1. says

    Before: Well this oughtta be interesting.


    Moral of the Story: People are not Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, dammit! They are not meant to be mixed together like that! They’re much better looking separate, anyways.

  2. DanInSeattle says

    That actually looks a bit like Rory Stewart, British diplomat, turned author (The Places in Between and The Prince of the Marshes), turned charitable foundation president. He looked much like this after spending a few months walking from Herat to Kabul on foot. Of course he had been suffering from dysentery and lack of food and clean water, but still…

  3. egomechanics says


    does anyone remember that ‘guess who’ game, with all the little characters, and you had to guess who the other person had by asking questions about their features?

    he looks like one of the dudes from that!

    ..i’d still poke it tho

  4. JerzeeMike says

    What about Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Clive Owen, HRH Prince Harry, etc. I’m quite sure they could’ve come up with a much better composite than this.

  5. Contrarian says

    “To the Castle, to the Castle, burn the monster!” (cue the crowd with torches and pitchforks). BTW, wasn’t the tale of good old Dr. Frankenstein and his monster penned by a Brit? This composite is a slightly less repulsive version. Oh and the wit who compared Hugh Grant to a 50ish lesbian, LMAO!

  6. DanJoaquinOz says

    It took 6 good-looking guys to came up with something way uglier than any of them? What a triumph of ‘composite’ portraiture. Apart from the bad photoshopping, they got the features all wrong as well and left out some important categories:
    Cock: Ewan McGregor (Tommy Lee rival)
    Body & Talent: Daniel Craig (by orders of magnitude)
    Skin and Hair: Johnny Wilkinson
    Mouth and Nose: Lewis Hamilton
    Eyebrows: Orlando Bloom
    Personality & IQ : Hugh Grant

  7. Superman says

    The “composite’ looks just like the photo of Hugh Grant, except now they embalmed the guy and drew him while hanging upside down. Anyway, keep all of them. Give me one furry Ben Cohen, and I’ll be walking funny every day on my way for tea and biscuits!

  8. Jake says

    Art – Yours looks sooo like James Blunt

    Loo – 98% of Brits are white? Urm where the hell did you get that statistic from? Britain is very very multi-cultural.

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