News: Mario Cantone, Vail, Formula One, Sam Adams, RuPaul

road.jpg Saudi Arabia beheads two men after they are convicted of raping another.

road.jpg It’s on again but has the message been lost? Join the Impact notes that the focus of the nationwide protests happening this weekend is DOMA but nowhere is it mentioned in this report on the upcoming Saturday protest in Pasadena.

Vailroad.jpg Humiliation on the slopes in Vail

road.jpg DOMA author Bob Barr: Repeal it.

road.jpg Spain is “key front” in Vatican’s church-state battle: ” In a recent interview in Madrid, the secretary general of the Spanish Bishops Conference, Msgr. Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, said it was important for the church ‘to use all the means at its disposal to promote and defend its fundamental rights.’ He called the 2005 law legalizing gay marriage and adoption ‘very strange and very irrational and very unjust.’ The implications are broader, since Spain, with its 42 million Catholics, remains a touchstone for Latin America. South America alone has 324 million Catholics, the world’s largest concentration.”

road.jpg Great White Shark autopsy to be conducted in front of 1,000 people, streamed live online: “We’re interested in the gut content to see what the shark has eaten – it could be anything from seals, penguins, fish or even whale blubber. We’re certainly hoping not to find any human bits inside, but you never know.”

road.jpg “Marriage Equality Rights for LGBT couples nationwide” is among the top 10 ideas voted up by visitors to the website. You can vote it up HERE.

road.jpg Cristiano Ronaldo takes his final bake of ’08.

Cantoneroad.jpg Mario Cantone’s Superstar musical headed to Broadway? “Superstar is the ultimate interactive theatrical experience. Capitalizing on the cultural phenomenon of reality television talent contests, Superstar brings to life the story of six finalists in a heated talent competition. With its radio-ready, contemporary score and lyrics, Superstar artfully blends the on-stage reality show with all the backstage drama. Incorporating romance, conflict, plot-twists and foul play – everything they don’t show you on TV – Superstar captivates audiences of all ages – entertaining traditional and non-traditional theater-goers alike. Driving the competition is the audience – an integral part of the show itself, in that, EVERY NIGHT THE AUDIENCE VOTES – live during the show – and on any given night, ANYONE can win!”

road.jpg Cover Girl: RuPaul releases new video to coincide with premiere of Drag Race show.

road.jpg Ordinance barring discrimination against gays and lesbians challenged in Kalamazoo, Michigan; likely to go before voters.

Revereroad.jpg One if by land: Family Research Council warns of gay marriage invasion.

road.jpg Conservative gay SoCal blogger Boi from Troy calls it a day.

road.jpg NYT on Arkansas foster care – adoption law not in the child’s best interest: “The new law is undeniably discriminatory. Under Arkansas law, people convicted of major crimes, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor, remain eligible to adopt children or become foster parents. Single people who have no partner — or who have a large number of casual sex partners — are also eligible. Anyone who is in a committed relationship, gay or straight, but is not married is automatically barred.”

Samadamsroad.jpg AfterElton has a crush on Portland’s new gay mayor Sam Adams.

road.jpg Head of Formula One racing accused of homophobia and racism in UK lawsuit.

road.jpg Palin family embroiled in suspicions of nepotism, abuse of power once again: “Levi Johnston this fall began working at the Milne Point oil field through the ASRC Energy Services apprenticeship program. However, radio talk show commentator Dan Fagan, in a column published Sunday in the Anchorage Daily News, questioned how Johnston could take part in the apprenticeship program without the required high school education. Johnston’s father, Keith Johnston, said in a telephone interview that his son decided to resign and return home to work on his education.”

Willieroad.jpg Bush cat dies, had nine lives and three names: “‘Willie’ apparently couldn’t bear life after the White House. The Bushes’ 18-year-old female black American Shorthair died Sunday at home in the Executive Mansion. Named by a then-9-year-old Barbara Bush, the cat, who was also called ‘Kitty’ by the family, was given the name ‘India’ after the former Texas Ranger baseball player, Ruben Sierra, who was called El Indio.”

road.jpg Lindsay Lohan has not had her Anne Heche moment yet.

road.jpg Lone hacker responsible for infiltrating celebrity Twitter accounts, says Twitter: “The issue with these 33 accounts is different from the Phishing scam aimed at Twitter users this weekend. These accounts were compromised by an individual who hacked into some of the tools our support team uses to help people do things like edit the email address associated with their Twitter account when they can’t remember or get stuck.”

road.jpg Oprah gets depressed too.


