Inauguration: Faces in the Crowd

Please forgive the “demo” box that’s popping around the screen. I downloaded a program so I could convert a flash movie I created into what you see. When it arrives at the final image, you’ll see Corey Johnson in the middle of a gigantic yawn (we had about three hours of sleep the night before), and me to the right, hunkered down in the cold under that brimmed cap.

Here’s another explanation of how the photo was made:


  1. Boxerdad says

    That’s amazing, Andy. Thanks.

    Be sure to check out that thing on George H.W.’s head. It looks like something W might have shot on the ranch, or maybe road kill. I love it.

  2. Tread says

    Amazing. Clarence Thomas is sleeping through the first African-American president’s Inauguration address. Congrats, Mr. Thomas, for being such a fucking douchebag.

  3. mike_in_lancaster says

    I’m glad we stood by that tree!

    Made us much easier to find.

    Say what you will, but its a day I’ll always remember. Not so much for what it meant, big picture, but for the people I met and their individual stories.

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