1. Atagahi says

    A clarification:

    If the California FFPC finds the Mormon Church guilty of violating its non-profit status in the Prop 8 campaign, the Mormon Church would only lose its non-profit status in the State of California, not nationwide.

    Only a finding by the IRS or a court that the Mormon Church violated its non-profit status would eliminate the church’s federal non-profit status across the U.S. (i.e. it would have to pay federal taxes and report income to the federal government like other corporations).

    While I don’t believe it would be binding on the individual states, to eliminate non-profit status within each state after the Mormon Church lost its national non-profit status, it would be difficult, if not nearly impossible, for the Mormon Church to retain its non-profit status within each state.

  2. says

    NEVER gonna happen!

    While the church (any of them) have no qualms about sticking their fucking noses into the government and everyone else’s business, the governent is loathe to protect the populace from the churches.

    Religion – THE root of all Evil.

  3. peterparker says

    My understanding is that churches can participate in the political process all they want, advocating any position they choose, encouraging their members to vote certain ways on ISSUES so long as they don’t endorse a particular person for a particular office. So, unfortunately, I doubt they’ll lose their tax exempt status.

  4. gregorybrown says

    The LDS church has been secretive and occasionally shifty in relation to “Gentiles” (as they call non-Mormons) since its establishment. That led to legal and extra-legal responses which can be, in some instances, be truly characterized as persecution. But the leadership has always been quick to respond in kind, whether by literal Blood Atonement or more indirect methods. The past half century has seen a focused effort to make the LDS appear to be a mainstream Christian denomination rather than a Gnostic heretical sect or cult. This recent under-the-radar and sneaky interference in other people’s rights is typical.
    The Mormon individuals I have met (including some cousins) have been neither better nor worse than most folks, albeit a bit smug. I have no problem with them, only with the corporate monster that tells them what to do with firm assurance that they will do it.

  5. says

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve heard for a while about this alleged video that offers PROOF that the Mormon church bank-rolled prop 8. Finally, it’s been leaked, and it offers VERY damning evidence.
    No group that acts as a political action committee should be tax-exempt- including churches.

  6. TANK says

    I thought that was a the magic kingdom, but alas, it’s bowser’s palace. Save the princess, Mario!

    Mormonism is hilarious and repulsively unethical and disgusting at the same time… Ya know how people say things like “all the fairytales are equal”…well, that’s true…in terms of evidence and plausibility…it’s just that there is a difference between scientology and mormonism and other faiths… and it’s the underwear mormons wear.

    May PASTA crush them and take their prized tax exemption and ruination and plague and locusts and fire raining from the skies and people turned into peeps, etc… RAMEN!

  7. says

    I don’t see them losing tax exempt status. I hope their participation in the Yes on 8 campaign causes a huge backlash derailing any attempts in other states to do the same thing they did here in California.

  8. Jim Guinnessey says

    The GOP and especially the Dubya Gang of the past eight years (and indeed stretching back to the Nixon/Reagan moral majority scams) have used religion as a weapon of mass destruction against the separation of church and state in the USA. Since the GOP has placed its own far right ideological satraps in every corner of government including the IRS, I doubt if much can be done to force the whacko Mormons to “fess up.” Too many religious groups from the Catholic Right to the Mormons have abused with GOP federal assistance this vital separation. Just look at the mess Obama has caused with all his inaugural religious prayer picks!

  9. says

    Although not the only religious group opposing same-gender marriage, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) has received a great deal of attention concerning their active opposition to marriages for same gender couples. This website ( seeks to help people understand the Church’s stand on this subject, and on marriage in general.

    Marriage was ordained by God from the very beginning of time. He created two people, a man named Adam and a woman named Eve. They were married by Him, not just during this lifetime, but forever. Together, they were told to begin a family and raise their children together. From the first days of the earth, God set the pattern for family life—a man and a woman, and, if possible, children. This basic family structure creates an appropriate foundation for all other units of society and for an eternal life.

    Mormons teach that gender is an essential part of who we are, and that it was determined long before birth. However, they do not teach that having homosexual inclinations is a sin. Only the practice of homosexuality is a sin. Feelings are not sinful; practice of inappropriate feelings can be.

    Members of the church with homosexual inclinations who choose not to act on them or advocate for the acceptance of such actions can be members of the church in full standing. They may hold any role in the church that may be held by any other unmarried person of his or her gender, which means that most positions are open to them.

    The church teaches its members to love and to respect those with homosexual inclinations, just as they do anyone else, and make it clear that mistreatment is not tolerated. However, this does not mean they feel inappropriate behavior must be condoned. Churches are, by nature, in the business of defining right and wrong. If they refuse to do so, to remind people of God’s teachings on any given moral subject, and to stand for something, they have no real reason to exist.

    With this in mind, the Mormons, as representatives of God, must take a firm stand on anything that affects the sanctity and well-being of the family, one of God’s most sacred creations. This site will help you understand more about this eternally critical subject.

    In order to entirely understand why Mormons object to changing the legal definition of marriage, one must understand a number of critical doctrines of the church. With a complete understanding of these doctrines, while you might still disagree, you will better be able to understand why we feel obligated to fight for the traditional family. Please follow the following path of articles to help you build a foundation for your study.

    Child of God—Mormons know that what you consider to be your defining characteristic has a powerful impact on your life. Mormons with homosexual feelings do not consider same gender attraction to be what defines them. They consider the primary defining factor to be that they are a child of God.

    Gender was determined prior to birth. What this means to Mormons struggling with same-gender attraction.

