Soulforce Founder Mel White and Son to Compete in Amazing Race


Soulforce and Equality Ride co-founder and longtime gay activist Mel White will compete with his son screenwriter/actor/producer Mike White (who is bisexual) on the next season of The Amazing Race, AfterElton reports:

Amazingrace“Rev. Dr. White was once a ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell before coming out as gay and parting ways with the homophobic evangelical church. (His story is told in the documentary Friends of God and in his book Stranger at the Gate.) He is currently married to his husband, Soulforce co-head Gary Nixon. White’s son, Mike, is known for appearing in movies like the brilliantly unsettling Chuck & Buck (which he also wrote), School of Rock (which he also wrote), and The Good Girl (which he wrote). He also wrote and directed Year of the Dog (starring Molly Shannon) and was one of the forces behind the shortly-lived fan fave series Freaks & Geeks (in which he also briefly appeared).”

Last June, Towleroad posted an exclusive report on White’s marriage to Soulforce and Equality Ride co-founder Gary Nixon in Pasadena. The couple has been together for 28 years.

We wish White and his son the best of luck!

Soulfource founder Rev. Dr. Mel White and son Mike White compete in “The Amazing Race” 14 [afterelton]


  1. Paul R says

    Wow. I had no idea those two were related, or that the son is bi (not that I’m especially excited about the latter bit of news, though I loved Chuck & Buck).

  2. Mike says

    Mel White is such a good man and has done so much to promote a more intimate look into the gay community, for both secular society and the faith based world alike. I was very fortunate to know both Mel and Gary during my coming out years, and they stood as very compassionate and courageous role models, steadfast in their committment to making the world a better place for us all. Mel and Mike (should they survive a few episodes) are sure to educate through each leg of the race, offering seldom seen dynamics (gay father/ bi-son; Christian)that exist in the gay community but rarely benefit from the illuminating light of the media.

  3. Yeek says

    It’ll only be worthwhile if they are physically strong and can compete. I have a hunch they’ll blather on about spirituality and acceptance and love and get totally trounced by the other teams. They’ll just look like gay versions of Ned Flanders.

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