  1. Dave says

    From the FRC article referenced: “Yet, as our own Dr. Pat Fagan has said, the threat to the family is greatest where church attendance is weakest. In New England, religious worship is among the lowest in the nation. Teen sex and abortion, however, are among the highest, making these states dangerous territory for the family.”

    Is it true that “teen sex” and abortion are highest in the NE? I always thought it was places like Alabama and Kansas.

  2. FernLaPlante says

    I really wish you wouldn’t link to d-listed. They are just mean for the sake of being mean. That Vail story was on other sites that didn’t humiliate the guy further.

  3. Bill says

    Dave you are correct. The Northeast has the lowest incidence of teen sex, teen pregnancy, and abortion in the nation. The Southeast leads the nation on all three measures.

  4. Leland Frances says

    JTI hasn’t lost the message—they never had it to start with, except some kindergarten-level concept of social change that they keep transmorgifying into, “But Mommy, me good boy. Please oh please give me what I want. Please Mommy.”

    Initially I was joking, but now I’m beginning to seriously wonder if Amy Impact is an operative for the Antigay Industry leading people around in pointless circles, chasing their own little tails rather than actually doing something that would create change. ACT UP anyone?

    The ONLY demo they should be working on this month is one AT MASSA’S FUCKING INAUGURATION to protest his publicly rimming Rick Warren.

    To paraphrase John Lennon: “All we are saying is give balls a chance.”

  5. Bill says

    Leland, LMAO.

    This Kalamazoo vote is really upseting. Haterosexuals have to decide everything gay people do. I bet they will vote to discriminate against gay people. Haterosexuals always talk about how much they support equality when in reallity they don’t.

  6. Joe says

    My overwhelmingly straight United Church of Christ congregation in Tampa Florida did this over a year ago and it passed with a unanimous vote of the CONGREGATION not just the church Council. We didn’t make the news or the blogs. I guess we need a PR manager.

    Bob Barr was a disgusting asshole when he wrote DOMA and he’s a disgusting asshole now.

    I encourage everyone to go read his statement on DOMA. In it he states why he wrote it and why it should be repealed. He actually says flat out that the legislation was written specifically to deny gay people rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

    “The Hawaii court was clearly leaning toward legalizing same-sex marriages. So the first part of DOMA was crafted to prevent the U.S. Constitution’s “full faith and credit” clause — which normally would require State B to recognize any lawful marriage performed in State A — from being used to extend one state’s recognition of same-sex marriage to other states whose citizens chose not to recognize such a union.” — Bob Barr, LA Times, Jan. 5, 2009

    His position now is that it was wrong to do that on a FEDERAL level and that the states should decide if they want to deny gay people, and only gay people, rights guaranteed by the Constitution to all American citizens.

    “In 2006, when then-Sen. Obama voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment, he said, “Decisions about marriage should be left to the states.” He was right then; and as I have come to realize, he is right now in concluding that DOMA has to go. If one truly believes in federalism and the primacy of state government over the federal, DOMA is simply incompatible with those notions.” – Bob Barr, same article

    He says this after saying that gay couples have been rights that they deserve because of the legislation he wrote but then goes on to say that states should be allowed to deny those same rights that gays deserve. WTF?

    He was a dick then and he’s still a dick now.

  7. says

    Real quick:

    Josh Brolin is hot.
    Dlisted is lame.
    Rapists should be bedicked not beheaded.
    Mario Cantone is not funny and certainly not hot.
    Ru Paul. Who cares?
    Religion is for the weak.
    Formula One is not a sport.
    Sam Adams is ok, nothing special.
    Boi from Troy: See Ru Paul.
    Levi J is the hot one here.
    Lindsay Lohan has more in common with Susan Smith than Anne Heche (“the black kid was driving!”).
    Those Impact people are just good at getting blogs to write about them.

