1. blagoville says

    I don’t understand why Senate Leader Reid and Obama Chief of Staff Emanuel were giving Blago their lists of preferred choices to fill the President-elect’s vacant Senate seat. Blago had been under federal investigation for years — a fact which Democratic leaders (and the entire public) knew about — and yet these tools had no qualms about dealing with Blago who obviously was a bad seed. Why did Reid, Obama and Emanuel show their outrage only after Blago was arrested but otherwise were all friendly with the corrupt Governor all those years preceding the arrest? It seems to me that their standard for dealing with shady politicos is that everything is okay as long as the bad guy isn’t caught.

  2. John M says

    “”Rep. Milt Patterson (D-Chicago) was the lone vote against impeaching the governor. Patterson, from Chicago’s Southwest Side, said after the roll call that he didn’t feel it was his job to vote to impeach the governor.””

    Uh, it is your job to impeach the governor, why do you think there is a process and you had a vote? Under what twisted logic is it not your job Mr. Patterson and exactly what do you feel is your job? Can impeaching this moron be the next order of business?

  3. says

    Impeachment is only the first step. Clinton was impeached too.

    Now the question is whether he will stand before the Senate and be judged or will he resign (a la Nixon) and get a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card from his successor.

  4. Blagoville says

    What did Rammy Emanuel mean when on an FBI-intercepted telephone call he expressed an interest to Blago about keeping his house seat “warm” in the event he later resigned from the Chief of Staff position under Obama?

  5. blagoville says

    In addition to talking with Gov. Blagojevich about who would fill President-elect Barack Obama’s Senate seat, Obama’s newly minted chief of staff had something else on his mind: his own congressional seat. Just after accepting the top post with Obama, Rahm Emanuel discussed with Blagojevich the possibility of keeping his congressional seat “warm” for him for a couple of years, the Sun-Times has learned. Emanuel expressed interest in returning one day to his elected position because he was on track to become U.S. House speaker, the Sun-Times previously reported.