1. CJ says

    [shakes head] Just when I feel proud of our LGBT community I read a story such as this. For the love of God, keep it in your pants! I don’t care if you waited until he as 18 years old, the fact that he was sexually attracted to a 17 year old boy and developed a relationship with hopes of a sexual connection is perverse. A 44 year old should not be prowling around a 17 year old, and now that he is in the public eye this simply gives those opposed to gay rights more ammunition (not that it should, but the sad fact is that news such as this allows for stereotyping).

    Keep it in your pants gents, it can’t be that difficult.

  2. Wells says

    Surprisingly, I believe the guy. I could see a gay city mayor being “affair with seventeen-year-old intern” stupid and smart enough not to have sex with said intern until his 18th birthday.

  3. says

    F***ing fantastic. We get one of our people in office as a mayor of a major(ish) city and he screws a teenager. This plays into the hands of all our detractors who think we’re all a bunch of child molesters. Jesus H. Christ.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    What’s with every single Gay man wanting to be a Daddy? And now the new Mayor of PDX. “Seeking younger ONLY” sort of thing gets real tiresome. Start dating men around your own age fellas. Hell we’re all growing older, get over yourself.

    Beau Breedlove, that’s his porn name.

  5. niles says

    This is really sad and disgusting. He has set back gay rights by many, many years in Oregon and has shown himself to be not worthy of the people’s trust.

  6. Damon says

    When you think of it, this has been a very disappointing 2 years for lgbtq people.

    Heres to a smarter movement.

  7. Clay says

    Who gives a shit? 2 people had consensual sex.
    All the hand-wringing and Church Lady tut-tutting BS won’t make it anything else.
    And it still won’t be any of my business.

  8. Alex In Boston says

    As he says, “Until today, I have not discussed the true nature of the relationship with anyone. Not my friends, family, staff or colleagues on the council.” There can only be one reason why he would choose to publicly speak about it right now – SOMEONE IS BLACKMAILING HIM!!! In an effort to thwart whomever it is – he has chosen to speak up about the affair/relationship!! Methinks there is much more to this story then he speaks of! Come on, someone threatens to “Tell All” and NOW you open up about what happened??? Do Not Be Surprised if in the coming weeks this story takes on a whole new dimension!

  9. Socrates says

    Well dudes, all the athenians statemen artists and philosophers your learned to admire during your Humanities were competitors for the favors of the most beautiful high society teens of their times. Why on earth straight guys can drool on young women and gays should be monks? to gain tolerance. That’s stupid. The morons who scream child molester certainly has never encountered a 18 y.o. stallion (everybody knows males are at their peak at 19). What makes me cringe is: once you got office by lying, keep it clintonesque-Windsoresque: never admit. Beau Breedlove: sounds like a lot of fun!!

  10. Seriously says

    This is disgraceful. The guy took out a full page ad not only denying the rumor but blasting people for buying into gay stereotypes all the while he was lying and actually doing the very thing he denounced (preying on minors). No 44 year old man should be lusting after a 17 year old boy. He needs to step down. In this case, I hope the straights rally up and toss this bum.

  11. Jay says

    Well, this really helps along the cause. Here I thought that his having the name of a beer was going to be the biggest joke to crack on the mayor. If only.

  12. says

    No this is not good for our or any community, however straight politicians do this kinda stuff all the time. Still no excuse. We as a people have to start being more responsible and more accountable in so many many area…. We meaning everybody as in the whole county and world.

  13. Michael says

    When he met the teenager he was dating someone older than himself, so he wasn’t looking to be a daddy, as someone said. I’m not trying to defend him, but just set the record straight. The boyfriend was present at the party the teenager attended.

  14. professor crabby phd says

    Professor crabby also has a job which brings him into regular contact with late teenage boymen—professor crabby considers gazing on all the lovely taut undergraduates one of the perks of academia. (That and the five months off a year). Anyway, professor crabby always remembers what his mom told him when he was a little tyke “you can look but do not touch” yes mayor, they are lovely but to act on your desires is unattractive and unprofessional. What about the power imbalance? I am not against sex with minors. cf Judith Levine for more on our priggish obsession with “protecting” children from sex. And 17 is no child. But if you are his boss or his professor . . . being a letch is not appealing.

  15. So Left I'm Right says

    I couldn’t begin to care. Was any law broken? Is Beau (come on now, real name?) Breedlove complaining about anything? Was there a lack of consent involved? Was there some form of exploitation or abuse of power involved? These are all real concerns, but apparently no one is saying any of these things was the case. Then why should this matter? Perhaps not a wise course of action for someone who wants to be in the public eye, but all the scolding and hand wringing doesn’t impress me.

  16. sparks says

    In the UK, 17 is the age of consent. It’s all about perspective, really.

    We are an extremely ageist society. Every advertisement is trying to sell us youth, our culture puts it on a pedestal and worships it. Billions are spent every year on anti-aging products and treatments so people who ARE older can LOOK younger.

    In the midst of all this youth obsession, you’re surprised that successful 40-something would be flattered and receptive to the attentions of a handsome young buck?

    Amazing how many guys will pass judgment on Mr. Adams today, and tomorrow morning they’ll be unscrewing the cap from a bottle of “Just for Men” and tomorrow afternoon flirting shamelessly with the clerk at Whole Foods…

  17. says

    Wow, what a self-righteous, judgemental lot you all are. I agree with a few of the folk above–we are in a culture that idolizes youth. He is an attractive man in power and a sweet young thing tosses himself at him. Nothing new here folks, move along.

    They were consenting adults. Neither is married–they aren’t allowed to, remember?

    So lighten up you guys…and let ye who go without sin cast the first stone.

  18. Toto says

    Yeah, it sucks being a public figure in government. You cant get drunk off your ass at a party and sing ‘Proud Mary’ to the delight of others. You cant flip off the tools that cut you off on the freeway. Theres a whole ton of unattractive yet harmless things you just cant do. Sure, you have your own free will but as an elected official you also have a reputation to uphold. And while its perfectly legal to say that you waited ’till he was 18 to shag, it doesnt make you anymore endearing than the hetero pigs that mark down the days for the Olsen twins or Mylie Cyrus to become legal. Im sure he is fantastic at his job but he must have been pretty fucking naive to think he was in the moral clear.

