1. le_sacre says

    not a fan of that second spot, actually. it seems like it could be interpreted (text aside) to say, look how much fun these guys are having, but then it stops when they get to the point where they have to contemplate using a condom.

    i’d rather see some visual incorporation of the condom in the message.

  2. says

    My thoughts, exactly, LE_SACRE, they needed to tie the two together. Reminds me of some early college media major spots; two great messages, but the producer does no yet know how to link the content or did not carry the thought along to a better outcome.

    Sorry for the armchair critique, it’s been decades since I was in commercial production, but something just struck me about the spot.

  3. David says

    Good point about incorporating the condom. But I really liked it. I think there does come that point where the silliness subsides and adults have to have a conversation. (preferably it happens before the undies come off because that can be awkward…FYI)

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