1. crispy says

    For all the haters, this goal for Milan means Beckham has joined a select group of footballers who have scored in each of Europe’s top three leagues — England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A.

    The drawback of him doing so well in Milan is that he’s negotiating to stay there and not return to LA when the season starts in March.

    I guess we may never get to go on our first date.

  2. elg says

    @ wisebar
    I was thinking the same thing. The guy on the right gave David Beckham a friendly little pat on the backside – more on the side than the butt itself. The guy on the right is really into it – it’s like he wants to explore David’s crack.

  3. Andrew says

    luv it when male celebs show their ass like Becham does but I pref exotic types
    have not seen any ethnic men showing their asses, imagine Senthil Ramamurthy, Darry Stephens showing their hot asses for our viewing pleasure
    anybody know where I can see british fashion presenter Emmanuel Ray nude pics? i heard he was nude model in the past

  4. Vasanthan says

    Holy sh*&$! I can’t believe those pics at the hunky male celeb link are of Emmanuel Ray. What a hypocrite talking about morals, decency and work ethic while showing off your erection and butt cheeks for the camera. You sure those pics aren’t digitally altered, Matan, as most male nude celeb pics are. I saw one a few weeks ago of Beckham with a butt plug stuck up his rear! Now, come on!

  5. Maurice says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he had shagged the entire judging panel. What a man whore Emmanuel Ray is. Apparently his room was as busy as a London Underground Station when he stayed at Caleta Hotel during Gibraltar Fashion Week! I’m a bit disappointed that Beckham, who is a fine representative for Britain and the Olympic gold medal winners from the country did not get nominated. Why didn’t any of our footballers get nominated? It’s weird and completely unfair! Emmanuel Ray is just a social climber and his 15 mns of trashy fame is almost over!

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