  19. Mark AB says

    There is nothing wrong with a consensual relationship with an 18 year-old. I don’t care about the age difference, either. If they were both into it, I say, go for it. But lying about it is a problem, though.

    Reminds me of John Edwards going on camera and sanctimoniously calling other people liars about his affair. Disgusting.

    Not sure this guy shouldn’t lose his job. I know I wouldn’t vote for John Edwards for dogcatcher.

    Integrity matters, Sam Adams. If you felt you had to lie about something about this to get elected (did he really take out a full page ad????), maybe you should have just let go of your ambitions to run for mayor.

  20. Frieda J-Lo says

    Sam Adams, the queer, not the beer, is a pisser. What kind of idiot can he be? Our world is political-DUH! And for all you free-love, cast the first stone fools: OUR WORLD IS POLITICAL!

    Thanks Mayor for enabling those who hate us.

  21. Brandon says

    I have a number of thoughts about this. I do understand that this guy is a “role model” and so there is a higher expectation about his behavior. But, to me equality isn’t about being “better.” It’s when this guy’s transgressions are treated like they’d be if he was straight. He’s not the only mature guy getting some from someone much younger. Straight guys do it all the time.

    However, there are two things that REALLY bother/concern me.

    (1) This kid was an employee. That creates a very unsavory power dynamic– especially when you couple that with the age differential. (2) I think the mayor probably violated the law.

    Under Oregon law:
    (1) A person commits the crime of sexual abuse in the third degree if the person subjects another person to sexual contact and:the victim is incapable of consent by reason of being under 18 years of age. (163.415)

    I don’t know what happened, but I doubt that they waited until the kid was 18 to have sex.

    Even if I give him the we waited until he was 18 argument, he demonstrated EXTREMELY POOR judgment in starting a relationship with a minor employee.

    I am so glad I am not a Portland voter.

  22. ganymeade says

    I did not vote for Sam but was glad to have the national attention as Portland elected a gay mayor. I had my misgivings and was hoping I was wrong. I am ashamed for him and for PDX for setting back gay rights by feeding into ugly stereotypes. Minorities are flawed like all people but he chose to be a role model and pioneer and he is a big fail.. I am 44 and I don’t have sex with 18 or 19 or even 22 year olds, especially someone I work with. This is just sad. It may not be illegal but it is in this day and age unethical and dangerous to your political career. Can you spell stupid. I can,,,,,

  23. dc10001 says

    The three things that matter here:
    1. Relations with an employee is unprofessional and unethical.
    2. Age of consent in Oregon is 18.
    3. That young man is TOTALLY adorable.

  24. says

    I remember a time in the 70s or 80s when Barney Frank was caught with a male prostitute, and he picked himself up from his mistake and had a pretty successful and esteemed career in politics. People make mistakes and it doesn’t always have to be some reflection on the entire “gay community”…whatever that term means.

    While I understand in this case that the law forbids legal adults from having a sexual relationship with someone under 18, let’s remember that “18” is just a number. It could easily have been 15-21, as many countries have different ages of consent. I only bring this up for the people who made statements like….”no 44 year old should lust after a 17 year old” or those who called him a pervert. The age of consent is just a law and there should be no moral indictment of him because he loved a 17 year old. Just a legal one. While I would agree that Adams showed very poor judgment and probably doesn’t deserve his job, let’s not pretend as “healty” gay men that we only have sexual attraction for other men who are 18 yrs of age or older. We’re not talking about children here and while the law says “don’t touch”, that doesn’t mean that gay men are perverts if they happen to find someone attractive who is physically mature but under the age of 18.

  25. says

    Sam Adams should only resign if he broke a law.

    I believe that they probably did wait until 18 to have sex. Are they in a relationship now?

    I doubt he’ll get re-elected though, unless he marries the kid :)

  26. spk says

    He lied. While campaigning.

    He made someone else lie. How Clintonesque.
    What a weak man. What a sad homo.

    He should be ashamed. And if the kid was actually under 18 when these shenanigans
    occurred he should step down and then be strung up.

  27. DaveTN says

    Just makes you wonder….if he lied so vehemently about the relationship in the first place, how do you know he’s not lying about the time it took place now?

    I wonder if the people defending him are just doing so because they don’t want the nation to lose an openly gay mayor of such a large city.

    I also wonder if they defended closeted Republican Mark Foley just as strongly, or if they demanded his resignation.

  28. John in CA says

    The district attorney can’t prove that a crime has been committed. Without the kid’s testimony there’s no case. And he seems intent on covering for Adams. Then there’s also the statute of limitations matter:

    The prosecution of sexual abuse in the third degree must commence within four years of the commission of the offense. Or. Rev. Stat. § 131.125(6)(a).

    If the victim is under the age of eighteen at the time of the offense, prosecution of the offense may commence within four years of the offense being reported to law enforcement or by the victim’s 22nd birthday.

    If Mr. Breedlove was 18 in 2005, then he’s approaching 22 right about now. The statute of limitations is about to run out. I doubt that’s a coincidence.

    And I’m certainly wary of this story that they waited until Breedlove’s 18th birthday because, well, I’m not a first grader. How many pedophiles who have a secret relationship with a teenager says “lets just keep it platonic until you’re reached the age of consent”?

    While we can’t rule out that scenario due to lack of evidence, methinks something is rotten in the state of Oregon.

  29. says

    I tend to attract guys younger than me but I would never have sex with am underage guy. Having said that, it’s not the relationship that’s the problem here if they did it after the twink turned 18. It’s the fact that he “did not have sexual relations with that twink”, that’s the problem. The lie.

  30. David says

    I’m from Portland, so when Sam Adams was elected I admit I was a little bit proud.

    Hopefully, Sam Adams will be given a chance to recover and make good on his election, and I’ll be a little bit more proud.

    Let’s have a little tolerance here. Sleeping with people is no crime, and it’s the last place where we should judge someone; isn’t breaking down dinosaur moral “values” one of the great traditions in the gay rights movement? Intolerance from within our own community begets intolerance from without.

