1. Paul R says

    I only recently learned that the term “jumped the shark” originated from the episode of Happy Days, late in its run, when the Fonz literally jumped over a shark (water-skiing over a ramp wearing short shorts and a leather jacket). I agree that Nip/Tuck just gets sillier and sillier, but somehow is always well done given the material. I don’t make a point of watching it and have seen about two episodes since they moved to LA, but it’s generally entertaining once you suspend your disbelief.

    I have to fast forward through the surgery scenes, though. Yuck.

  2. seattle mike says

    The phrase “jumped the shark” has itself jumped the shark. The newest phrase is “nuked the fridge” after the recent horrible Indiana Jones movie. :-)

  3. Glen says

    Nip/tuck is one of those series that you either love or hate. It was odd from day one – like six feet under… Personally they do stuff that keeps it fridge nuking. Last season when Sharon Gless killed that agent with a stuffed toy making machine, was priceless.

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