GLAAD President Neil Giuliano Resigns

Neil Giuliano, who served as President of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) since September 2005, announced his resignation today:

Giuliano“I have informed the national board of directors of my decision to step down as president later this year and look forward to a successful and smooth transition of leadership for GLAAD. It’s been an honor and privilege to work professionally in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality for the last three and a half years. The views of the American people on LGBT issues are clearly moving in the right direction, toward supporting full equality, and it has been a great experience to serve on the front lines, leading an amazing organization at such a historical time in the movement.”

Giuliano said he was stepping down to pursue “personal interests while completing his forthcoming book about his public and political life.” Giuliano served as the mayor of Tempe, Arizona for ten years prior to joining GLAAD. Giuliano will continue as President until a replacement is named later this year. GLAAD’s Co-Chair Laurie Perper said the board will address the transition and begin its search process at its board meeting in early February.


  1. says

    I don’t see any of you doing anything to better our community. He has.

    I just see from what I see on here are some bitchy, catty queens complaining about how BAD they have and not doing a damn thing about it.


  2. Jay says

    Al – I can kind of see both sides of the coin. Everyone should do their part as they see fit. And Neil Giuliano did just that. But of late, it seems that GLAAD has increasingly become an organization planning an awards ceremony year-round. Is that all his fault? No, but like any leader, he will take blame – fair and unfair – for what happened during his tenure. Here’s hoping that whomever takes over is effective and helps bring LGBT issues to a positive forefront.

  3. Anonymous says

    Mike, GLAAD has only 4 four award shows (LA, NYC, San Fran, Miami). And they generate (or at least used to) a large percentage of GLAAD’s annual budget. No one can fault them for trying to make money to run the org.

  4. DJ says

    Al,I totally agree.Ive been saying that same thing myself,but of course these water-retaining queens cop their little attitude about it cuz they know its the truth and they dont like to be called out on it.Fuckin’ Morons!

  5. JerzeeMike says

    I wish people on BOTH sides will start being a little more respectful toward each other. I, for one, am a little tired of people bitching and calling people “this-and-that queens.” Grow up people, please. It’s OK to disagree but let’s drop the incessant name-calling.

  6. Anonymous says

    I worked for GLAAD for a while and I can tell you all from experience that Neil was a terrible president who has absolutely destroyed GLAAD in every possible way. No one will be sad to see him return to Tempe where he belongs

  7. MRROBOTO says

    re: Aaron’s snark about GLAAD and Prop 8. I’m no fan of Giuliano, but GLAAD has nothing to do with fighting ballot initiatives. Their mission is to fight for “fair, accurate and inclusive portrayals of [gay] people and events in the media.” Whether or not they failed in responding to the advertising lies perpretrated by the Yes on 8 campaign is a reasonable question. But fighting Prop 8 wasn’t what they’re designed to do.

  8. Leland Frances says

    “fighting on the front lines” my flabby old ass!

    I will say this: he did not destroy GLAAD…his predecessor, Joan Garry, did.

    It was once both a respected and FEARED organization in Follywood, but she castrated it, turning it into a paper tiger. I guess that’s what happens after you sell your soul to the Antigay Industry-funding COORSascists.

  9. Movement Guy says

    While GLAAD didn’t have a primary role in the No no Prop 8 campaign, Neil repeatedly claimed that GLAAD provided the media training to the plaintiffs in the suit the legalized marriage in CA. I have to wonder where all the media savvy was when the campaign went off the rails. Was GLAAD not invited to the table, because all the consultants were straight, or did the organization not see it as their issue? I’m not sure. I personally think that GLAAD sucks up a ton of resources for very little return; a opinion that seems to be increasingly shared.

  10. Pause says

    As a former long-time GLAAD volunteer, I can tell you that their awards shows are VERY important in changing the culture. They reward positive images in a very visible way. Yes, they are fluffy and all that, but I have no doubt that they have changed the media in a significant and favorable way; and changing the media (both news and entertainment) changes minds and changes the world.

    The award shows do double-duty by also managing to keep the organization going financially. They are a brilliant device, if you ask me.

