Regent Media Merges with Planet Out, Assumes Majority Interest

Paul Colichman continues to add to his gay media holdings.

ColichmanThe Advocate reports:

“The combined company will be known as Here Media Inc, 80% of which will be owned by the owners of Regent Entertainment Media. In addition to here!, The Advocate, and Out, Regent Entertainment Media also publishes HIVPlus and Alyson Books. Its online presence includes,,,,, and PlanetOut runs two of the longest-established gay sites on the Web, and”

Said Colichman: “This business combination will unite a powerful broadband video solution with an iconic brand and a leading URL in the LGBT community. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to leverage this exceptional collection of assets to expand our audience, grow our revenues, and increase stockholder value.”


  1. says

    Under the terms of the deal, LGBT shareholders will receive a minimum of $4 per share in stock or cash, depending on how Here stock performs over the next four years.

    Which means that an original investor in LGBT’s IPO will end up losing no more than 96% of his original investment. Ahem.

    Have a nice merger…

  2. josh says

    so they own an HIV pos magazine and now a web site that enables the hooking up of barebackers? awesome. i’m sure the folks at here tv are proud to be working there.

  3. renogloryhole says

    What a bunch of bitter betty’s! Did you notice in the press release they say that the adult business is not going to be part of the new company? What gives?

  4. says

    I just read the news about Here Media Inc. and wanted to wish Paul and his team the best of luck.

    The gay consumer plays a major role in the US economy. The power of gay spending is one part of the culture wars which the conservative right cannot produce the genuine influence to support its sound and fury.

    I feel that one of the most frustrating marketing practices in American media is underestimating the relevance and value of LGBT media. Relevance is no longer an option, but an imperative. Since it’s a given that more LGBT people are using general market media today, it’s no wonder that the primary strategy for many marketers is to reach these consumers through general market media vehicles.

    Like the general market, LGBT consumers use a wide variety of media, but unlike the general market, they also embrace those LGBT media outlets that market to them directly.

    Studies have show that LGBT Americans are receptive to and influenced by targeted messages in LGBT media. For this reason alone, expanding Regent Entertainment Media to include the power of an established LGBT URL was a terrific move. A move that will not only benefit Regent Entertainment Media, but the entire LGBT community.

    Congratulations, Paul.

    William Kapfer
    VP/Publisher, Genre Magazine
    Co-President, Window Media

  5. marc says

    william – sorry for the disrespect, but what’s with the sucking up? isn’t genre about the only non-regent owned mainstream gay mag out there? are you trying to get bought out? honestly, send what you wrote to don’t post it on a blog.

  6. JodyFoster says

    Marc – It does sound big and hopefully will not fail.

    Very nice comment from William. It is hard to believe that professional respect is still alive and kicking in the gay world — I cannot say it is in the same in all the Dyke circles. HA HA HA

  7. CityGirlonFtrain says

    Marc – boo hoo to you for your comment. There are guys in the world who are just nice. sucking up usually means you want something, I don’t believe that william owns genre? If you knew him you would know that he is a nice guy to guys, girls – everyone. I met him at a genre party and he could not have been more sincere—and I am a woman! Have you ever read some of the stuff he writes?

    And you go Jody! I do take a bit offense when you say that “Dykes” don’t demonstrate professionalism. This is sort of irrational hatred, any assertions demonstrate that you do not speak for all “Dykes.” Ignorance is traditionally at the root of bad manners, not sexuality. There are just as many gay guys with bad manners, take Marc for example – and half of my friends….

    There is no point in maligning an entire group, the internal splintering in the GLBT community does no one any good.

    Please don’t get me wrong Jody, I agree that being a professional and celebrating other’s successes is a great thing, I am just saying that “Dykes” have the same capacity.

  8. RS says

    @Renogloryhole – Do you know for sure that the adult business won’t be included? The press release doesn’t seem to mention it one way or the other, but that seems to be standard procedure. Nothing was mentioned when Regent bought the print division from PlanetOut, but it was still included, just without fanfare.

  9. deegeeB says

    I wonder how many of the mainstream advertisers know the major porn connection the company really has. I received my free subscription to OUT when I was trying to hook-up with a trick on

  10. renogloryhole says

    In the sec filing they attached the memo to staff from Karen Magee, which reads in part: “As you will read in the press release, the transaction itself is fairly complex, but in essence, what we are doing is combining our business with Here and Regent’s cable network business, the publishing businesses they purchased from us (with the exception of Specialty Publications Inc.), and a motion picture studio business.” Its on edgar online.

  11. RS says

    @Renogloryhole – Thanks for the head’s up. I didn’t see the SEC filing, just the press release. Interesting. I wonder if there are plans afoot to sell it off elsewhere.

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