News: Jennifer Hudson, Nike, Luke Macfarlane, Dorota, Syphilis

road.jpg Saving the elephants.

Macfarlaneroad.jpg Brothers and Sisters star Luke Macfarlane to flex his stage chops in The Jazz Age.

road.jpg Idol fail: Ryan Seacrest tries to high-five a blind contestant.

road.jpg Barack Obama dines with conservative members of the media: “As you may have heard, Barack Obama did some socializing in Maryland last night. His host: conservative columnist George Will, who brought out some of the biggest stars in the right-wing media establishment for dinner, wine, and restrained hostility collegial conversation. David Brooks was there, as were Charles Krauthammer, Larry Kudlow, Rich Lowry, and the always perspiring Bill Kristol.” Then, Obama meets with liberal members of the media: “The group included the Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson, the Wall Street Journal’s Gerry Seib, National Journal’s Ron Brownstein, the New York Times Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, among others.”

road.jpg Lance Bass debuts new hair: faux-hawk with racing stripes.

road.jpg Gay mayor of Nyack, NY and member of the Nyack 10, John Shields, won’t seek re-election. He’s also dropping his affiliation to the Democratic Party. Shields: “I don’t think either party is serving the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.”

Nikeroad.jpg Nike: Because ballet is so gay. UPDATE: It’s a student ad made without Nike’s involvement.

road.jpg Puerto Rico Civil Code shifting in committee: “…language that would have given same-sex couples access to all rights available to married heterosexual partners in Puerto Rico will be eliminated and, in exchange, they will only be given a few rights.”

road.jpg Proposition 8 kills gay ski week for Utah.

road.jpg Transgender activist murdered in Honduras.

road.jpg Carphone Warehouse customer referred to as “big gay” on his repair form.

road.jpg John Barrowman writing Torchwood comic strip.

road.jpg Sexually-transmitted disease rates soar: “Syphilis has increased each year since 2000 — its rate is up 81 percent — with gay and bisexual men representing 65 percent of cases, the CDC said. Douglas said many cases are occurring in HIV-positive men who are choosing other HIV-positive men as sexual partners. ‘Within that relationship, they are less concerned about the transmission of other conditions. They’re not using condoms. They believe that their partner already has got the worst they can get — they’ve got an HIV infection,’ he said.”

road.jpg Prominent Australian LGBT journalist Iain Clacher dies.

Roddickroad.jpg The shirtless tennis showcase begins in Melbourne.

road.jpg Jennifer Hudson to be in spotlight at Super Bowl.

road.jpg Dinners with Dubya: “Before I know it, I have a Heineken in hand, and the president of the United States has a ‘non-beer’ in his, and we begin an unscheduled tour of the White House residence. He continues to address me as Smitty, a name I haven’t been called since Little League.”

road.jpg Drunken Golden Globes guest approaches Brad Pitt to tell him he’s ugly.

road.jpg New category for trans- and homophobic attacks considered in Scottish parliament: “Creation of a new category of aggravated offence for attacks on gays, lesbians and transgender people would probably result in an initial increase in the number of reported offences, it was claimed yesterday. But they said proposed legislation would encourage more people to come forward and change the climate in the long-term.”

road.jpg Dorota, the beaten down maid of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, has her own Facebook page.


  1. Alex says

    Even if the Nike ad is a student project, it saddens me the student, his teachers, and CMYK magazine condoned the mysoginist sentiment of the ad.

    Because ballet dancers are not champions. That’s obvious. *eyeroll*

  2. Jeffrey says

    Update from GoodAsYou re: the Nike ad:

    “**NOTE, 5:00PM: It has been confirmed to be a student ad done without Nike’s involvement. So please ignore the snark lobbed in Nike’s direction. “

  3. says

    That Nike ad pissed me off a little until I read the story. I’m sure Nike has more than a few customers that would see nothing wrong with that ad.

    I seem to recall a football coach back in the 80’s incorporating ballet training into his team workouts.