  31. Q says

    So now we know that even GAY politicians are not above bad choices. So does this mean that Sam Adams will be accused of having “thrown gays under the bus?” Is this a “slap in the face” to the gay community? Are gays “doomed,” “screwed,” etc., by the actions of this GAY politician? Will the Portland gays start rallies in protest? Will there be a zealous outrage followed with angry letters and emails? Or will everyone brush it off and get back on their high horse in time for the Inauguration?

  32. Robbie says

    I’m just kind of miffed at the fact that this total tool opens such a door and shatters such a glass ceiling for the glbt community (like being the first gay mayor of a large US city) and then this is the kind of publicity he gets.

    When someone is in Adams’ position, he has to recognize that, although it probably is unfair, the double standard is STILL there, and that he has been imbued with such a strong responsibility. He is taking the goodness of the reputation of the glbt community upon his shoulders by being elected to such a high-profile public office. And then he goes and screws some kid.

    >,< So now we wonder why the Mormons think we’re all a bunch of whores. Seriously, guys, I grew up the first 17 years of my life without sex, I think it’s possible to live without it.

  33. bendskier says

    All I can say is, if I was 17 and was around a powerful Sam Adams at 44… god knows I would have used every TRICK in the book to get him to want me…

    This country is soooooo fucking prude.

    Also, In the South, 17 is totally a non-issue for the political types… So give it a rest. They don’t get their panties into a twist until we start talking 14 or 15.

  34. elg says

    Remember Florida Republican Congressman, Mark Foley? Foley didn’t do anything illegal either but he was still disgraced and had to give up his Congressional position.

    Sam Adams may get away with this from a legal standpoint but it remains to be seen if the VOTERS of Portland, Oregon will “forgive” him. The point is, even if Adams didn’t break the law what he now admits to feeds into stereotypes about gay men being child molesters.

    If Adams didn’t have sex with the boy until he was 18 whey didn’t he admit it during the campaign for mayor? Because he knew it would damage him politically. And it still might.

  35. walker says

    Hey Bendskier –

    Nothing wrong with a 14, 15 or 17 year old try to get together with a 44 year old. There is something PROFOUNDLY wrong with a 44 year old falling for one of the 14, 15 or 17 year olds tricks.

    This wasn’t just physical. They had a relationship. I am 45. I don’t care how attractive the kid is. I can see that he is attractive. But if Adams was having a relationship with the kid that means he had to talk to him. BORING – Mr. Adams is a perv. and a lier. He should loose his job.

    What a bummer for all of us gays. Thanks Adams.

  36. Chris says

    1) BB was an intern when they met. Not an employee when they met, not an employee or an intern when they got it on.

    2) When they got it on, BB was over 18.

    No crime committed. I don’t think he did anything wrong, but he should have known better – in his line of work.

    All the judging on this message board is weird. Substitute “man” for “44 year old” and “18 year old” and what do you get?

  37. Kyle says

    Gay communities FIXATION on twinks, “barely legls”, and teens has gone and f**ked us up yet again.

    Note to gay men over the age of ….Oh I don’t know…18…choose someone your own size/age.

    It’s not very becoming seeing a 40+ year old arm in arm with a (17?) 18 year old. Clearly that’s not your soulmate, clearly you are not in the relationship for the stimulating intellectual discourse and clearly you can find someone who is more complimentary.

    It’s something our community needs to overcome and GET OVER.

    P.s~ Men (sadly, unlike woman) become more distinguished and handsome as they age this coming from a 24 year old.

  38. Kyle says

    To those of you who say:

    “This is no big deal” (Uhh…actually it kinda IS! The man used his position to find a trick up his sleeve, all while setting all of us back and if you can’t see why or how our movement is set back by this…tune into Fox News in the coming days and take off the rosey blinders please.)

    “They were two consenting adults” (Yeah…uhm…so about that. In THIS country, 17 is not a consenting adult. Lovely to hear refrences about how rules apply elsewhere, but as for me, I like to apply the rules for here. Makes things more relevant. I highly doubt most of you brushing this off as no big deal would be okay with a corrupt 40 something year old porking your 16/17 year old *CHILD* if you wouldn’t take issue with that…than you’ve got some issues to deal with, not the least of which any of us have time to confront for you on here. So, ya might wanna tackle that with a professional)

    “Straight guys do it all the time”
    (Okay, so I’m not even going to attempt to dignify this sorry @$$ excuse of an argument with a response.)

    Bottom line? Having sex with a *kid* is NOT okay. Just because we’re liberal and on the left side of things doesn’t mean we have to eliminate every ounce of principle or boundary within life.

  39. Ben says

    My view, simply put – if Beau was 18, and not his employee, Adams didn’t break the law, and isn’t obliged to resign (though that’s not off the table). If he was 17, he’s guilty of a first-class misdemeanor, and should resign.

    In all fairness to Adams, Gavin Newsom dated a 19-year-old at one point in 2006, when he was 39. This aroused no comment. Adams was 40 in 2005.



  41. Nathanial says

    John in CA wrote: “How many pedophiles who have a secret relationship with a teenager says ‘lets just keep it platonic until you’re reached the age of consent’?”

    pe•do•phile |ˈpedəˌfīl| ( Brit. paedophile)
    a person who is sexually attracted to children.

    Catch that? CHILDREN. Breedlove was NOT A CHILD. Even at 17, he was not a “child” — there is a DIFFERENCE between adolescence/young adulthood and childhood, people.

    Jeee-ZUZ! This is part of the reason that politics in your country is so fucked up — holier-than-thou prudes. I see no crime — Breedlove was neither a minor *nor* an employee (he was a volunteer — and *certainly* no “child molestation”. Get a grip, Mary Moralizer — you’re as obnoxiously judgemental as the very people who hate us. And, in case you haven’t figured it out, they’ll hate us whether someone like Sam Adams gets some 18-year-old tail or not.

    And to whoever-it-was who questioned what our reaction(s) were to Mark Foley, yes, I defended *him*, too (much as it PAINED me to defend a Republican hypocrite). Why? Because Foley was attacked because of homophobia and a double-standard, just because he was gay. And yes, I include some of his loudest detractors in the queer community in my charge of “homophobia”. It’s no more acceptable when we do it to each other, folks.

  42. Butch Buttfuck says

    NEVER trust any politician.
    And esp if the scandal involves anybody with a name like Beau Breedlove.

