1. Rooney says

    This game looks beautiful and a very origial idea but i don’t think i would buy this game maybe rent it i would get bored with it in a couple of hours i’ll just have to wait and see

  2. Tom says

    If you are interested in outside-the-box game design, you should definitely check out the work of Team Ico, PS2’s “Ico” and it’s more popular pseudo-prequel “Shadow of the Colossus.” I think these kinds of games show that the medium is capable of creating rich aesthetic experiences on par with mediums that are more typically conceived of as “art.”

  3. Bryan says

    And lo! If there be a man who lieth with a pansy as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed abmonation; they shall surely be put to death, and their blood shall make excellent organic fertilizer.

    The Book of Earl, 20:13

  4. Donovan says

    Hm, well that was pretty and I will never mock an attempt to bring more creativity and usefulness to a media waiting for inspiration. And, what’s more: I was feeling pretty mad and kinda down and somehow that made me feel very peaceful…

  5. johnny says

    This is a similar themed experience to a much older game called “Tranquility” that is available on both Mac and PC. Zero violence, soft music, pretty colors, nice shapes. In fact, the slower you play and move, the more points you make. Very zen. And, icing on the cake, it’s developed in part by a gay man.

  6. Br!on says

    Those those that haven’t tried modern era video games, one can only encourage.

    The level of art and discovery are so far beyond what you may think. This is a new art form and to judge too harshly with out trying it would be a mistake.

    As someone who rediscovered gaming in the last three years . . . I am awestruck by the creativity and sense of place some of these new ideas achieve.

    Better than most current movies, there is nothing I like better than to get lost in a great platform game of this age.

    Oh, and I’m 40.

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