8 females. Many I suspect are blue-collar and none too sophisticated. Any photo of him in a gay bar, however his publicist might explain it on the basis of his bro, just wouldn’t go down with these women. In their world str8 men just don’t go to gay bars, Period! Can’t fault him for protecting his career in our hard capitalist society.

  14. Michael says

    I understand him wanting to be taken more seriously – but to draw the line at a photoshoot, yet take on roles where they ask him to be shirtless seems hypocritical.

    It should be the other way around, no? I mean, be sexy in photoshoots if you want – but if you want to be a SERIOUS ACTOR, shouldn’t you take on roles that will portray you as such? Shirtless shots, just for the hell of it are more ‘degrading’ than a photoshoot that doesn’t have anything to do with your acting.

  15. Dane says

    If Chris wants to be a “serious” actor he has got to stop making sh*t. Going shirtless isn’t going to hurt his reputation; walking around with whipped cream on his privates may. Then again, Chris has made a fortune playing a dim post-teen so why complain?

  16. Damon says

    I just wish i knew Chris! Since hes down with gays, he’d probably have no problem with him closing his eyes and me giving him a massage with a happy ending 😉

  17. Michael says

    I know what to be different becuse I have down Syndome and I get remarks like that but that does’t hurt I don’t care what people say or do I just inore them and keep my head up and never give up what I belive in like I wish I look like Chris Evans with a six pack Abs I wish I had that.

  18. Doug says

    I see these and I feel like screaming like a prepubescent girl. We need moar of these! MOAR! And I think Chris has proven himself a serious actor. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth together in The Avengers is going to be an epic festival of iconic physical perfection. I can NOT wait.

  19. George says

    So what your publicist is telling you is that you shouldn’t do photo shoots and risk not getting paid and doing your job? I would have said to her, you’re fired !!!! If Chris Evans doesn’t have a problem taking his shirt off for movies then there shouldn’t be any problem if he’s doing a photo shoot that involves him taking his shirt off.

  20. ThomT says

    I’m confused – does Chris Evans work for his publicist or does she work for him. Why would he care if she pulls her hair out over a shirtless photo shoot? There are PLENTY of serious actors who have done shirtless, and even nude, work. So my advice to Chris Evans is to get a publicist who might actually know something about getting a “serious” actor good roles that will allow them to show off their talent and stop worry about petty crap like a few shirtless photos.

  21. UNFAIR TO WHO says

    NEWSFLASH DUMB PUBLICIST: Women and Gay men actually decide whether or not an actor has any sellable qualities!!!! Hopefully he fired you!!!

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