  43. troschne says

    I don’t live in Portland–I’ve never even been there–but I do know that Sam Adams’ opponent used that situation to his full advantage, and, while I can’t speak for Mayor Adams, I’m guessing he felt backed into a corner.

    I do honestly believe he waited until Mr. Breedlove was 18, so he did nothing illegal, and he lied to protect his career. I’m not defending that, but I’m sure most people on here have done that to save their hide.

    Come on, guys–give the guy a break. I know that each state has consent laws, but were you any more/less sexually driven and aware of your desires than you were at 17, as opposed to 18? If the kid were 10, nail the bastard to the wall. 17 vs. 18–who the fuck cares? Personally, I like guys closer to my age, but I have to say, Beau Breedlove is a total hottie! Sorry–just had to throw that in there.

  44. blake says

    Jebus that dude is hot, I’d totally fuck him. Then again I’m not 25 years older than him either. Mightn’t I remind you absurd pearl clutching, weeping vaginas above that the minimum age to JOIN THE MILITARY AND DIE for your country is 17? You don’t magically transform, chrysalis-like, from an innocent child to a fully mature adult on the very hour of the eve of your 18th birthday occurring. Was it unethical what this guy did? hell yes, he was an employee for one thing, not to mention the lying about it. If he deserves to loose his job it’s for THOSE reasons, not because of some “oh nooeessss won’t somebody think of the CHILL-DRUN” stupidity. grow up.

  45. Mark says

    Some of ya’ll crack me up. You’re all standing up there on your pure white soap boxes just telling all the rest of us how morally perfect you are and how we ought to be.

    Please step down. You look much more at home down here in the gutter with the rest of us.

    Believe me – as soon as you hit the door of your local pub, and some young one catches your eye – oh yeah sure – you’re gonna look the other way. And you, sir, would be a fuckin liar. If no one is looking – You’ll be on it. It’s called: clean fingers, dirty toes.

    The only difference between these dudes and a huge majority of the rest of us is that one of them holds a public office. Like the straight politico boys ain’t bangin young tail on their side of the fence.

    People fuck. They are always going to fuck. And there ain’t a one of us who would have backed off – especially if the situation felt like it might turn out to be more than just a fuck.

    But most of ya’ll are just focussed on the fuck. Did you consider that maybe – just maybe – it felt like something more? Or are one night stands the only thing you have to relate to?

    And this adage about “your own age”. What a perfect little world you live in. There are a whole host of reasons why age doesn’t matter and the ONLY thing to separate is sexual attraction to children. Any idiot who doesn’t know that line definitely needs to be nailed to the wall.

    So cut the Victorian morality and go live your life rather than just wishing you would have done the dude first.

  46. Strepsi says

    ANDY (or JOE, whoever posted): PLEASE CHANGE THE HEADLINE! I think the use in the headline and first sentence of “teenager” is horrible — at 18 we are referred to as “young men” or “men”. The age of consent in OR is 18, and there is no indication he was under. If a soldier of 18 dies, the News does not say “Teenager dies in battle”. PLEASE DON’T POUR OIL ON THIS SAD FIRE.

  47. Leadinglady says

    I can see nothing wrong with a 41 year old man having a consensual sexual relationship with an 18 year old man. I do see a problem with him lying about it though.

    However after reading the responses posted here I am beginning to understand why he lied. If the gay community can get so worked up and be so intolerant about this relationship I can only imagine what the straight community would say.

    Unfortunately some mole found out them and decided to use it against him. Being a gay man he would have been aware of the narrow-minded attitude many people have and decided to lie to protect himself. Not the wisest of decisions, but not something to crucify him over.

    Do all gay men who choose to apply for jobs in the public arena have to live the life of a saint, never being allowed to have a little fun with a younger man or maybe own a set of handcuffs because if someone happens to find out about his private life he has to make a choice? Tell the truth and be accused of being a child molester or sexual deviant, or lie and risk being caught out.

  48. troschne says

    Mark, if that “my own age” crack was directed at me, suck it. I said I thought he was hot. I would hit it–I’m not pretending I wouldn’t. I just meant that when I’m attracted to a guy, I usually prefer someone for a relationship who has a similar point of reference, if it’s going to be more than a hookup. Call Terminix if you need to get that bug out of your ass.

  49. Rowan says

    I’m with some of the above posters re taking this a little too far!

    But I want to ask a question, do American teens mature mentally slower the European teens?

    I ask this cause as a Brit/European, I DIDN’T think I was a kid a 17.

    At All.

  50. Luke says

    Good grief, why can’t some of these men just keep it in thier pants, and, if the guy looks too young, check his id for crying out loud. They know this is just the fodder for the right wing kooks to cry out that we are pedophiles, ugh, when we are not.

  51. Clay says

    Congressman Gerry Studds (D-MA) was censured by the House in 1983 for having a consensual sexual affair with a Congressional page of equivalent age to Beau Breedlove. His response was that a private relationship was no one else’s business. He was correct.
    (Incidentally he was continuously reelected into the 1990s)
    I have no patience for all this puritanical hyperventilating.

    Did you drink when you were underage? Have you ever smoked pot? Were you sexually active in your teens? These questions and more all have the same answer: None of your business.

    Why is no one asking why the media are so interested in the sexual history of a relatively low level, openly gay elected official?

    Were Adams a wife-beater or a pedophile (look it up. The term does not apply where 17-18 year olds are concerned) or a tax evader, or had authorized torture and warrantless wire taps, my reaction would be different, because there would be actual victimization involved.

  52. brad says

    I think it sounds very sweet. Wonder if they met like TR Knight and his boyfriend at a Matthew Shepard Scholarship event.
    I hope they charge this man having sex with a minor and put him on the sexual offenders list. How stupid is this man. Keep it in your pants.

  53. Bruce says

    Another local gay politician brought up the Sam Adams indiscretion over a year ago, and Adams bashed that politician about spreading lies. The story isn’t what Adams did with the 17, 18 year old. The story is that Adams was so hungry for power he lied and damaged the career of a more reputable gay candidate.

    Adams isn’t trustworthy. He’s a disgrace, and I won’t defend someone who tries to destroy others’ careers in defense of a lie.

  54. Sean says

    Would that Professor Crabby hadn’t taken that particular moniker first, I’d have used it.