    I interacted with Joan Garry several times; I thought she was super-articulate and persuasive, and had extremely good interpersonal skills. I never met Neil Giuliano, but I thought his public statements and responses were excellent.

    It’s not easy to run an organization with such high stakes, and such profound, deep-seated emotion behind what it’s attempting to do. I have a feeling that no matter who leads GLAAD there will be people on blogs (such as this one) who will choose to release their rage in the direction of the leader of GLAAD (or HRC or NGLTF, etc.), as if this person were personally accountable for the continued existence of homophobia and discrimination in the world.

    As far as GLAAD’s impact, well, it’s never going to be possible to measure it, or calculate a return on investment. And yet it’s there. Younger generations are so much more gay-friendly than older generations. The media — with some prompting and shaping from GLAAD — has been a major part in making that happen.

    Also, if I may vent myself, there are two things that I think are NOT helpful:

    (1) Bitching and moaning without actual, specific suggestions for a better way to do things;

    (2) Monday-morning quarterbacking. Like, if you thought the No on 8 campaign wasn’t doing something “right,” or was headed for a loss, did you intervene in some way? Did you a write a letter, to anyone, for example?

    It’s very easy to bitch, moan, and Monday-morning quarterback. It’s less easy to be active, proactive, creative, productive, useful, and smart. But those are better things to do.

  11. K says

    Well put, PAUSE. I have been involved with GLAAD for ten years. I know Joan and Neil. As with any nonprofit GLAAD is imperfect but both Joan and Neil worked long and hard and accomplished a lot toward fulfilling the mission of the organization. Rather than bitch and moan about what you don’t like, lead, follow or get out of the way. Pointless sniping is symptomatic of (one faction of) the gay community’s inability to unite more powerfully and crush Prop 8.

  12. JJ says

    Having worked with GLAAD as an intern and having known many of the employees there before it became a hr revolving door under Neil’s leadership I heard that he treated the staff very poorly. He refused to address some, while completely ignored others – that is however unless they were young and cute gay males. Many of the die-hard employees were let go or left out of frustration to go on to greener pastures. Hopefully the organization will be able to regain its’ credibility after his departure! Good riddance!

  13. GayRepublican says

    I lived in Tempe when Mr. Giuliano was mayor. He did a pretty good job and was respected in the community. I’m not sure what got into him when he got to GLAAD. From what I’ve heard, he was really uncompromising there. Damn shame.

  14. yaaah69 says

    We have always been devided , we cannot or will not come to terms with our lifestyle , fems vs masculine , drags vs trans. Never the twain shall meet. Devided we fail. they are laughing at us as they know we are not a threat to anyone. We have internalized our fight to become equal , null and void…

  15. Qjersey says

    “fair, accurate and inclusive portrayals of [gay] people and events in the media.”

    And when exactly was the last time that Towleroad or any other blog had a story about GLAAD responding to anti-gay rhetoric in the media?


    GLAAD has become a “lets slap each other on the back organization” kissing the asses of people who are already with us and letting the haters slide by. An Anti-Defamation organization that doesn’t address defamation, but it focused on Affirmation.

  16. MCnNYC says

    GLAAD is no longer RELEVENT BECAUSE they made themselves ineffectual and branded themselves as gala queens.
    And I DO FAULT them with their so called awards dog and pony show. Anyone who as ever attended these bloated, over priced 3 city sideshows know that the money they rake in from entertainment studios give nothing back to the community. It’s like community service for the otherwise Heterocentric Entertaiinment World to be there for one night…and one night only.

    Originally chartered as an activist organization it has become under the leadership of Mr.Giuliano the lap dog and Good Housekeeping Seal of Bad Movies.
    Perhaps with new leadership there will be new vision.
    No one cares what GLAAD has to say they have no power and no community.

  17. Cyd says

    I have seen GLAAD do some really solid behind-the-scenes work since Neil took over. Neil was a Republican, but I also know he has struggled with that in recent years. Even though he knows McCain personally, my guess is he voted for Obama this year. Neil always had the betterment of gay people at heart, and I think that showed in how he ran GLAAD.

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