Men’s Vogue to be Piggyback Publication


A new stage in the evolution of the fading fashion mag, via WWD: “The spring issue will appear as a reverse-bound issue attached to the April issue of Vogue. It will be the first time Vogue has published a reverse cover. Tom Florio, senior vice president and publishing director of Vogue, Teen Vogue and Men’s Vogue, said April is a good month for the partnership, since Vogue carries more jewelry brands during that month, playing to Men’s Vogue’s core competencies in watches and luxury accessories. Florio would not confirm how many ads have been sold, but sources estimate there are about 25 ad pages so far, including Ralph Lauren on the second cover. The special will likely carry around 60 pages.”


  1. David says

    Just received postcard notice (as a subscriber) that “Men’s Vogue will not longer be published as a stand-alone 10X a year subscription publication.” This issue is what’s left of the pub–a 2X yearly Men’s Vogue to be published in March ’09.

  2. my2cents says

    they should have launched Men’s Vas a piggyback, following Men’s Health in the 2x fashion flip cover. anyone with half a marketing brain would know that their demo doesn’t buy off the page.

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