    I have a couple of points to make.
    1.) I too am a professor, and I too admire the male student body. That, however, is where it ends. I am employed in education, and I intend to stay that way. I didn’t spend half my life in college to one day prove I’m still thinking with my penis.

    2.) It has been said in several articles that this guy was 18. What’s the big deal? Why are we so obsessed with the personal lives of politicians? And, of course, why do they insist on keeping us interested by screwing around. If this guy was 18, I’m not the least bit interested. If he was 17, well then Adams is too stupid to hold office anyway.

  55. Dback says

    When in doubt, use the Clinton/Lewinsky scale: Was this illegal? (Not if Beau was 18 and not an employee.) Was it immoral? (Only if you’re opposed to ANY age differences in relationships, as Ben noted re: Gavin Newsom and the 19-year old.) Was it tacky? GOD, yes. Adams should apologize profusely, and Breedlove should also issue a statement if he feels OK with it. Then Portlanders can censure Adams and move on.

  56. says

    “It’s not very becoming seeing a 40+ year old arm in arm with a (17?) 18 year old. Clearly that’s not your soulmate, clearly you are not in the relationship for the stimulating intellectual discourse and clearly you can find someone who is more complimentary.”

    I have three words for you: Chris and Don.
    When they met, Isherwood was 48 and Bachardy 18. Their relationship, in spite of a 30 year age difference, lasted until Isherwood died, and they were clearly soulmates.

  57. elg says

    Sam Adams admitted he LIED when he said, before the 11-08 election, that his relationship with the boy/man was platonic. So why are some of you so sure he’s telling the truth now when he’s an ADMITTED liar.

    And it doesn’t matter what straight men do. Gay men are not treated like straight men. In a homophobic society, a gay man who does this sort of thing reflects on ALL gay men whereas a straight man who does this reflects on no one but himself.

    Sam Adams, who is an openly gay elected mayor of a major city not a private citizen/nobody, makes us ALL look bad whether we like it or not. I’m surprised that more commenters don’t seem to get that.

  58. says


    There are no reports that Breedlove was ever a city employee or a “former staffer” of Adams. reports that Breedlove was a “volunteer” on Adams’ campaign. Willamette Week reports that Breedlove was an intern for a state legislator unassociated with Adams or the city.

    Also, Sam Adams was a city commissioner during his relationship with Breedlove — not a county commissioner.

    Willamette Week broke the story and has the most detailed account.

    (Not that I’m defending Adams. A prominent gay man trolling city hall for 17-year-olds is foolish and wreckless. Worse, repeatedly and blantantly lying about betrays the public’s trust.)

  59. Sam says

    @KEVINT: I must have missed the moment where the perv went proudly arm-in-arm with the kid, publicly saying he’s his soulmate.

    He lied. While campaigning. Meaning he can be lying right now, with this same apology he announces.

    Politicians are elected to represent people. Do I wish to be represented by a lier? Who PUBLICLY lied? Who MADE the kid lie, too? So he not only fucks kids, but also uses his position to COVER his doings.

    So not only a liar, not only child molester, but also a coward. Defending the dickhead is double standard. People who TRUSTED him must feel a whole new concept of “fucked up”. Especially the ones among them, who are below 18… Daddy seems to be liking them more.

    And I LMAO when read someone’s post above how the dude had a boyfriend at the time, who was PRESENT at the event he met the kid. YAY for treesomes with oldies, but still – do you really think you help his petty cause by pointing out the dick’s not only a coward, a liar, and a child molester, but also an adulterer? With lawyer like you, one doesn’t need a prosecutor….

  60. brit says

    Puritans get off your high horses. I bet you guys are the same people that say a fourteen year old should be charged as an adult in a murder case. When a guy is 18 he is considered a man/adult.

  61. eav says

    Sam – watching this You Tube, you keep saying, you “want to apologize”. That is not the same as ACTUALLY apologizing. I will give you credit for having a true knack for twisting the truth. What more clever plays on words can we expect from you, as Mayor of such a fine city of Portland. You are right, you should have been honest from the beginning, then the people of Portland could have elected you to such an important public position, based on your TRUE character. Too bad, we can’t turn the clock back now….

  62. peter says

    Lordy. What a crock. If no laws were broken, that should be the end of it. He lied about the relationship: Well, yes, he did. Can you blame him? He shouldn’t have, but does that lie point to a dishonest nature, or a practical one? Maybe if we learned the difference between “adhering” and “aspiring” to all these moral codes we supposedly follow and demand that our politicians follow, we’d be less enraged when someone makes an imperfect decision.

    Maybe if we stopped treating children like possessions, rather than people, we’d have a more realistic idea of when they are ready to assume some autonomy over their bodies and sexuality. The way we talk about young people’s sexuality, you’d think most Americans would rather their child lose a limb than his or her virginity.

    And could we stop worrying about what the breeders will think? Who cares? By the time you hall monitors are done making us over to be “just like straight people,” we won’t be recognizably anything. The people who hate us hate us whether we’re monogamous with 2.5 kids or we’re the Champion Fisting Bottom of the Bay Area. And the ones who don’t, don’t care about this crap.

  63. Maria G says

    Has no one ever lied or made a mistake or a bad judgement? Politics or not let’s move one and get passed this – the man finally apologized and admitted to his mistake -like others before him, being in the public eyes, he had to defend his actions, viewed by others as bad or weak! Reality dictates that we all make mistakes, ALL OF US, at one time or another, but we do not necessarily have to publicly admit them, do we? Forgiveness should be in everyone’s vocabulary instead of judgement. Move on people, and get a life!

  64. MDG says

    The Mayor’s Opposition BOB BALL..
    is far WORSE.. into underage guys

    I mean why would a Gay Post-Middleaged man want to run police explorer cadets/?(TEENS) yay!

    Mayor Adams did NOTHING illegal, and is NOBODYS business but his!

    So, none of you would do a hot 18 y.o. if you could?? yeaaaa right!!

    you can sure tell witch people here are often turned down when hittng on young craigslist guys heh

    BTW I KNEW wha i liked by age of 12!! but didn’t have a way to meet guys like a computer or i would have!!

