Rearview Mirror: Last Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Wheel of Fortune spins forward: Gay man introduces his fiancé.
road.jpg Treasure trail: Matthew Mitcham medals with The Advocate.
road.jpg Australian media eyes relationship of Ian Thorpe and his “mate.” Thorpe: I’m not gay.
road.jpg Daniel Radcliffe: Yes, I am a fag hag.
road.jpg Joey Fatone to James Franco: was it hard to play…a homosexual?
road.jpg Grant Haas, New Life Church volunteer, launches sex, meth claims at Ted Haggard.
road.jpg Ted Haggard escort Mike Jones fumes in video; Haggard just keeps talking and talking.
road.jpg Haggard explanation: “I am a heterosexual with issues.”
road.jpg Marriage ‘Equality Summit’ held in L.A.; INTERVIEW with NCLR’s Kate Kendell.
road.jpg COURT: ‘Yes on 8′ donors must remain public.
road.jpg GLAAD announces nominees for 20th annual awards; President Neil Giuliano resigns.
road.jpg Sly Stallone: Shirtless and ripped at 62.
road.jpg You want a piece of me: David Beckham’s ass is a good luck charm.
road.jpg No common ground in Utah as first of five gay rights bills killed.
road.jpg Is this the ultimate British male?
road.jpg VIDEO: Cupcake dog, Streisand, Matt Alber, Huckabee, Ashton Kutcher, Segway fail.
road.jpg Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and his throne of naked men.
road.jpg Portland Mayor Sam Adams to return to work; won’t resign.
road.jpg Stunning panoramic photo of Obama’s inauguration.
road.jpg Pope embraces anti-gay Holocaust denier, launches YouTube channel.
road.jpg Grace Jones: My portraits watch me from the walls.
road.jpg Soulforce founder Mel White and son to compete in The Amazing Race.
road.jpg White House: Dybul out as AIDS coordinator, Rufus Gifford, Andy Tobias accept roles.
road.jpg Who outed Jason Wu? Perhaps RuPaul?
road.jpg Diesel Fashion: Tony Ward’s fist and Bulge TV.
road.jpg Gay bar ad: AFA steps up calls for boycott of Pepsi.
road.jpg MUSIC: Coachella, Pet Shop Boys, Kelly Clarkson, Franz Ferdinand.
road.jpg Ricky Martin and his twins walkin in a winter wonderland.
road.jpg VEGGIE PORN: Whoopi Goldberg mocks banned PETA ad, demonstrates sex with broccoli.
road.jpg Don’t look now but it’s the goatee saver!
road.jpg State Department employees send letter to Hillary Clinton asking for equality.
road.jpg Government tells Iraqis who erected statue to shoe thrown at Bush to take it down.
road.jpg Oh, deer: Caribou frozen solid and Google Street view accident.
road.jpg PLUS: Tennis players French kiss, Brandon Flowers, ZEN video games, Goya no more, Saddlebacking, confused Cardinal.

Posted January 31, 2009 at 3:21pm ETC by Andy Towle
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