1. Anonymous says

    Even though this might be a little “cheesy,” plan to watch. It’s an important message to get out. This is why is it so important to be “out” to be a role model for young people — that you can be gay have a “normal,” happy, successful life.

  2. Cj says

    I’ll definitely be tuning in, it appears to be a great movie… and I love Sigourney Weaver, such a talented yet underrated actress. If you want to see a powerful film with Sigourney Weaver, watch 1994’s “Death and the Maiden”, co-starring Ben Kingsley.

    Terrific actress, terrific person who has done much politically to in her personal life…

  3. Marty says

    The Hollywood Reporter – of all show biz publications! – refers to being a gay teenager as a “lifestyle”??? A pox on whoever made such a semantic choice!

  4. Craig says

    This book was really instrumental in helping me and my parents. I almost did a thesis on it in Grad School.
    Not sure I’ll be able to watch, as it hits too close to home. I have hope that it may change hearts and minds, like it did in my family.

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    Almost as sad as his death is the death of the idea that making films about real emotion and tragedy ABOUT AIDS/GAYS is NOT “manipulative” or “cheesy.” The same asshole critics would jack off all day to any film about 9/11 or the Holocaust.

    The ENDING is not sad. It is triumphant and redemptive as a mother realizes what she’s done, what RELIGION did, and becomes a activist for people like her son….even that tireless defender of the Pseudo Jesus, Elizabeth Hasselback, didn’t dare mumble a discouraging word when Weaver was on “The View” this week.

    Go to for events related to the film around the country this weekend, including one in LA with Sigourney herself, and one in DC with the HOT actor from “Guiding Light” who plays Bobby’s boyfriend.

    Even if you don’t/can’t watch, write Lifetime and THANK THEM, and write the Hollywood Reporter and tell them you don’t have a “lifestyle” you have A LIFE!!!!!

  6. ryan says

    i simultaneously cant wait to see this and am also dreading it. the book is amazing but also completely devastating and im sure the movie will be the same. eveyone with gay kids should have to read this book.

  7. anon says

    While the book may have been groundbreaking ten years ago, so much has happened since that I don’t think the term applies to the TV movie. Needless to say, it’s still worth watching though.

  8. Patrick says

    I just finished watching this. I think it really has something very strong to say to a large portion of the American population, i.e. the evangelicals and fundmentalists. Watching it hit a little too close to home, as Bobby Griffin’s story reminded me a little too much of my own. Sigourney Weaver’s performance is moving, the film is remarkably good for a made-for-TV Lifetime movie.

    Maybe I can get my parents to watch it…

  9. troschne says

    I watched it, as well, and I didn’t think it was cheesey at all–it’s a true frigging story, guys. Yeah–kind of a downer, but when you consider the whole story in context, at that time it actually took place, the end is VERY uplifting! Don’t watch it, if you don’t want to, but you’ll be missing out.

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