  65. MDG says

    O and Why is it largley OK for an older WOMAN dooing a 18yo MAN????
    they are even “cheered on” WTF???

    they are all over the news, and only get slapped on the wrist if they are Under 18.. uhh America is sooooo prudish, stuck up, way to old fashioned and conservative

  66. says

    GAWD! I wish we could quit being so freaking puritanical about this stuff. Until well into the 20th century it was legal AND quite common for heterosexual males to marry 14-year-olds – AND it was blessed by the church.

    Many of us teenage gay guys were having sex with other teenage gay guys and would have proudly pounced on anyone older. The same can be said for our heterosexual counterparts – just substitute girls for guys, k?

    It isn’t like he was munching on pre-pubescent boys. Breedlove (can the name be anymore ironic?) was 17!

  67. Carl - Michigan says

    My we are an ageist group here! I know of young men who are looking for an older man. The age of consent varies by state and ranges form 16-18. Yes in Oregon the state law is 18, so if Beau was legal and consented there is no legal issue. The only issue is that Sam lied, and yes if everything was above board then Sam should not have lied about a legal, consensual realationship.

  68. Mike says

    Thank God we like taking it up the ass, cuz we sure keep fucking ourselves.

    I know how to fix the community’s battered image. Let’s get a truck full of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and porn stars, hijack a church yard in Portland for a revolutionary S&M street fair, and host a “Fist-in for Freedom and Equality”.

    Will we ever learn????

  69. Kyle says

    So basically…more than half of you on here just proudly admitted to having either slept with someone under the age of 17 (A HIGHSCHOOL STUDENT)…or potentially doing so in the near future. LOVELY!

    It IS true. EVERY stereotype has a hint of truth behind it. They just don’t get fabricated out of thin air.

    We seem to be amongst many former and future cast members of “To Catch a Predator”…

    My saying sleeping with a teenager under the age of 18 doesn’t make me a prude, it makes me a decent human being. Some of these comments turn my stomach “You’ve never looked at a hot young boy and wanted to sleep with him?”….UHM, NO, and if you have you need to get some f*ing help and stay the f*ck away from my little brothers and his friends. There’s more to life than just dick!

  70. Blake says

    lol clutch those pearls honey! a little harder and they’ll be diamonds soon! lol. you kooky nutbag.

  71. troschne says

    Mark, I apologize for my harsh reaction to your post–I took it personally, which I shouldn’t have–I realized that after I received your e-mail.

    How about this, guys–let’s bask in the hope that the next four (and hopefully, eight) years will be better than the last eight. What a mayor from a medium-sized city did/didn’t do is really pretty small, compared to what this country (or cunt…tree, as Aretha and her hat would have us believe!) has ahead of it, and we all need to focus on that! Happy Wednesday to everyone!!

  72. mcQLA says

    I knew this really hot 13-year-old. And the chemistry was too hot to ignore. He was a total stud and the most stunning bootie you’ve ever seen. We were all over each other.

  73. Dana says

    Sam Adams is (or was) set to be a keynote speaker at PSU this week. The topic you ask? Oh of course…. ethics!

  74. mac says

    WOW the Mayor does have good taste!
    and who wouldnt Bone the Breederlove!!

    He looks to be in his late 20’s to early 30’s

    so, other than Breedlove’s (haha) number age, you cant say Adams is attracted to skinny underage twinkie treats that look like children.. gimmie a break

  75. DN says


  76. Genevieve says

    I could see it. They’re both cute, especially the Beau guy. And I also bet the Beau guy doesn’t think he was taken advantage of & doesn’t regret it. Who cares. Move on.

  77. t hartley says

    When I was 18 I LOVED my encounters wilth older men – they were sexy and taught me a lot of things I did not know. 18 year olds are horny and there’s not a big pool of casual sex we could find. How many of you went to gay bars when you were a teenager to cruise men? Where else could you go?

    Yes, the mayor lied.

    Yes, Beau is a hot piece.

    No, there’s nothing wrong with a man acknowledging he had sex with another man.

    Who cares what the straights think? Woody Allen married his step-daughter for chrisssakes! GOP Prez candidate Fred Thimson (of Law & Order) has a trophy wife. Why can’t a middle aged gay man have a trophy hunk?

    The last thing I’d have to say is that I’d enjoy an encounter with either the Mayor or Beau…

  78. Evan says

    Um WHO CARES?!

    This story has just told me about two adults having sex. big deal. in this country we are innocent until proven guilty. so until proof comes out that he was indeed 17 when they had sex, leave him alone. would you want someone reporting on every person you had sex with?

  79. says

    It’s elementary. We use the same yardstick to measure Gay politicians that we would use to measure any other politician.

    He needs to go and he should face an inquiry to find out whether any laws were broken. If he is guilty of breaking any law, he needs to go to jail.

  80. E from M says

    It’s strange: gays are up in arms when hetherosexuals find the idea of two men being sexually close repulsive, sick or worse, but then some of them are ready to moralize about a sexual relationship because of an age difference that they find “inacceptable” and perverted.

    Guess, now the gay community can understand the “hetherosexual community’s” moral point of view.

    I personally don’t expect other gays to “represent” me and I don’t expect a politician to represent me either. I judge a mayor on his work: I would bother if he lied about stealing money, not if he lied about his private love life, straight or gay. It’s still obviously not an easy task to talk openly about one own gayness.

    And I am so sick of this calling 17 or 18 olds “children”. Do the USA have children soldier like some African country??

    Anyway, every politician lies: were you believing Bush and the CIA when they said Saddam Hussein had mass destruction weapons? This lie had worse consequences for us all than the Lewinsky story.

    As an extra information: the mayor of Berlin, Germany is gay; the mayor of Paris, France is gay; the mayor of Hamburg, Germany is gay. And those are not small cities.

  81. neurot says

    I could care less with whom he had sex. The part of the story that is being glossed over is that he made the kid lie. And after the lies had been told, a reporter from a weekly Portland paper had been investigating, abruptly dropped the story and began working for the city in a job she was not qualified for. I would hope that the questionable ethics of these actions would be more forward in the story rather than the whole sex part of the story. Sex is not unethical.

