Michael Musto: Barney Frank to Be Fluffer in Porn Bailout


  1. Pender says

    Jesus Christ. Even if these comments are still in the mainstream today, don’t people understand that in a few years society will rightly condemn them, and that unlike comments at cocktail parties, what you say on TV will be Youtubed forever?

    Evidently not. Maybe making Barney Fag jokes is so second-nature to some people that they don’t even consider the content of their words.

  2. says

    Sure, comedy is dangerous, but that doesn’t mean it has to be mean spirited. What the hell is Olbermann thinking… what a couple of douchbags. I’m really sick and tired about the sexual comments directed at Frank (whether Frank thinks they’re funny or not.

    Jon Stewart and associates could (and perhaps will – I didn’t see the show last night) pull this off and make it funny without being mean and hateful – – I’m really really more and more impressed with the Daily Show writers when I see crap like that above…

  3. BC says

    I’m glad to see people upset about this. We need to stop being permissive when gays say insensitive things – just like not being permissive for black people to use “the N word” just for fun.

    How can we justify that “Separate but Equal” does not work, if we think that we can do/say some things that others cannot?

  4. david in iowa says

    I did not see Count-down. I have stopped watching that and Hardballs due to the misogynistic tone both shows displayed during the primaries last year. Reading the above article and the comments made about Barney Frank are not surprising but disgusting none the less. Musto is a bottom-feeding troll and the perfect guest for the ever pompus and bloated ego of Oberman

  5. patrick nyc says

    For those who do not know him, Musto got his start at the Village Voice after Arthur Bell died in ’84. Bell was an open, clever, talented gay man. Something that troll Musto will never be.

    I met him at a party after he got his gig and he is one of the most pompous assholes I have ever met. Being a lifetime NYC resident that is not a small feet. Speaking of porn, Musto could make any gay man lose an erection, or become a monk.

    As for Olberman, I am glad that Rachel Maddow is there to show what a douche bag he is. By the way DAVID B, Maddow was great on Jon Stewart last night, he ripped Olberman and the whole station a new hole.

  6. says

    i rarely find things that people say offensive. people say things based on their intelligence and courtesy. when i heard Musto say this on Countdown last night, my thought was, “Silly old queen.”

    Barney Frank is just about the only real national leader that the LGBTQ community has and, yes, i realize that the entire thing was a joke by the two porn-kings, but the fact that the piece with Musto was aired showed what questionable taste Olbermann has. i go through a love-hate thing with him. there are times i’d rather listen to Pat Buchanan them Olbermann. at lease, we know what Buchanan stand and where he’s coming from…

    going to be interesting to see if Olbermann has anything to say about this on his show tonight.

  7. michael says

    I thought Michael Musto disappeared when the Village Voice did. Credit to him, though — he was the first. At something. Dishing gossip? No, that’s not it. Being bitchy for the hell of it? Nope, that’s not it either. Working the same West Village fro and glasses thing? Maybe that’s it.

  8. Jay says

    I say this with no innuendo: Musto is a bottom feeder. Why he has any screen time at all is beyond. Ditto to those who said it would have been funnier in the Daily Show’s hands. It isn’t the content – I like it as offensive as it gets – it’s the delivery and yes, sometimes the messenger. I’m still on Keith’s side for his Prop 8 rant, but this doesn’t surprise me.

  9. After Dark says

    Actually, Patrick NYC, Musto did not get his start at the Village Voice in 1984. Must got his start with After Dark magazine in the late 1970s which, at the time, was the homoerotic “scene” magazine for Broadway chorus boys, Hollywood closet cases and the national gay subculture.

  10. TANK says

    This is offensive? Are you serious? Barney Frank’s the first to make fun of himself and use his sexuality as a punchline. It’s called levity. And Michael Musto may be as attractive as barbera walters falling in the shower, but his bitter queeniness is hilarious. The awfulness of his miserable existence ought make others feel better about themselves! This was funny.

  11. says

    David, I too got sick of Olberman during the primaries. His fake rage at everything Hillary did just got tiresome.

    His feelings towards Gays is on display with his constant pumping up of Musto who is just not even clever.He thinks that early 80’s bitchy queen is what the Gays are today. Probably doesn’t really count a Gay person in his circle of true friends. And don’t tell me about his Prop 8 speechifying. I finally watched that overblown fake piece of self important fake outrage and just rolled my eyes.

    I met Musto at my neighbors place in the late 80’s in NYC. He sat perched as if waiting for everyone to kiss his ring. At least then he was relevant.

    Now? Not so much.

  12. Paul R says

    Oh, and the most surprising thing about this clip and the response to it is that Jason hasn’t brought up the bisexual double standard, because here he would have a point—they just showed the same images, over and over, of women and women-on-women, as though no porn ever contains men.

    That said, this struck me as a heavily rehearsed, stupid piece…but not especially offensive.

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