    I know it may not LOOK manly, but it takes a lot of strength and flexibility to dance. Most footballers couldn’t do it.

    Has anyone ever seen a 200+ pound ballet dancer (is a male ballerina a ballerino?)

  4. DJ says

    In reference to that DAMN nike ad,student or not you know the dumb loser to come up with it was thought up by one of those dumbass drunken macho-pigheaded str8 college kids.Well I guess thats what 3 generations of inbreeding will do.I feel bad for the little child he and his skank will have.

  5. Rikard says

    Well, I guess the boycott is working, in favor of the mormons. As far as they are concerned getting the queers to steer clear of Utah is a good thing. Thanks so much for failing to contribute a progressive influence here. Does anyone happen to know how many hunderds of thousands of mormons live in California? If you want to blame mormons, fine, be specific and recognize the ones in your own neighborhood, start there. One more question, When does California take responsibility for the vote on Prop8 and stop blaming Utah?

  6. Austin says

    @Rikard: One more question, When does California take responsibility for the vote on Prop8 and stop blaming Utah?

    Um, when Utah stops swooping in and influencing California politics.

  7. Paul R says

    DJ, it was an art student, so it’s unlikely that he (or she) is particularly macho. It’s a confusing story, or a poorly done spoof.

    Rikard, yes we know how many Mormons live here. They donated and voted, so their numbers are clear. And they donated and voted the way they did because the followed the orders of the LDS leadership—in Utah. Utah also provided quite a lot of money to the Yes on 8 campaign. Good luck ever getting a progressive influence in Utah.

  8. rudy says

    I began taking Ballet as therapy for a sports injury and grew to love not only the artistry but the technical athletic skill it demanded. As a former Ballet Master, I always welcomed athletes in other sports into my classes. Real athletes instantly appreciated the strength, dedication, and raw athletic prowess that classical dance requires–and no grunting and sweating allowed! A male ballet dancer is called a “danseur,” exceopt in Italy where he is sometimes referred to as a “ballerino”. For pictures of one of the most beautiful and talented Danseurs Noble (highest rank) google Roberto Bolle.

  9. Bob R says

    I’d pay to see Luke McFarlane read the phone book. I think he is so incredibly handsome, talented, and my gut tells me he would just be a super friend and dynamic lover. What a beautiful smile, and those eyes… I’ll stop now. I’d certainly like to see a lot more of young Luke McFarlane on both screen and stage. I wish him much success and happiness.

  10. RP says

    Can we make it an official rule that any douche still sporting a faux-hawk can be smacked on site?

    It’s like the twisted cousin of that damn Tintin hair every gay boy had in the nineties (you know what I’m talking about… that overly gelled hair with the stupid flipped up bangs).

    Argh… or remember the Caesar?

    I’m going to start carrying portable clippers with me everywhere. I’ll be the bad hair vigilante! Who is with me?

  11. Jay says

    OMFG – I had the Tintin hair. It was the nineties and I was in the my late teens. But reading your account made me feel deep shame…

    So, yes, please carry the clippers. And I will slap every fauxhawk I see just to atone for my past sins…

  12. CJ says

    Daaamn, everyone’s a frackin’ critic eh? So some guy decides he wants to have fun with his hair, let him. He lived most of his life in the spotlight being groomed and told what to wear, so maybe he wants to explore some personal grooming freedom. Something tells me no matter what he did, blue hair, buzzed hair, you bitches are hard to please ;)…

  13. Alex says

    I think Lance Bass’s hair is fine save for the racing stripes.

    And as someone who gets his haircut in pseudo fauxhawk–my hair is that thick crazy Mediterranean kind and a cut similar to that actually gives my hair shape and texture it otherwise wouldn’t have–I find those blind assumptions about haircuts to be a bit much.

  14. ZTR says

    Um – You may want to edit this Dorota Facebook post, because whoever has that account just wrote some shockingly racist things about Obama on the Obama fan page and an “America Against Obama” page.

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