  82. corey says

    Will this person be able to stay in office? I hope not, as many others in my Portland neighborhood feel. Lies, deception, inappropriate behavior and more…….how can he possibly stay in office? The liberal slant that permeates this town with reckless abandon, specializes in ways to allow absolutely poor decisions and conduct to continue. If anyone thinks this type of behavior is acceptable in our supposed leaders, you are condoning weak individuals, low morals and bad behavior as tolerable. Is that the type of message to send to the youth?

    He should apologize for his erroneous thinking and step down without the government spending even more money making the point by investigating him. Good bye Sam!

  83. MDG says

    as long as the Mayor was not dooing anything “ILLEGAL” and is doing a great job as Mayor who cares!!!!

    he was elected to be mayor if he is performing well, then his PERSONAL life is for him to deal with.

    “morals” are not for any of us to impose on another.

    as long as he does what he is paid to do. then I dont care.

    i dont care if all he does is lie about HIS personal private life..
    as long as it doesnt affect his be it

    all you “perfect” moral people who never lie and are saints should not even be on here.. go back to church and Pray and see what good it does.

  84. says

    I am so sick of the lateral hostility & judgmentalism in our community, having been an out political lesbian for almost 40 yrs. The political correctness changes through the years along with what we strive for and what we consider equal rights.
    What doesn’t change is the hostility towards those who work hardest for us as leaders, WHY MUST WE EAT OUR OWN??!!

    Sam while City Commissioner had a consensual relationship with another adult male who was NOT his intern but one in the State Legislature. Period. IT IS NO ONE’S BUSINESS WHAT HE DOES IN HIS PERSONAL LIFE.
    Sam was just out of an 11 yr relationship, single. Maybe he didn’t make the best choice for politics but I believe they cared about each other and it didn’t work out. Then Beau got into a 2 yr relationship with another man some 20 years older. NONE OF THIS IS OUR/YOUR BUSINESS! But the homophobic & church lady responses fly unabated without any verification.

    I have been hit on so many times through the years by younger women, 2 of whom I had relationships with (14 yrs difference). WHO CARES???

    As I came out as a political lesbian in 1968-69 we wanted to smash both marriage & monogamy as a hetero construct.
    Today it’s ALL gay marriage (to the detriment of other issues, often) and sex negativity. Quite a progression. And whichever year it is, most of us judge EVERYONE by that month’s values.

    And Bob Ball was a neophyte political rival and real estate developer who hoped to become mayor with NO governmental experience (or political smarts or ethics) by publicly branding Sam (the leading candidate with years of experience and vision) as a pedophile long after the consensual relationship had ended. Did he ask Sam or Beau about this? NO.

    Sam lied. Most would in his position. He should’ve said none of your business but his enemies wouldn’t have let it go. And of course they never did.

    Clinton was not convicted and never should’ve been charged. Did you or Sam’s persecutors support his impeachment? I did not, and I certainly don’t support crucifying Sam.

    We need Sam to continue his fine job as our mayor, and we need to get our panties untwisted and stand by him.

  85. corey says

    Attention! He lied! He lied repeatedly and coerced the kid to help him lie. Dishonest, intentionally manipulative and not acceptable. It is not the actual act. It is everything surrounding the coverup. Anyone care about what type of leader their city has? Is this the message you want to sent out to other cities also? I think not!!

  86. MDG says

    YAY MILLYNN I’m glad someone with some clout behind them supports Mayor Adams. I couldnt agree more with what your saying.

    My Boyfriend (22) is planning a political career. the only challenges he faces so far are his age and my age (35) we have been together 4 years and going strong!

    I told him i would disappear ou of the picture if he felt it would further his goals.

    of course him being the perfect boyfriend wants to be open about everything and have me at his side. ( I soo love you DCS)
    Kisss hugggs im’ truly lucky!

    hang in there Mayor Adams!!

  87. MDG says

    o BTW if Mayor Adams supports tolling our bridges, making and already miserable trip down town even worse..
    Ill have to re-consider my support and contributions.. hehe

    and if a millage tax ever happens,
    WA state will have a new resident. *wink*

  88. glennmcgahee says

    Question. How did this all come out? Who gave this information to the press? Who knew about it other than Adams and Breedlove? Were they open about it at the time? My feeling has to do with the fact that this young man was employed, a staffer. For me, thats the problem.

  89. james says

    Besides hot sex, what does the mayor get from this? These hot young guys want a place to stay, someone to appreciate them beyond the muscles and the cute young face. What does the mayor get back? Does the risk excite him? Or is he one who actually thinks that the unformed youth is going to morph into a life partner? These do end with drama, always. Oh the shock of finding in your honey’s browser history. We keep a few friends for the sure purpose a seeing this show once every few months.

  90. NU2CITY says

    I respect all comments except TODD AND JOEY BENNETT-DALLMAN.
    The only thing that would make sense to all of us is if you admitted your an idiot. We all know it, but it would be cool to have you say it. Get a hobby besides spamming all over the internet. You are what people DO NOT want to hear from. Find a different hobby maybe staying of the internet and keeping your mouth shut.

  91. Demon says

    The fact that the young man was an intern definitely shows bad judgement. Other than that, I don’t see where it’s anyone’s business. Two consenting adults.

    I do feel bad for the gay community. The right wingers have got to be living this.

  92. Mister CE says

    I am happy for everyone – gay, straight, young and old. Everyone should accept the relationship as valid and legal. Gay relationships is a life style choice that should be taught in our schools. Its already presented in childrens books in Portland publiv librarys along with books on farting.

  93. Jennifer Howell says

    I want the readers of this publication to know that tonight hundreds of people attended a rally in support of Sam Adams, with little notice given, right at the end of the workday. For every one of us who was there, I’m sure there were at least 10 others who also support Sam Adams as our Mayor.

    Sam Adams made a mistake in lying about his relationship, but it shouldn’t have been asked about in the first place. In this homophobic, sexphobic culture I don’t blame him for lying.

    For the 500 people at the support rally there were about 5-10 people against Adams. Most of them were Jesus freaks who clearly wouldn’t support Adams under any circumstance.

    The energy “against” Adams has mostly been a media construction, of giving “equal time” to yahoos who don’t like our mayor to begin with.

    I love and support my gay mayor and I think it will be much better for our city and for the gay community at large, if we keep Adams in office and allow him to continue doing the great work he does for Portland.

