1. Paul R says

    I’m sorry if Mr. Jones has received unfair treatment, and I appreciate him having outed Haggard. But his melodrama in this video is almost unwatchable.

  2. Jay says

    See, this is why YouTube gets a bad rap. The point Mike Jones seems to have miss is that when you sell your body for sex you run the risk of being called a whore. And when you smother yourself in a long-expired fifteen minutes of fame, you’re just proving the name-callers right.

  3. patrick nyc says

    Too funny. He should hook up with the blond bimbo Trisca Walsh-Smith, who was thrown out of her apartment by the Broadway producer. Close tie for drama queen of the year.

    Love the line ‘In Denver, I have been spit on, I’ve been yelled at, I’ve been called just a whore.’

    Ummm, Mr Jones, you are a whore.

    Not that there is anything wrong with the profession, but he acts like they are judging him when he got himself into this all by himself. Plus his delusion that Taggard’s Church owes him anything is beyond funny.

    Get a life, your fifteen minutes was up a long time ago.

  4. Kyle says

    Well, other than making snarky comments against other gay folk, what have you done?

    At least Jones told the truth, which seems to have been further proven by the latest revelations. I respect him for that alone.

  5. says

    “What have I done to make a difference in this world?”

    Let’s see; I make a difference by being out and visible to my entire life.

    I make a difference by encouraging, loving and supporting others to be the same.

    I make a difference by being honest and not hiding my life or my means behind closed doors.

    I make a difference by choosing not to sell my butt hole and cock to closet cases who publicly rail against all I stand for until the money runs out.

    I like the differences I’ve made more than his.

    One thing that society has proven is; everyone is a whore. We all have sold our souls at one time or another to get ahead, and we all have our price. It’s the principle and the practice that determines how much of a whore we really are. Some folks chose to do it laying down (literally), others whore to move up. One is no better than any other.

    But don’t be a hypocrite and hide in denial or cry when you’re called on the carpet for it.

  6. Ed says

    I’m not sure why Mike Jones wasn’t offered any support from GLBT organizations. Perhaps he was politically feasible for them.

    Yes this vid is histrionic in a sense but I get the feeling that the news cycle current vindication isn’t exactly welcomed relief. I saw him read from his book a couple of years back in SF and he really seemed destroyed and not doing well financially (not a fact, just an opinion).

    Is being a whore something that GLBT community no longer wants to associate with? That would be quite ironic and foolish if it were so. If we care for each other at all like we like to purport, then it doesn’t matter what your opinions of the person’s lifestyle is.

    I feel for this man but in all honesty the GLBT community does owe him a debt of gratitude. His outing is still one of the biggest stories of the decade. It was also one of the most important public recognitions of a major religion’s hypocrisies. Nevermind, that he helped to spare vulnerable congregants…

  7. Kyle says

    Why the judgment against whores/prostitutes/rent boys? It’s certainly not a life for me (I, sadly, would likely go broke), but if that is the way he chooses to make his living, it’s none of my business. I don’t see any reason for his being treated the way he has been treated, except that folks seem to disqualify anything he says because he is a prostitute. That seems perilously close to his being judged because of who he sleeps with. Aren’t we supposed to be against that kind of judgment?

  8. alguien says

    i’d say that mike jones’ expose of rev. wright just before the 2006 election (along w/ the mark foley scandal) helped bring the GOP to its knees (no pun intended) and we have THAT to thank him for.

  9. elg says

    It’s interesting that so many gay men on this website take a ‘live and let live’ approach to the Sam Adams situation but think that Mike Jones is a “whore” who should crawl into a hole and die. Talk about contradictions!

  10. Stick says

    As I read through these comments, I am surprised and disturbed by the cynicism and self-righteousness of my gay brethren. Are there no liberals out there? Need I remind you that as gay men we are a group which has been condemned (unjustly) for hundreds of years for our immorality? It seems there is a lot of stone-throwing going on here.

  11. mikey says

    well said Kyle…

    a whore is a whore…straight or gay…we shouldn’t be expected to give them the respect they desire…the entire whore/politician/hyprocrit lifestyle exist only due to our need for gossip…but at the end of the day, he’s still just a whore

  12. dc8stretch says

    Hey Rad. Beautiful comment! You truly know how to make a difference in this world-and that is how to do it. I hope everyone reads your comment.

