1. paul c says

    Thank God she’s Secretary of State and Biden can be pushed to the side where he belongs.

    Now pray to God that nothing happens to Obama or it will be worse than the last eight years with Biden in charge.

  2. jimmyboyo says

    Hillary was always good at giving speeches, but I suspect Obama has rubbed off on her and improved said ability even more. Just as she helpd improve Obama.

    She was very impressive this morning. I particularly liked the whole “…3 legs to the stool upon which US foreign policy rests……2 of those legs are under your control. Diplomacy and development! (applause applause applause)”

  3. jimmyboyo says

    Oh, I also enjoyed hearing about her confrontation on the day of the inauguration with the repub Cornyn (spell check). LOL Balsy cornering him. Then one day later he came around quickly saying he was going to vote for supporting her nomination. LOL I wonder what she said to him. I wonder what secrets she let slip that she knew and he would like to remain secret. I’m glad she is on our side

  4. jimmyboyo says


    What do you mean by “zionists”?

    If you mean those who support the existence of Israel then you are tilting at windmills.

    Israel exists!

    It can not be undone. Not going to debate you on the rebirth of Israel in 48. Some of the land was bought and paid for legally from Palestinians and some not so much. Oh well, it is done and whole cities have been built where once there was only farm land and desert.

    Now if you mean instead the current right wing leaning very much / too much influenced by the ultra orthedox religous governmental regime in Israel then you might be surprised by even many Jews in Israel agreeing with you.

    There are many Jews in Israel who bemoan the bush/cheney in a yamuke SHOCK and AWE BOOM BOOM BOOM policies of the current regime.

    Try reading a few Israeli newspapers on the net. The editorial pages are chock full of Jews arguing the current situation. Many Jews feeling sympathies for Palestinians caught up in it as collateral damage.

    Did the current regime screw up recently by playing into Hamas’ hands? YEPP.

    Hamas practices terrorism and wishes to drive the Jews into the sea. BUT Hamas was on the down-slope at around 16% support amongst palestinians right before the recent situation. The majority of palestinians were moving towards moderates who aknowledge the existence of Israel.

    Hamas needed to be seen as martyrs, as defenders of the palestinians against the “bad” Jews, they needed an influx of donations, they needed an influx of new fresh recruits, etc

    They goaded Israel, and with elections coming up in Israel this FEB, Israel reacted heavy handedly. They played right into Hamas’ hands. Hamas has seen an upsurge in poll numbers, money flowing in hand over fist, recruits pouring in, and the rest of the arab world hailing them once again as defenders of Palestinians.

    Israel should have focused more on sending in top notch assassination squads to take out the leadership with little to no collateral damage. Israel’s own history shows the success of such many a time.

    BUT that isn’t flashy enough for elections. It isn’t quick enough for fast approaching elections.

    There are many different reasons why we in the USA do not hear about such debates amongst Jews in Israel

    1- older generations still have a ghetto mentality/ defensive mentality to outsiders. Argue amongst themselves , BUT never air such in the open for non Jews to see. It isn’t specifically Jewish. ALL minorities have at one time or another practiced such. It is from an earlier feeling of being disenfranchised and wanting to present a united front/ strength

    2- The XTIANISTAS!!!!!!!!!!!! here in the USA. Their views on Israel though it provides short term funds/ tourism money in the long run are dangerous. They want violence in the middle east. Tune any day to xtian radio and you will eventually hear xtianista hosts going ga ga “….Halelujah, the more violence there means jeeeebuss is coming soon/ will come more quickly…” I have heard almost word for word statements like that from my car radio when listening to xtianista radio stations. CRAZYNESS!!!!!

    3- war is MONEY in the USA. NBC/MSNBC is owned by GE for crying out loud….just 1 of the top weapons producers in the USA. Violence and war sells on the news = ratings thus explaining CNN , FOX,etc

    Israel exists, get over it!

    Hamas are terrorists!

    Israel did mess up by going the typical right wing reactionary tactic which has only strengthened Hamas and created more future suicide bombers.

    It is complex, and crazy rhetoric like your “…stands down the Zionists…” doesn’t help.

    Hell, like Mitchell joked today…the arguments have been going on a long time. Thousands of yrs in fact. FAR FAR FAR longer than the USA has existed.

    (full disclosure = Not a Jew, but one line of my family tree were Jews going way back so though not a Jew on a technicality……many of my ancestors would be happy that Israel does indeed exist)

  5. John in CA says

    Obama and Hillary are both strong leaders in their own right.

    When the two of them are together and united though, smart Republicans run for the hills. These two are a nearly invincible political force when they’re not fighting amongst themselves. He has the grand philosophical vision for change. She’s detail oriented and meticulous (which is what you need to implement that vision).

    The reality is the Democrats have all the talent right now. And the GOP has, well, Sarah Palin. And unless they get their act together soon, that’s a recipe for another rout in 2012.

  6. AERES says

    Amen to that Rhea! She’s going to breathe new life into our nation’s Foreign Service. I expect, that under her leadership and ability to advocate for additional funding, that State will be one of the most dramatically improved executive agencies by the end of Obama’s first term.

    Go Hillary!

  7. daveynyc says

    Go Hillary!!

    I loved jon stewarts take on Hillary coming to “free the state dept”..

    with Obama closing gitmo..standing up for abortion issues lovin ’09 so far

    i heard george W refered to as former president bush on tv last night..i got goosebumps

  8. says



    Hillary makes very substantial progress on Peace In The Middle East, if not outright peace, Within 2 1/2 years. Biden “retires”. Hillary runs with President (FUCK YEAH!) Obama as Vice President and then runs for President after his second term.

    Jes sayin’


    p.s. DAVENYC – I had the same feeling this morning when I saw the newspaper and it casually mentioned “President Obama” in the headline!

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