1. DJ says

    Thats because you queens cant handle the real world for more than 23 seconds.So you live life through your narcissistic fantasies.No surprise that you got bored just after 2 minutes.

  2. TANK says

    This is the real world? Oh, Deejay…SHUT YOUR FACE, GODDAMNIT! SHUT YOUR GODDAMN FACE!

    It’s boring. He’s mumbling platitudes. Yawn…ya know what else was boring? Obama’s inaugural address. Though it was much more inspiring than the suicide note invocation gene robinson delivered. But the mythologizing of the past and blah bleh blech blah bleep blah blahs…sacrifice…yawn. Aretha’s hat stole the show!

  3. Stan says

    How many bills did Shaheen sign? It seems to me that knowing how little legislation is enacted in NH, Governor Schwarzenegger may have signed more- 20 by my count.

  4. ken Litvack says

    your remarks about Kelly Ayotte is a disgrace after the favor she did for you. I am sure if they looked further the charges would have been proven
    why dont you give Barny Frank a call he is free Saturday night he can wear his black panties for you ashole

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