1. Cj says

    LOVED it. It took me back and gave me goosebumps. I’ll admit Brendan Flowers and Lady Gaga sang well but their mics were out of sync. Who ever was handling the equipment should have lowered the intake and reverb on their mics as they were supposed to be backup singers not lead vocalists, and it threw off their harmony.

  2. Patrick M says


    And I even like the guests being off a bit – makes it more real, and shows it wasn’t lip-synced like every bloody performance over here from the inauguration to the superbowl

  3. Cj says

    JAY: LOL. Seriously. Interesting that Dusty Springfield almost didn’t team up with PSB’s in 1987, thankfully she did for one of their best tracks… Anyone know, but I read that Dusty was a lesbian. Any truth to that?

    RIP Dusty, you are missed…

  4. alguien says

    CJ-dusty’s lesbianism is pretty well established. i remember when i was in my early 20s hearing that dusty & nona hendryx had been lovers for years and thinking how cool that was.

  5. Paul R says

    I adore the PSBs, but their live performances are always a disappointment. I realize that “aloof” is the cornerstone of their personae, but for me it gets tiresome live. It feeds into the notion that they’re a superficial disco group, when many of their lyrics are quite touching and/or intelligent. Though seeing Chris Lowe in Andy Warhol drag was kind of funny.

    I have friends who love them and feel exactly the opposite, but their songs are usually exactly the same live as on CD, and they act like the audience isn’t even there. At least here they mixed things up a bit and had impressive visuals. (Well, they always have impressive visuals, since they’re clearly not trying to engage the audience.) It always just seems so robotic and forced.

  6. james says

    I was at party in the mid-80s in Toronto and Dusty Springfield and Carole Pope (of Rough Trade) were there as a couple… they were argumentative, combative and totally in love. They were so much more interesting than Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson.

  7. PSBFan says

    To Paul R:

    The PSB have made it quite clear in interviews that they don’t want to put on the typical rock concert where they pretend to engage in fake banter with the audience. They perceive their concerts as theatrical performances and shows they put on for the audience in which the costumes and scenery and light show enhance the songs.

    I’ve seen the PSB live in concert on every US tour, including their very first one in 1991, and I can tell you that the songs are NOT “exactly” the same live as on CD. I’ve been amazed at how they can take a 20-year old song I’ve listened to hundreds of times and make it still sound new and fresh in live performance and make me feel like I’m experiencing it for the first time.

  8. resurrect says

    gots to love the irony of the mormon raised brandon singing “everything I’ve ever done / its a sin” amazing pop group but as james noted, a bit blah in the flesh. like all great art – let’s keep it a little less real.

  9. Daniel says

    I love the Pet Shop Boys. Still, I saw their last concert from Fundamental, and having seen Depeche Mode before, I can tell I wasn’t nearly as thrilled. Euphemisms.

  10. troschne says

    I LOVED this montage! I didn’t really see the lack of sync in voice/video with Brandon/Lady Gaga, but that might just be a YouTube thing. I saw PSB live two years ago in Chicago, and they were GREAT. I honestly don’t care about their lack of interaction with the audience–they are there to perform, and groups that do that tired-ass talking to the audience crap bore me–I didn’t shell out $75 to have them act like they give a crap–I do it to watch them perform. PSB are awesome!

  11. Desca says

    Shane- looking at the earliest PSB videos, it’s amazing to see how they were telegraphing their sexuality- it’s all there, from the very beginning. Gay slang, images of male domesticity in Suburbia, enacting the queen/rough trade archetypes, allusions to hiden love and AIDS in the coda of Opportunities.. tons of clues.
    It’s incredible how obvious it seems now, but they were discreetly signalling it all along. They had to be careful; coming out in 1984, well, they might not have had much of a pop career.

  12. Paul R says

    To clarify, I would no more want or expect the PSBs to talk to the audience that I would an actor in a play. I was referring to the lack of emotional engagement.

  13. Nick says

    amazing. there was nothing wrong with this performance from anyone involved. i actually got goosebumps more than once, and one of those times was brandon singing those immortal lines in ‘it’s a sin’. psb can do no wrong.

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