  13. Jose says

    As tragic and unintentionally hilarious as this video was, I do think it was somewhat brave for Jones to do what he did against Haggard. And while the response was what I would expect from both left and right wingers if a whore exposed his/her john, I do feel somewhat bad for Jones. He really did do the world a favour by exposing Haggard although he did it for all the wrong reasons. Poor thing needs to move on with his life. Haggard is and always will be gay gay gay so any new revelations about him sticking it to an intern or page or pizza boy should not be met with any surprise.

  14. Wheezy says

    Wow, judgmental much, folks? He could have kept his mouth shut and kept raking in the money, but instead he ruined his livelihood to “out” a hypocrite who ruined plenty of lives spouting anti-gay lies and running an ex-gay program. If I found I’d had sex with one of these Jeebus-Freak Republican Liars I’d never come out after seeing how Mike Jones is insulted, ostracized, and demonized. I’d keep my mouth shut and let them keep running Ex-Gay brainwashing camps, funding anti-gay propositions, and preaching gay hate, because I know my “brother/sister” LBGT would never support me or even treat me with any kind of respect. There’s no point in being a whistle blower.

  15. Ekay says

    I agree wholeheartedly with RAD.

    I support his call to bring the community together. Not only do we let media and other outside sources divide us, but we divide our own community by casting such judgments on one another. We need to come together in the struggle for equality.


    Mike chose life. God bless him.

  16. A New Life Church Member says

    Hello, Mike Jones…on behalf of New Life Church – “i am sorry, so sorry!” Although i have just come to know the full or the somewhat full story of the “others” you speak of. i have been moved by what you have shared and feel only compassion and love for you. i am so sorry for what my church has done to hurt you! i can see in your eyes the wounding and it truly makes my heart sad. Although i am a nobody in New Life, i wanted you to know that for those who will not say it, i will. WE ARE SORRY, Please forgive our insensitive and wrong actions. There is no excuse. When you think of New Life Church – do think of me and know that there are members that love you and appreciate the price you have paid. You are a treasure!! sarah of New Life Church

  17. ROB says

    Enough with the gay judgemental crap. So much snark in the community. These posts blow my mind. Jones outed a hate-mongering bigot and what does he get? A bunch of snarky boys calling him out for escorting. Oh yeah, I forgot about the gay hierarchy. White muscle boys somewhere at the top with rent boys, TGs and cross dressers way down the line. Pull it together people. Enough!

  18. GOWEST says

    Mike, these posts tell us a lot about ourselves and almost nothing about you. Lift your head and don’t look back. You’re entitled to amend your life without our approval or permission. There’s lots you haven’t seen yet and people who are waiting for someone like you to walk through the door. You didn’t just make a difference. You changed the course of history.

  19. says

    This is a really tough call for me because I feel as if the most important service I offer is a private place where a man can feel free to express his most private self, regardless of his public face. When his private desire is poles apart from his public face, for whatever reason, my discretion is even more valuable, both in comfort to him and cash to me. It’s part of the contract, and it would be unethical to out a client, regardless of how hateful.
    As far as all the comments hating on whores, thanks to all who defend us, but we reality based prostitutes know it comes with the territory. I’ll get a job at the DMV when it gets too much for me. Though I’ve been doing this 28 years, so maybe they won’t want me. lol.

  20. deang says

    He’s right about the gay community, especially since I assume he means the gay white male community specifically. A more catty, sniping bunch of people I have yet to encounter.

  21. Alicia says

    Ok, I’m not gay, a woman, a Born-Again Christian. I’m surprised by how little sympathy you’re showing for Mike. He may not be a believer himself but the hypocrisy is mind-boggling. It’s not just a pastor being a closet gay, but after talking out against it. And the church is supposed to be loving the sinner while hating the sin. Mike is right to be outraged by how the church treated him and they DO owe him a lot. If they are, indeed, the church of Jesus, then they should ask anyone who’s been molested by Haggard to come to them, get free counseling and whatever else would be appropriate. The church should come clean, not pay hush money. And the SOB Haggard has now started another church. The Bible says God will start His judgement in His church and, boy, do we deserve it.