1. patrick nyc says

    JHT, William H Macy, he got his only Oscar Nom.

    Lucas, If Kennedy gets appointed it will be with the Governor not having a cloud over his head and she’ll have all the paperwork in order, Burris does not.

    I hear good things about him, too bad Blogojevich put him in this spot.

  2. Tony says

    I’m really upset by this because, to my knowledge, Blago has not been formally indicted, and is a fully seated governor.

    Therefore, shouldn’t Burris be seated? Any constitutional lawyers around?

  3. noah says

    This is ridiculous. Blagojevich has not been impeached or indicted or convicted of any crime. Therefore, as the sitting governor of Illinois, Blagojevich can appoint a replacement senator.

    The Senate has no legal footing for rejecting Burris, who had a squeaky clean reputation while serving as Illinois comptroller and attorney general. There is no legal basis for denying Burris a seat.

    Even if Blago is indicted or impeached, there is no legal basis for the next governor of Illinois to choose another replacement senator.

    It’s sad that Reid decides to grow a spine after being a jelly-fish for years, allowing the Republicans to bully the Dems even in the last couple of years of a Dem majority.

    What will this get the Dems? A couple of days of PR brownie-points with Republicans?

  4. Keith says

    Actually, IL law requires that a Senator have both the Governor and the Secretary of State sign the appropriate documents that would allow him to be sworn in… He only had the Gov’s signature.

  5. Derrick from PHilly says

    It is politically wise for Obama and the Demcorats to reject Burris’ appointment. Everything is about politics right now–getting this huge stimulus package passed with some Republican Senate votes. Don’t give the Republicans any amunition to distract away from the urgency of pushing Obama’s economic policy.

    Unfortunately, to build a strong coalition reaching out to some Republicans… and some folks’ feelings are going to be hurt: Roland Burris’ followers welcome to the Rick Warren Effect.

    Now, let’s stop the foolishness and get on with the country’s business.

  6. Jimmyboyo says


    Yes and no. Burris is the senator wether anyone likes it or not. Too late too bad for reid though republican appointed investigator Fitzgerald is stalled on an indictment for just this reason. To allow Blagovich to seat someone and cause gleeful tittering for repubs over dem consternation.

    Anyway; Burris is not squeaky clean. Hubris though not criminal is a taint. This guys prideful beyond a pharaoh of old. Have you seen the mausoleum he had built for himself? he also named his children Roland and Rolanda. Naming 1 child after yourself is common but 2 is bordering on maniacal self centerdness.

    Burris past failures (5 ??) to win a primary brings up his ability to win in 2012.

    Burris arrogance is burning bridges with dems in the senate and to get anything done for Illinois let alone for himself requires networking in the senate. It is over glorified high school and he has now made himself the most unpopular dem amongst other dems (the majority)

    Though technical y the senator, he is 1 huge screw up.

    The best case scenario is for obama to offer him the ambassadorship in Nassau Bahamas. Kushy vacation job with enough prestige to appeal to Burris’ hubris. Blago gets indicted and the lt gov appoints somebody else.

  7. Lucas says

    Either they have the right to do this or they do not. The question is whether legally they have the right to refuse the governor’s appointment. I tend to agree that until charges are filed against him, they have no standing if the appointment follows procedure. If it does not, then that is a different story, but the political ramifications to Obama’s economic policy should have zero bearing on this at all. That’s as nasty an idea as selling the seat in the first place.

    My reference to Caroline was merely to show my distaste not only for her personally but for the idea that she will get a nod simply because of her pedigree. If anyone thinks she’s more qualified than the 9 others who have been mentioned as potential replacements, then they have not been paying attention. What is amusing to me is so many who want her were Obama supporters who thought the idea of another Clinton presidency was too “dynastic” for American politics…yet they can’t seem to help themselves when the last name is Kennedy.

    Not that I ever pretended to believe any of the numerous reasons for the Clinton haters, but that one seemed shared by most. No more Clintons! Fine, well then I say no more Kennedys either.

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    let me reiterate this part

    “Burris past failures (5 ??) to win a primary brings up his ability to win in 2012.”

    That is why repubs are very supportive of Burris. They are looking at winning the seat 2012

  9. Chapeau says

    Burris should have never accepted this appointment while a cloud hangs over Blago’s head.

    I think it is shameful that *anyone* has elevated and equated this controversy to race. Very simply put – if Burris had the best interest of Illinois’ citizens he would have done everything possible to work to ensure that whoever was nominated was clear from Blago’s taint!

    Burris is now covered in Blago’s taint!

  10. maryse8 says

    Well, Chapeau, I guess covered in or by someone’s “taint” wouldn’t be so bad. But covered in or by someone’s dick and or balls would be even better, don’t ya think?

  11. Lucas says

    Oh and also the Secretary of State for Illinois does not have to certify. It’s recommended but not required so there technically is no violation in procedure here. The Senate needs to seat him. Until Blago steps down or is indicted or removed, he is the Governor of Illinois. This circus in DC is embarrassing and is exactly why I have no doubts that the Democratic chokehold on the legislative branch will not be long-lived. We finally get control and because of the ineptitude of the Democratic leadership, Democrats will spend the next few years consistently embarrassing themselves. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean all need to go. And I’m sorry, but Tim Kaine is a yes man who will serve the DNC no better. The transparent hope of keeping Virginia blue by putting a Virginia politician in charge of the DNC (even though he is not from Virginia and is likely to be forgotten the day he leaves the Governor’s Mansion in Richmond) is lame. But let’s put a few more corrupt Illinois politicians and another Kennedy or two in there and see how much better it all gets.

  12. tofer david says

    interesting how the secretary of state in IL thinks he can veto the decision of his governor. i don’t care what blago did the IL SoS and democratic leadership are grossly out of order and they are going to cause more problems…blago is still governor and this is a democratic assault on democracry and i am a democrat.

  13. says

    How dare the Dem “leaders” deny this man his rightful seat in the Senate?!?

    The Blag hasn’t been convicted of anything. He is still the Governor with all that entails including the right to appoint whom he sees fit to serve as the Senator from Il.

    This man, Burris, has served his state with honor for a lot more years than a certain Pres Elect.

  14. nic says


    of course, you are correct. the sticky wicket in your statement is, ” [the BLAG has
    ] the right to appoint whom he sees fit.” up until now, though, his criterion for fitness has been who will pony up the most coin.

    the fact that burris is willing to accept this appointment under such unsavory circumstances does not bespeak good — niether for him, nor the dem party. curse gov helmet-head for putting the dems in a lose-lose situation.

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