1. Disgusted American says

    I can just hear her prayers now…” Dear Lord..Please let my Teddy want to eat my pussy again…and steer clear of Throbbing Mancock”! …ahh for petes sake….what a bunch of hoooey!

  2. Scooter says

    WHY OH WHY do we have to hear this again? And why isn’t there more of an outcry about Oprah giving him air time? Doesn’t anyone else out there think that this is shameful???? I’m not talking about whether or not he did these things, but the idea that the median (you included, Dave) have given this man a voice for yet another obtuse attack on gays and lesbians. The shame is that this is news at all… and shame on me for following it.

    Get over it people, a spade is a spade!

  3. Ben says

    Why did this church pay Haggard anything? and the idea that the hush money came from insurance payouts vs donations and tithings is ridiculous.
    As for the rest of them – if Ted and his wife were not able to pray the gay away, then who can? Answer – no one you idiots! you can’t pray away what God created.

  4. FunMe says

    Why do BEARDS stay with their closeted gay husbands?

    Is it the money?
    Is it the publicity?
    Is it the lack of suitable straight male choices?
    Or is it simply the shame of having no GAYDAR? 😉

  5. Dray says

    Darn…I thought for a moment Merv Griffin’s wife was speaking not Mary Griffth. Merv was closeted his entire life, rich beyond belief. Did he ever donate or help the gays?
    But wait did Merv ever marry?
    There was Ava of course.

  6. J says

    This is so confusing. I was under the assumption that Art, I mean Ted was struggling with same sex attraction, underwent restoration under the guidance of New Life pastors, and is now completely heterosexual through the power of Jesus Christ?

  7. says

    I agree with most of these posts. My concern here is that giving this idiot ANY airtime or attention leads to legitimization of the notion that homosexuality is a choice that can be “prayed away” and is a battle that can be “fought and won.” My sincere hope is that Oprah has some REAL psychiatric/ mental health professionals on this show to discuss homosexuality and that the concentration on pathyology here is on Haggard’s drug abuse and addiction, NOT his sexual orientation.

  8. Steve in DE says

    Does Ted have a book coming out? I can’t help but think that Mrs. Haggard believes that if she stands behind him just a little while longer it could mean $$$ to her instead of just $.

    As for her useless husband, it would be interesting to see him someday come clean to himself as well as the rest of the world. These television appearances could then take their places as examples of just what a perversion homophobia is.

  9. troschne says

    Hillary has NOTHING on this woman, nor Miss Tammy Wynette–that “Stand by your man” bullshit is so old-hat. Move over Dina Matos and Mrs. “Diaper David” Vitter, Mrs. “Larry Bojangles” Craig, et. al. This woman is BEYOND bat-shit crazy. As Mr. Savage would advise–DTMFA!

  10. Paul in Honolulu says

    I agree with Scooter. Why give this homoturd any more ink or face time on television? It just promotes his vicimization ploy and embarrasses the gay community by his disingenuous pleas for “forgiveness” and “understanding.” He needs to get out of the public eye.

  11. Paul in Honolulu says

    I agree with Scooter. Why give this homoturd any more ink or face time on television? It just promotes his vicimization ploy and embarrasses the gay community by his disingenuous pleas for “forgiveness” and “understanding.” He needs to get out of the public eye.

  12. timmy says

    Miley Cyrus boyfriend: Justin Gaston, Allen Osborne, Michael Wilson case
    By Angie Anthony on October 30th, 2008

    TMZ wrote an article as a preliminary probe into a scandal. Miley Cyrus’ not so squeaky clean boyfriend, Justin Gaston, may be involved. Justin Gaston, Cyrus’ guy, may go to prison. On Tue., Oct 28, Justin Gaston’s modelling agency, Wilhelmina Models Agent Allen Osborne was reminded of his old 2006 conviction for conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Allen Osborne has been convicted and sentenced to 15 months jail and fined $187,000.