    We didn’t impeach Clinton. We didn’t impeach BUSH, who actually lied about things that caused MASS DEATH. We sure as hell shouldn’t ask Adams to resign.

    – Jennifer Howell, Portland citizen

  94. Greg Saunders, Portland Citizen says

    Sam Adams DID NOT break any laws! Also, Sam was not under oath when he answered the questions regarding his PERSONAL LIFE. Geeesh people. Did you vote to appoint Mr. Adams as Portland’s Mayor based on his sex life or lack-of? OR DID WE APPOINT HIM TO RUN THE CITY COUNCIL? UGH…WAKE UP. LET HIM DO HIS JOB AND GET OUT OF HIS BEDROOM!

    If you didn’t know already…this Beau Breedlove HIMSELF said the following about Sam Adams:

    “Sam Adams has always been a positive influence and friend to me. He has many outstanding qualities to bring to his position as Mayor of the City of Portland and I wish nothing but the best for him. I hope this subject can ultimately be put to rest and I sincerely believe in Sam Adams and what he can do for the city of Portland as Mayor”.

    So let it rest!!!


  95. Mike Hunter says

    Newsflash !
    Sam Adams is no longer Mayor of Portland.
    He is now Dictator of Portland.

    When asked his thoughts of this, An 18 year old man stated
    “This is how it ought to be, Sam’s dictate good”

  96. Seth_PDX says

    UPDATE, Beax Breedlove did an interview with “The Oregonian,” where he states that he and Sam Adams kissed twice before Breedlove was 18, and then had sex two weeks after he was 18.

    Both kisses were after Sam Adams was told by Breedlove that he was still 17, and one lasted a minute in the city hall bathroom at a party.

    Yes, I am another gay Portlander
    horrified by this situation. I was thrilled with Sam was elected.
    Now he cannot resign soon enough,
    and the local gay newspaper agrees:


    …Why did Just Out make such a quick decision in calling for the mayor to resign?
    Because, following Adams’ press conference Jan. 20, it was evident that he had been caught in his own complex and calculated series of lies.
    Let’s be clear: These were not “Who ate the last cookie?” type of lies.
    These were manipulative lies intended to deceive every citizen of Portland.
    The desire to be elected mayor was so great that Adams was
    willing to compromise his integrity and his values in the pursuit of the goal.

    There are many who view this as a matter of privacy and the right for everyone, including Adams, to have a personal and private sex life. Everyone does have this right. And Adams had the right to make that clear in September 2007 when called into accountability. He chose a different path. The path chosen led him to where he is today.


    Sam, resign.
    Don’t put Portland through six months of this distraction
    from the work that needs to be done.
    Regain some of your dignity.
    You didn’t do the right thing when you started going on dates with someone underage. And, let’s be really honest, you didn’t do the ethical thing having a sexual relationship with him after he was of legal age. Waiting a few months might have made the relationship legal, but it was still inappropriate, which you yourself have stated.
    You didn’t do the right thing when you chose to lie and lie and lie to your electorate.
    You didn’t do the right thing when you asked Beax Breedlove to lie for you.

    Do the right thing now: resign.

  97. justmeee says

    Does anybody have any body fotos of Sam Adams so that we can decide if Beau was fucking him out of lust or out of lust for power???

  98. johnnyboy1989 says

    I’m amused by some of the typical Brit posters ridiculing ALL 300 plus million Americans because of course we all think and act alike, unlike the Euros and Brits LOL.Much of America’s so-called puritanical attitude is simply left-over from America’s original British evangelical protestant settlers…oh, the irony of being mocked by, of all people, a Brit LOL!

    I have zero problem with 2 consenting adults of any age singing kumbaya; I do think it’s un-professional and un-ethical to to bang a dude/chick when there’s a power imbalance, especially employee/employer , even worse involving public service. Silly drama, if nothing else, is bad for morale and business.

    The City of Boston back in the late 70’s-80’s had a long-time corrupt mayor and city hall. During this time, the mayor was frequently out of town, in which time his deputy mayor was the boss; this deputy mayor was a closeted gay man, but people in the know where aware of his tendencies. This deputy mayor for YEARS had a 20 something male bartender/hustler on the city payroll with a classic,no-show job. It eventually came out, and the former deputy mayor served some time, but as I recall (I was in grammar, then H.S., at the time) no big public deal was ever made out of it, and I’d say what he did was far more egregious than Mr. Adams.

    People mention Congressman Studds (who represented a real blue collar fisherman area on the south coast) and he remained very popular even after the paige(sic?) came out….he delivered the bacon from Washington and did a excellent job…B. Frank represents primarily well off suburban area of Boston and gets easily re-elected. I don’t know what to say, there must be something in the water here, but most people just don’t care about sex scandals the way places like say Oklahoma do…even gay marriage is frankly rarely talked about.

  99. Donald says

    Don’t miss the point. This was a man in a position of authority and power, taking advantage of a young intern. He then blatantly lied about it when questioned directly about the facts. He appears to be guilty of harassment AND lying to the public. Bill Clinton got away with it, so why not this guy? Maybe the gay so-called community should look at themselves, look at the ageism amongst gay men, and wonder about how this happened. He’s just one more typical gay man.

  100. pgm says

    On Breedlove gives an interview in which he DOES say when Sammy boy kissed him in the restroom at age 17 he got sexualy excited which by Oregon State Law could land Sam in jail.

    Looks like Sam also ignored the ethics code of those in high office.

  101. Lewis says

    What’s the big deal? It is that kind of mentality that has kept sex a taboo for so long – the same mentality that has kept us like underdogs. To the person that called this mayor a child molester only because he was 17: age is just a number Don’t you remember when you were that age? At what age did you start becoming sexually active (this include masturbation). Also, they didn’t do anything until he was 18. If you were in Europe, would you still think that way? It bugs me so much that people in our community can be so judgemental.

  102. buffalo says

    PDX mayor is just another belonging to the LGBT (people too incompetent to understand basic plumbing & nature concepts) It’s ok, we’ll let you think you’re going somewhere while those of us who understand the basic concept of plumbing breed you out of existence (Darwin’s Law)

  103. reidh says

    We (men) know what men are like, in general, flying fuck at a “rolling donuts” etc. So how bad are men whose soul basis for their lifestyle is their sexuality. GaGa