    Oh yeah, I like black cats.

  8. TANK says

    Eh, it’s pretty funny. That justifies poor taste in this case, or doesn’t; either way, it doesn’t matter to me. I feel sorry for that thing’s son, however. I can’t imagine how humiliating it must’ve been for him, who is related by genetics to that…gross train wreck.

  9. Mark says

    Re/ DListed: For the most part I enjoy reading Michael K and DListed but don’t like the way it’s gone from a snarky celebrity blog to now targeting those who don’t deserve it, namely Christine Marioni (Cynthia Nixon’s partner, they have 2 small children and Nixon’s been through breast cancer this year). His whole “Hot Slut Of The Year” is funny if applied to somebody deserving, but he’s pushing for her in his “vote” and I’m not happy with the Romper Room comment board of pure homophobia towards this gal. I really wanted to enjoy Michael K because I can’t Perez Hilton. He made a good choice last year with want to be a celebrity Phoebe Price (who will show up at the opening of an envelope). But – Hey, if “Rojo Caliente” (Christine) is loving this, so do I!

  10. Jay says

    You should really remove that photo of the skier. Taking his photo and putting it on the internet is akin to upskirt photography. Really, if you keep it up, you’re an asshole.

  11. BJ says

    According to an article by James Wolcott in Vanity Fair: (2004 figures)

    10 States with highest divorce rates in order:
    NV AR WY ID WV AL KY OK TN FL (all traditionally red states)

    10 States with highest illegitimate birth rates in order:
    NM LA MS DE AZ SC FL NV GA AR (mostly traditionally red states)

    15 States with highest suicide rates (2003) in order:
    WY AK NV MT NM ID OR CO UT AZ WV OK AR SD KY (mostly traditional red states)

    15 States with highest obesity percentage in order:
    MS AL WV TN LA AR KY TX IN MI OH SC MO OK GA (mostly traditional red states)

    10 States with highest number executions in order:
    TX OH OK VA NC SC AL FL GA NV (all traditionally red states)

    10 States with highest incarceration rates (2003) in order:
    LA MS TX OK AL SC GA MO AZ DE (all but DE red states)

    10 States with highest female incarceration rates (2003) in order:
    MS OK LA TX MT ID AZ AL NV CO (mostly traditional red states)

    10 “Smartest” States (2004-05) based on 21 factors in “Education State Rankings” in order:
    VT CT MA NJ ME MN VA WI MT NY (mostly traditional blue states)

    Read full article at:

  12. says

    I’m sure the worry warts here had no issue making fun of Britney Spears as she went into a downward spiral of mental illness, but now a guy loses his pants at Vail, the winter haven of pretension, and we’re supposed to be all upset at Andy for posting it.

    It was on the freaking Today show, too, and Al Roker was joking about shrinkage. At 7:15 am.

    So get off the cross…

  13. Thomasina says

    Here are the newest (2006) state-by-state teen pregnancy rates available:

    In Mississippi, 68.4 out of every 1000 girls ages 15-19 got pregnant in 2006, versus 21.3 out of every 1000 in Massachusetts. Also, that Mississippi number went up 13% between 2005 to 2006. In Arkansas, it was 62.3 out of every 1000 girls versus 23.5 out of every 1000 in Connecticut. Thanks, Governor Huckabee!

  14. Jay says

    @Nick: I do object to some of the coverage Britney Spears was subjected to, but it’s not even nearly comparable as she’s a celebrity and a charge can be made that some of her antics were for the purpose of garnering attention.

    I didn’t know that if the Today Show does something, than it’s alright.

    How is defending someone else’s right to privacy bearing a cross? You’re just mad that that people are pointing out assholish behavior that you seem to endorse.

  15. Jay says

    @Nick: I do object to some of the coverage Britney Spears was subjected to, but it’s not even nearly comparable as she’s a celebrity and a charge can be made that some of her antics were for the purpose of garnering attention.

    I didn’t know that if the Today Show does something, than it’s alright.

    How is defending someone else’s right to privacy bearing a cross? You’re just mad that that people are pointing out assholish behavior that you seem to endorse.

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