Towleroad Guide to the Tube #421

MIKE HUCKABEE: Hosts Matthew Staver of the anti-gay Liberty Council to discuss Obama’s civil rights agenda. GoodAsYou does a good job of breaking it down here.

RICHARD COHEN: “Ex-gay” Richard Cohen describes his theory of sexuality with magnets.

GEORGE H.W. BUSH: On ugly women and their wombs. Clinton: “He tells jokes that I just couldn’t get away with telling.”

LIZA MINNELLI: Takes her show to The View.


  1. realitythink says

    This whole Clinton/Bush 41 thing is really getting on my nerves. Bill needs to get over his Daddy complex and step away from that evil man who spawned a war criminal.

  2. voodoolock says

    that ex-gay guy is just plain annoying and his argument serves as further proof that sexual orientation and gender identification are separate animals. the degree of masculinity or femininity that we each experience in our identities has nothing to do with who we desire or love.

    sorry, i couldn’t stomach watching the whole thing.

  3. Jeff says

    Ok…I’ll say it.

    Liza looked and sounded great. So glad to see she’s straightened things out in her life. I was afraid she was heading down the same road as her momma.

  4. Um... says

    If Liza’s singing voice was coming out of anyone else, we would be yelling a collective “WTF?!” It is only because it is “Liza with a Z” that she gets props that are not deserved. I think she is a great “performer” (campy, funny, kooky, etc), but her singing is nowhere near “great,” even for someone of her age.

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