1. paul c says

    Once Tina Fey was done with her bit at the beginning of the season, SNL just completely tanked.

    I really think this might be the worst season yet…worse than the early 80’s even.

    Terrible additions to the cast — dead weight — and writing at the level of 12 year olds. Even their references are dated and played out — Sir Mix-A-Lot? Are you kidding? Why not just do a Bobby Riggs sketch?

    Does anyone know what is up with that fat new guy? Every character he does seems like it relies on the same stereotypical nelly gay gimmick…is he actually gay or just a homophobic assmunch?

  2. Paul R says

    Paul C, I completely agree. The Steve Martin episode was so embarrassing and dated, much like the comedian himself. When he made a reference to “wild and crazy guys” in his monologue I almost felt embarrassed for him as I cringed.

    They certainly know how to dress Alec Baldwin in more flattering attire on 30 Rock. His gut looked enormous at times (see still photo above).

  3. jacob says

    I concur with the comments about this year’s SNL shows. On a scale of 1 to 10 the vast majority of the skits rate at a 3 (on a good night). However, there is the ocasional funny skit that keeps me watching yet another show. The “Cougay” skit was hilarious…I certainly wouldn’t mind pouncing on Andy Samberg!

  4. paul c says

    Paul R…I totally agree with you about Alec Baldwin’s appearance on this show! This was honestly the first time EVER that I found him unattractive…and I’ve had the hots for him straight thru since he was on Knot’s Landing when I was a little kid!

    It was probably the combo of the embarrassingly unfunny sketches and the tucked-in shirts.

    Andy Samberg looked yummy as usual though.

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