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LGBA Marching Band, First LGBT Group to March in Inaugural Parade


Yesterday Towleroad made a visit to a rehearsal of the Lesbian and Gay Band Association. The band's participation in Obama's inauguration marks the first time that an LGBT group has been asked to march in an inaugural parade. LGBA is a 27-year-old organization that was formed to foster community bands made up of LGBT members. It represents 27 states, and the musicians have come together from 21 bands across the country. We talked briefly to five musicians in the band about their participation and the music that will be played along the parade route today.

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  1. Oh no, First? Joemygod commenters will be watching every move. I hope they don't get excluded from the Televised version of the parade. They will lose their shit.

    Posted by: milkman | Jan 20, 2009 8:40:09 AM

  2. Couldn't they wear matching pants? All black or something? I think they look messy. It's kind of an important event, no?

    Posted by: BusyTimmy | Jan 20, 2009 8:59:32 AM

  3. Uh, Timmy, I guess you were so busy you missed the word "rehearsal."

    Posted by: crispy | Jan 20, 2009 9:21:47 AM

  4. You got me, Crispy, sorry.

    Posted by: BusyTimmy | Jan 20, 2009 9:30:23 AM

  5. GO YA'LL!!!

    You are representing us!

    - Aaron, NYC Gay Men's Chorus

    Posted by: Aaron | Jan 20, 2009 9:49:46 AM

  6. A few years ago I was in Duluth, Minnesota for their Gay Pride event. They had a parade in Superior, Wisconsin. The LGBA was having their convention in Minneapolis, so they came up for the parade. The town of Superior was blown away by this band of about 150-200 members. There were more people in the band than the rest of the parade! They were very talented. I am so glad that they are part of today's celebration.

    Posted by: Voet | Jan 20, 2009 10:12:57 AM

  7. Language CAN be our friend, if we let it. It can describe exactly what happened or it can IMPLY, unintentionally, more than is there.

    The band was NOT "asked" to be in the parade. THEIR application was accepted. YES, that's a good thing, an unprecedented thing, but there's a HUGE practical difference between the two and, trust me, holding Obama Inc. to EXACTNESS is going to be necessary time and again in the next four years.

    Similarly, Jared Polis was NOT the "first openly gay man elected to Congress." He was the first NON-INCUMBENT openly gay man elected to Congress. Gerry Studds and Barney Frank, and your readers, deserve the respect of that important distinction.

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Jan 20, 2009 10:28:20 AM

  8. Just Seen this band on cspan but wasn't on cnn or msnbc they went to brakes go figure.

    Posted by: tpagy | Jan 20, 2009 6:32:21 PM

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