1. nic says

    i say this without a hint of irony or satire. if they want to strip another person of her/his dignity with a wanton disregard for his/her humanity, fuck them. put them away, keep them isolated from decent society.

    i am sick and tired of thugs destroying productive lives. enough is enough! i do not want to hear about extenuating circumstances. i do not want to hear about how a teen brain isn’t developed enough to know bad from good. bull-shit! when i was 13, fuck it, when i was 7 or 5, i knew that you should not hurt another being.

    another post on this site talks about a young man who works for animal rights who was randomly attacked by a piece of shit who apparently doesn’t have much to do in his life but to commit violence. well, i want to protect the rights of people who are doing good. fuck the ones who want to tear down.

  2. Ed says

    The Bay Area is a very strange place with glaring and hypocritical aspects to the various cities that make it up. Richmond is an absolute mess where violence is often a daily reality. I’m not surprised this happened here. Just deeply saddened.

    Best wishes to all victims everywhere.

  3. John J. Nazarian P.I. says

    If what is being said is true, only a very special justice would be appropriate for these thugs. I can remember when I was a prison guard at CIW, we had an inmate doing time for giving ‘justice’ her way. One of her family members was attacked and raped and she hunted the perp down and cut his penis off and stuffed it into his oral cavity. Now I am not saying that this should be the case her. However it is an interesting story, is it not.
    I and my staff wish this young lady all the best and hope for a speedy recovery, if that will ever be possible.
    John J. Nazarian, P.I. Beverly Hills, Calif.

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