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News: WTC, Eric Holder, PlanetOut, Liverpool, Oscar Grant

road.jpg Marriage equality ballot initiative launched in California: "The California-based Yes! On Equality campaign launched a 2010 ballot initiative today (the "California Marriage Equality Act") with the aim of ensuring equal access to marriage for all Californians in accordance with the California State Constitution."

Wtcroad.jpg American Architectural Foundation donates seven-foot replica of World Trade Center to the 9/11 Museum. The model was designed by WTC architectural firm Minoru Yamasaki Associates. Tropolism: "The model is huge, a technical achievement in its own right, not just in construction but in the extreme stewardship needed to keep it in good shape. And yes, it's significant and ironic that a paper and plastic model outlived a huge building complex. It's a powerful reminder of what was lost seven and a half years ago."

road.jpg Lady Gaga keeps her poker face on in frigid London.

road.jpg PlanetOut cutting 50% of staff in wake of merger with Regent Media.

road.jpg Airbus to offer Obama A380 superjumbo to replace the Air Force One Boeing 747: "Tom Enders, chief executive, said the US was already thinking about new aircraft for the presidential fleet and it was 'not completely absurd' to consider the superjumbo as an alternative. It can carry as many as 840 passengers and is the European plane-maker's flagship, with one sold to a Gulf sheikh."

road.jpg Candlelight vigils held for BART shooting victim Oscar Grant.

Gyllenhaalroad.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal won't stop running.

road.jpg Liverpool, UK to receive final approval to create gay village: "Councillors will consider closing three city centre streets, home to many of Merseyside’s favourite gay-friendly venues, to traffic."

road.jpg Meet Tim Cook, the man who will become temorary, and possibly permanent CEO of Apple, following Steve Jobs' announcement yesterday that he is taking a leave of absence because his health issues have turned out to be more complex than he originally thought.

Grandhyattroad.jpg State Bar of California’s Annual Meeting to hold annual meeting at Prop 8-supporter Doug Manchester's Grand Hyatt San Diego. Gay attorneys protest: "Los Angeles attorney Thomas Watson, co-founder of Love Honor Cherish, which describes itself as a grassroots organization dedicated to marriage equality in California, opined that the location was 'something the State Bar should immediately reconsider.' He suggested that holding the meeting at the hotel would 'de facto exclude…any conscientious attorney in California from going' to the event, which was 'discriminatory' and 'inexcusable.' With the state’s economy suffering, he maintained 'hotels are begging people, begging people, to plan an event,' and that 'it would be better not to have the meeting at all than to have it at a place where the State Bar of California would be contributing to someone who is directly contrary to equality for all Californians.' Watson called for the resignation of the person who made the decision to have the event at the Hyatt and vowed to resign from any bar association which participates in the conference of delegates, which will take place the same weekend."

road.jpg BAFTA nominations announced — guess who got a million?

Foxroad.jpg Matthew Fox looking a bit lost in Details.

road.jpg Attorney General nominee Eric Holder breaks with Mukasey: "I agree with you, Mr. Chairman, waterboarding is torture."

Whitney Houston staging comeback: "Whitney Houston's new album (now without crack) will be released sometime this March, according to inside sources. One of those being Clive Davis, music mogul and Whitney's mentor pre and post-crack addiction. Whitney will also have the honor of being the headliner at Clive's pre-Grammys bash and she will reportedly be performing brand new tracks off the new disc."

road.jpg Singapore man gets eight years in prison for slashing colleague over gay rumor.

road.jpg What have the attached-at-the-hip hotties Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna been up to? I know you've been wondering...

road.jpg Four horn players from Seattle's Rainbow City Band to join gay and lesbian band in inauguration parade. Said trumpeter Will Dean: "It's symbolic, but symbolism is important. You need things that are milestones to represent where you've been and where you're going, and for the gay community this is an important milestone."

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  1. Should President Obama really be flying around in an even larger jet? I mean with the global warming crisis and everything, wouldn't that make his carbon footprint even bigger than it already would be? He'd probably be hard pressed to get any climate change legislation passed if he flies around in that gas guzzler.

    Posted by: BC | Jan 15, 2009 2:52:31 PM

  2. BC, it's also unlikely that he'd be flying around in a plane manufactured outside the US---even if, as Airbus claims, the plane is "at least 25% more fuel-efficient than the venerable 747 and emits far fewer greenhouse gases." Plus the plane is too damn big to land at a lot of airports and would probably create security headaches.

    Airbus is just looking for publicity.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 15, 2009 4:01:22 PM

  3. PAUL R - lol! Airbus is a company, of course it's looking for publicity! If I were Obama I would go for an Airbus - more comfortable, more modern, more fuel efficient - but of course the Boeing lobby would have a tantrum.

    Posted by: SKEPTIC | Jan 16, 2009 4:02:54 AM

  4. Just a quick correction. The slasher was jailed for 8 months, not 8 years.

    Posted by: Alex | Jan 16, 2009 4:20:01 AM

  5. Obama will never fly in an Airbus. Not because the Airbus 380 isn't a fine plane, mind you. But it would be a public relations disaster for the White House. And they know it. The Republicans will throw a temper tandrum. And FOX News will turn it into the phony "scandal" of the century.

    Our government bureaucrats - from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi right on down to the lowly traffic cop - drive around in Ford and Chevrolet vehicles because they're required to do so. It certainly isn't because they love fuel inefficent, bulky, and ugly coffins-on-wheels.

    Posted by: John in CA | Jan 16, 2009 4:41:05 AM

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