1. CK says

    Good, so our letters worked… pity though, Mr. Kleiner, that the ads were not aired at the appropriate time. As John Ireland said, there was a reason for airing them when requested, and the effectiveness of that time has passed… I hope KABC works REALLY hard to regain gay people’s trust.

    Gay citizens in CA have had enough mud slung at them over the last couple of months, so anyone who values gay clients had better do right by us all, cos we are tired of being taken for granted. We have options to take our business elsewhere, and we WILL exercise that!

  2. Randalf says

    It is interesting that all kinds of “miscommunication” takes place at the most important times. HBO, the Obama transition team and ABC. Maybe it is their forked tongues that cause what becomes a missed communication.

  3. Arthur says

    A rerun of Extreme Makeover is not remotely high profile, particularly when compared to the inaugural, which was the point of the ad to begin with. One hopes they are getting a significant refund – was this so called anti advocacy policy in place when they accepted the money to run the ad? I’m not impressed by KABC’s excuses or their efforts to stop the bad PR.

  4. dhard says

    You know… the Superbowl is on this Sunday. I’d say that would be a good opportunity to fix this. It might actually be watched by the people that this kind of message is aimed at.

  5. Greg says

    Too little too late. Goodbye “Desperate Housewives”. No more ABC for myself or my friends/family. You shoot yourself in the foot, you live a long time with the wound. No pathetic after the fact apology will bring us back.

  6. roger says

    I agree you with Arthur. Funny how there was a miscommunication for the choice time slot, but now that KABC has reviewed their finances, they are ready to take the Gay dollar. We should get a discount rate!

  7. Brad Willis says

    I know John Ireland, and in fact spoke with him about this issue at the Equality Summit in Los Angeles over the weekend. John seemed to believe KABC’s explanation was genuine. Apparently, the denial did not come from the head of the station, but from a lower level employee. And the station is going to give a few choice time slots. My understanding was that some of the time slots were going to be offered for free.

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