1. sparks says

    Seems like a nice enough guy, but I’m not familiar with his politics beyond the fact that he’s openly gay.

    On that single note, however, I’m very happy to say: Way to go Portland and congratulations Sam!!

  2. says

    Sam Adams lives in my North Portland (NoPo)neighborhood in a regular working class bungalow. I occasionally get to say hello to him on dog walks. It is true that his being gay was a total non-issue during the campaign, by Sam or the other canidates.
    Also in my neighborhood- Kenton, lives Tina Kotek who is an open lesbian state represenative & one of the most powerful people in the State House. Oregon also elected a bi-sexual Secreatary of State & a trangendered mayor of Silverton.
    Portland has no ‘gay ghetto” like The Castro or Chelsea… we are all over the city!

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    WOW HOLY GHEEEZUZ he supports the Constitution of the State of Oregon which denies him the civil rights that hetero Oregonians enjoy! It’s a catch 22 and I’ll look forward to seeing how he deals with his denial of Civil Equality and doing his Job of Maintaining that denial of Civil Rights. It’s a good day for Portland and Gay Americans and Portland is a lovely city too.

  4. cbc says

    Stop with the abbreviations of neighborhoods. Its just North Portland, NoPo, WeHo, SoWa. It seems every city is trying to have their own “SoHo.” It is incredibly lame.

  5. JohnnyP says

    meh @ CBC. I used to live in NePo than moved to EaVa but all I really gotta say is: GO SAM ADAMS!

  6. B.J. says

    Portland doesn’t really have a gay ghetto, it’s true, but, there is an unusually high concentration of homos in the gentrified Pearl District. I agree though that the NoPo WeHo SoHo thing is really annoying.

  7. Timmy says

    I hate it when people comment about other comments, it just makes me have to read extra crap. Oh wait! Did I just comment on other comments? My bad.

    Congrats Sam!

  8. Splash says

    Regarding Portland neighborhood names, the Pearl District is also known as the Pearl Cream District, if you get the drift.