    Justin Gaston’s agent, Allen Osborne and his client, Michael Wilson, set up a scam to charge a underwear company through Osborne’s company, Talent Services. This money from fraudulent bills was used to pay Michael Wilson’s son’s drug debts. Allen Osborne also used these fraudulent cash source to pay Michael Wilson. Sometimes, Allen Osborne sent Michael Wilson money through FedEx. Allen Osborne provided models to entertain Michael Wilson and used his share to pay the models who entertained him. (Michael Wilson was paying for his own entertainment without knowing it)

    In 2006, Allen Osborne and Michael Wilson and one of the models (it was hinted that Justin Gaston was the one) were charged for mail fraud conspiracy. Michael Wilson pleaded guilty. Allen Osborne and the male model (rumoured to be Justin Gaston) went to court and were found guilty.

    Does Billy Ray Cyrus know about Justin Gaston and his modeling agency?

  13. says

    Poor delusional witch. I hope “O” tears into these idiots and tells them the Truth for once in their pathetic life.

    Of course, if they did realize the truth, their heads will explode.

    You can’t pray the gay away. Hag and wife just needs to get over the fact that Ted will always prefer the company of paid men and the nag with children will always take the back seat to what really burns his loins (Not talking about crabs either!)

  14. Tonyg says

    “I felt it was the thing that could destroy Ted if he gave in to it.”

    Yeah, ’cause keeping it suppressed isn’t destroying him at all, with all the hookers and crystal. Maybe if he and she accepted it, he could work through the shame and dependencies, and she could have a real, functional relationship with someone who wants her.

    The Haggard story won’t go away because it hits all the points of the religious right wing playbook: gay is bad, dirty, shameful druggy sex; gays can’t help themselves, so others have to legislate or pray for them; gays can pray the gay away – oh, wait, no they can’t – oh, but they can!; and so on. The whole reparative therapy thing works as an idea because it doesn’t work in reality – people who buy into it are bound to fail, but keep trying and struggling, and the whole thing is based on shame that will never go away.

    I’m getting more and more tired of the right wing religio-fascists. Make them go away.

  15. Marty says

    Haggard is going to end up much, more confused about his sexuality and his soul thanks to his publicity tour for this movie and all that it “inspires”. His sordid activities are unfortunately going to make straight people think that being gay is like how *he* is and it will give the Bible Thumpers something more to thump down about. That said, I have compassion for Haggard because he is obviously a troubled soul, but more than that I feel sorry for his wife who is viewing his conflicts and attempted remedies from the outside. She is likely more confused than he is!

  16. JeffRob says

    I’d like to disagree with those who say that more airtime for the Haggards and this story somehow provides a larger stage for, or encourages a more positive view of, reparative therapy and evangelical Christianity.

    This is nothing more than a circus, and they are but the clowns.

    This entire story is destructive to evangelical Christianity, reparative therapy, and silent homosexuality. No one believes Ted is straight, no one believes he’s ever going to be straight, and so the more they assert their lies, and the more publicly they continuously fail, the better for us this whole thing gets.

    I say keep it comin. Thanks, Oprah!

  17. ChrisM says

    This woman was more concerned that exposing Ted’s “life style” was going to ruin her “life style” than she was about anything else. She was a wealthy wife of a very important man and she enjoyed the power that came with that position. Where are all the right wing wackos who critized Hillary Clinton for staying with Bill after his admitted affair – shouldn’t they be equally critical of Gayle? Remember folks it’s all about face time and money – there is a documentary on the way and a book in the works – gotta keep them out front as long as possible so the money keeps rolling in. And I guess my prayers are working better than their’s because I’ve been praying that more and more of the truth would come out exposing Ted for the fraud he really is and so far my prayers continue to be answered!

  18. mare says

    I’m a therapist, and while I think it progress that Ted has gone further than any other closeted married Christian in admitting his gay “issues” publicly in a semi-accepting way, I am frustrated by the Oprah interview. All agreed Ted’s “sin” was his deception, lying, drug abuse, compulsive and at times opportunistic sex – not to mention his raging hypocrasy. Oprah kept trying to crack his implication that his gay “issues” were also part of the sin, but couldn’t quite get there. I hope Oprah does a follow up with therapist/authors like Joe Kort, who, like many of us, have dealt with gays in hetero marriages who choose to stay in them for certain practical reasons but come to accept their sexuality. And, duh! Some therapist needs to explain to the audience the internalized shame from the church that leads gay men and lesbians to enter a heterosexual marriage in the first place! I believe the more this stuff is publicly talked about the better, but so much was left out here. Let’s all email the Oprah show for a follow up!

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