    Gay Mormons: A summary of what the church believes about homosexuality

    Attitude Toward Trials

    Mormons and Marriage: How Mormons view marriage and why they don’t want the legal definition of marriage changed.

    Mormons and the Same Sex Marriage Battle

    Can Churches Participate in the Political Process?

    Is Polygamy a Valid Gay Marriage Argument?

    The remaining articles on the site ( ) are about basic beliefs of Mormons, for those who want to know more, and they may be read in any order

  10. says

    “With a complete understanding of these doctrines, while you might still disagree, you will better be able to understand why we feel obligated to fight for the traditional family.”

    It’s not about disagreement. I honestly don’t care what Mormons believe, since I am not Mormon. Your are free to believe whatever you want and free to preserve your “traditional” family however you see fit. It’s not my business. The problem comes when the Mormon church seeks to define my family and infringe on my civil rights in a secular society. The Mormon church has no more right to inflict their religious beliefs on me than I have a right to inflict my beliefs on the teachings of the Mormon church. I’m not sure why the religious have such a difficult time understanding this simple concept–mind your own families, not ours.

  11. 1♥ says

    @ BOT,
    You have absolutely NO proof of anything you wrote. Every word you posted was a lie. Your scriptures are a lie. Your god of the 6,000 year old earth is a lie. You have no right to force me to believe in your hateful religion or to force me to worship your false god. You and your fellow Mormons are nothing more than hateful thugs that whore the name of God to fulfill your lust for power. Your religion will be exposed for the lie it is.

    God is love and love will win.

  12. TANK says

    So gender is an essential part of who we are? Got any proof for that? Evidence? Some or any good reason to believe it other than mormons saying it? Of course not. Gender stereotyping and norms are, however, an essential part of sexism and homophobia… How about said inappropriate behavior–that it’s inappropriate? Well, if you can’t substantiate one deeply irrational hogwash belief with another, and they are dependent, it doesn’t seem like you can substantiate that one, either.

    These are disturbing fairytales. Mormon fairytales are poorly constructed, too. Really bad plot development. It’s disappointing that one would take time out of their day to familiarize themselves with the wacky mormon mythology, and even more amazingly sad how ANYONE could come to believe such utter unabashed nonsense. It’s akin to believing that there’s a giant purple marshmellow that controls the weather… I long for the days when one feels ashamed for taking such incoherent, unscientific and unethical ravings seriously. It’s a pathetic faith…keep those underwear on, please.

  13. Andalusian Dog says


    Boy, are YOU on the wrong weblog! How did you end up following the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and all her friends here? Alas, Bot-o I don’t think you are in Utah anymore.

    Do you get paid by the Church to scour gay websites and promote its doctrinal positions, or is this just what you do in your offtime? You know, just for a little pickle-tickle?

    “Child of God—Mormons know that what you consider to be your defining characteristic has a powerful impact on your life. Mormons with homosexual feelings do not consider same gender attraction to be what defines them. They consider the primary defining factor to be that they are a child of God.”

    Rather presumptuous of you to assume what I consider to be my defining characteristic, not to mention to tell me what “Mormons with homosexual feelings” consider to be theirs. Really, have you asked every last one of them? Maybe some of them do, and maybe they do so because they live in a society where “expressing” their “homosexual feelings” is looked-down-upon and discouraged at best, and carries the threat of physical violence and shady practices to legislate discrimination against them at worst. If I were forced to live in such an oppressive environment – if I were told that my family’s, friends’ and God’s love was conditional on not expressing the kind of love and desire I feel to be inherent within me – I bet I’d go around and tell people what they wanted to hear too. Or maybe I’d furtively hitch the next ride to the nearest urban city and try for the rest of my days to forget the nightmare of my early life.

    The only love that we can be assured of is love for oneself. This includes being kind to oneself, which, I expect, involves a huge amount of self-examination and unlearning of bad habits, such as believing that there are right and wrong ways to feel love and express it to those who are willing to accept it from us. I sincerely hope that all queer people who must suffer in Mormon societies will find a way to reject the doctrines of conditional love preached by your church, and realize how wonderful they really are, right now, feeling whatever they feel. That light can be terribly beautiful.

  14. Explainer says

    I get confused… Gays want to be able to marry and adopt children. They must then feel that a parent of one gender is just as good as any other and that a child will grow up just as well with two women or two men as they would with a heterosexual couple. When it comes to their own relationship, however, they are quick to decide that gender is very important, as they are attracted only to their own gender. Have I got that right?

  15. MaryMack says

    For people who want to have rights and “love” you sure all offer a lot of hate.

    So what? So their church says to THEIR members, don’t let that prop pass. They are their leaders and they have the right, just like ol’ Pope in the Vatican to do so. He and his church came out against gay marriage too, but where’s the backlash? They contribute money and quite frankly wear some hideous clothing themselves, but you sure don’t see anyone making rude comments about the extra large tiara the Bishops and Popes plant atop their brows.

    You know, all of you need to get over it and learn the difference between a cult and a church. You should also do your own research instead of following blindly along and listening to liberal cantor.

    Remember Sodom and Gamorrah? Yeah… brimstone, fire etc. Just wait, with the new Pres the misinformed Americans voted in, you can be SURE to see the downfall of our country and then you’ll want some of those good ol religious boys to pull you up by your dirty boot straps. Just watch, and be ready, the day is coming.

    And by-the-way, those of you who are going to comment (because you have no originality) that I am a spokesperson for religion and Mormons, get a life and find a new by-line, will ya?