Grace Jones: My Portraits Watch Me from the Walls


Grace Jones covers the current cover of V magazine in a photo shoot by Jean-Paul Goude.

Still a visual icon after all these years, Jones talks to London’s Telegraph about her home and the many portraits by famous (gay) artists that hang there.

Says Jones: “It’s like a museum. My Warhols — the ones he did of me, a series of small hamburgers, and photographs and Polaroids, because we spent so much time together. Keith Haring, Mapplethorpes, a lot of Jean-Paul [Basquiat]. They all follow you around the room, like eyes.”

No doubt she has one of those delicious chocolate busts at home too.

Grace Jones: a Mass-Produced Self-Portrait in Chocolate [tr]
Jonesing for a Record in Wales [tr]



  1. Paul R says

    Jean-Michel, are you joking about Basquiat? “Unknown”? To whom who knows anything about 80s art, especially with any links to Warhol or Julian Schnabel (who made an eponymous film about Basquiat)?

  2. says

    Paul R…
    JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT (aka Samo) was an amazing artist, and has a deserved place on the art history timeline… however, I really don’t know the work of the elusive Jean-Paul Basquiat, and find it peculiar that Julian also made an additional movie about him as well… wondering if maybe Shafrazi also did an additional exhibition of a collaboration of Andy with Jean-Paul. And did this Jean-Paul person also do a show at Fun Gallery?

  3. alguien says

    it’s possible that the jean-paul was mis-represented as basquiat (who’s name is in parenthesis) and should have been jean-paul goude-the guy who was instrumental in the creation of the grace jones persona of the 70s & 80s and was also married to her.

    basquiat is jean-michel.

  4. Paul R says

    Alguien, as Jean-Michel pointed out, there was also a lesser-known Jean-Paul Basquiat. Though I would concur with you that her familiarity in not using the last name suggests that she was referring to Goude, not Basquiat.

    Either way, I would find it creepy to decorate my home with images of myself. But then, I’m not Grace.

  5. Paul R says

    Ok, sorry to belabor this point, but apparently Basquiat went by both Jean-Michel and Jean-Paul. Look it up. But again, it seems likely that she wasn’t referring to Basquiat at all.

  6. walker says

    Saw her earlier this month at opening night of the Sydney Festival. She is the penultimate drag queen, still.

    “…spent so much time together.” …so long long ago.

  7. Ben says

    My gay uncle, who would have been 45 yesterday had AIDS not claimed him at 28, was a huge Grace Jones fan. He had that infamous nude poster of her in his room. As a boy of 6, I thought she was a man or alien, lol.

    (That same uncle used to say Madonna was the bastard child of Grace Jones and Debbie Harry…sadly he didn’t see what Madonna really turned into. Anyway.)

    I have Grace’s latest CD, Hurricane, and recommend it to everyone.

  8. richard s says

    My friend Jeannie always use to say “you remember him”, “the guy in the Village Parks(can’t remember which one) selling T-Shirts”. I still don’t remember, but that was in the disco days of quaaludes and coke. He had his ups and downs like the rest of us. Loved the Warhol/Basquiat show at the Brooklyn Museum? a few years ago.

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