1. noah says

    It’s a soap. In 6 months, they will break up. Then in another 6 months, they will be back together. There are no happy endings in soap operas for “super couples” unless the actors quit or are fired and sent off into the sunset.

  2. JerzeeMike says

    NOAH, it’s the same in real life though. How many real life “super couples” go through the same schtick? And, JIM, I also gave up on the show but I was watching it yesterday while vacuuming and it caught my attention again.

    Soaps are schmaltzy by nature, and while our European cousins have us beat in their depictions of gay couples on television I just think back a mere 10 years ago when this would NEVER have made its way on air. Hell, I remember 20 years ago when there were no gays on television at all! It may be slow in coming but progress is being made and I commend Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann, the two actors playing Luke and Noah, as well as the producers and writers of ATWT for sticking it out and advancing tolerance in the media.

  3. davefromtampa says

    “You can’t stop drinking, you throw yourself at men twice your age…” Ha, ha, that’s what I do. Who says art doesn’t imitate life?

  4. Huisky14620 says

    Too little, too late. Not only has this taken way too long, we now have YouTube translations of “Verbotene Liebe”, and “Til the Wedding”. Plus the “before” and “after” scenes were tamer than even “Brothers and Sisters”. I mean really, who comes out of the bathroom, after a shower (with their lover,) wearing pants, while still wet above the waist? Maybe underwear, but pants? And even Scotty and Kevin have been seen in the same bed together.

  5. Aaron K says

    Thanks for the clip. What an historic moment for daytime soaps and television in general in the United States.

  6. George says

    Well, given that this was on a US soap, with US viewers and US attitudes to deal with, and given that this aired in daytime, with completely different expectations than what we get on primetime shows, I’m happy to have a new audience exposed to any sort of same-sex lovin’, to help them realize we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. I think it was sweet and sexy as it could be, and even though it was long overdue, the producers are still braver than most for finally trying it. I’m happy to see it.

  7. says

    At least they’re (finally) portrayed as gay men who HAVE sex–none of this Will Truman-y let’s-just-make-them-nice-guys-in-sweaters business.

    (I agree, though, that the pants after showering thing–behind a locked bedroom door no less!–was a bit odd.)

  8. homogenius says

    I totally stumbled on this yesterday just as they were starting their argument and before they kissed. It took me a moment to remember who they were. I don’t care how tame it was or how long it took–I was still glad to catch it.

  9. Jeff In Boston says

    Mmmm…post-coital sundaes. That’ll take care of those flat twinkie tummies before you can say Unrealistic Homo Eating Habits and then they’ll have no choice but to stay together (or throw themselves at men of any age)!

  10. BRIANLOVER says

    Quoting JERZEEMIKE:
    “You can’t stop drinking, you throw yourself at men twice your age…” Ha, ha, that’s what I do. Who says art doesn’t imitate life?

    That was the funniest line in the episode, hands down. And who can blame Luke for throwing himself at someone as hot as sex-daddy Laurence Lau (Brian)? Yum.

  11. troschne says

    While I’m glad that they finally did the deed, the fade-to-black, then coming out showered thing was kind of lame.

    Incidentally, Nancy Hughes is the show’s matriarch, not Lucinda whatever-her-last-name-is-this-week.

  12. FunMe says

    I would have expected something like this in say 1992 – buy hey, better late than ever? NOT! No more crumbs for so called “liberal” Hollywood. They need to get gutsy now that Democrats will be back in power next week. :-)

  13. Crash says

    Ok JeffinBoston… that was really uncalled for. But then again I guess I should ahve expected someone to make an unwarranted comment about weight here sooner or later. It is rather sad that you feel the need to make a comment like (or throw themselves at men of any age) after stating that eating too many sundaes will take care of flat tummies. Just because YOU dont like bigger guys does not mean YOU are the be-all-end-all of who should or does like whom. Really, if you cant say something nice, then please, dont say anything at all, for it is comments like that that do nothing to help people who may have low self-esteem and already feel like they have no place in “Proper Gay Society”. Speaking from expierence here.