Cyndi Lauper to Madonna: Go on with your Cougar Self


Cyndi Lauper set a New York magazine intern straight at the recent Defying Inequality: the Broadway Concert for Equal Rights when he questioned Lauper about Madonna's alleged fling with much younger Brazilian model Jesus Luz:

"What's your issue? You know how many old geezers do
you see with young women. What's the double standard? Who cares? You
know, they're both adults. Who cares? What's good for the goose is good
for the gander."


  1. Sean says

    Cyndi Lauper is freaking awesome! I good friend of our community and a super talented artist! Good for her!!!

  2. nic says

    jesus is as close to perfection as it gets. who am i to question madonna’s taste? more power to her.

  3. TANK says

    Ah, the familiar clicking of dentures greets all who bother to read the above comments.

    I love the fact that Cyndi called an old geezer an old geezer. The old geezer stole cyndi’s look for a good chunk of time, too. That geezer cougar is where she is today because of that brief rivalry in the eighties. lol! Barf.

  4. heelp says

    TANK > Cyndi Lauper look consisted of old prom gowns from screaming mimi’s , MAdonna was more downtown punk…she stole nothing from Cyndi. Cyndi was very Disney at the time, she was appealing to kids while Madonna was very sexual. No girls or gays wanted to look like cyndi, no boys or lesbians wanted to fuck Cyndi but gays & girls wanted to look like MAdonna and Boys & lesbians wanted to fuck her. She had an edge that Cyndi did not have. Cyndi was doing Goonies while Madonna was on Playboy & Penthouse covers.
    Madonna is where she is because she’s a better producer than Cyndi. CYndi made a terrible second album and even worst 3rd one.
    Fed up with all this Madonna stealing nonsense to explain other artists failure at success.

  5. Dubwise says

    HEELP> I’m laughing at you saying Madonna isa producer. She isn’t. She is good at finding good producers and bringing them into helpher make her records. Just like the peson she copies the most, David Bowie.

  6. TANK says

    I could contradict all of that without even trying (which actual dated photos of Cyndi’s pop punk look–which itself partly came from siouxsie sioux– that madonna cannibalized), but I won’t. And you know why? Because you’re a grandmary, and I’m younger and don’t want to be pulled into the vortex of old queen “diva” worship. It’s ugly and makes you seem stupid and pointless; undeserving of rights and not worth taking seriously. SUPER SERIAL!

  7. Jimmyboyo says

    great point on the double standard in society

    BUT jesus should be warned that madge tends to suck something vital out of those younger than herself so that they go on to downward spiraling lives ever after

  8. Emmanuela Vasconcelos says

    I’m a Cyndi’s brazilian fan.
    She really knows everything !!!
    And girls just wanna have fun…
    Long life to her!!!

  9. Jimmyboyo says


    Yeah madge went farther but cyndi by far has more talent. Madge is brilliant in marketing herself but actual singing ability goes to cyndi

  10. Alex says

    Oh, Jesus,

    Who the fuck cares who had the crazy petticoats in the 80s first?

    While I prefer Madonna’s overall musical output to Cyndi’s, they’ve both had their share of great singles throughout the years. And Cyndi’s a great songwriter with a killer voice and she’s a straight shooter.

    And I still think Jesus is Steven Klein’s boyfriend and Madonna is renting him as a post-divorce accessory . . . and I still think he’s really not that hot. But Madonna looks amazing post divorce.

  11. Stan says

    seriously, anybody who thinks Madonna is screwin’ jesus..well, let’s just say..I got some prime beach front property in florida with your name on it.

    The last time Jesus saw a vagina, he was coming out of it.

  12. Mike says

    Cyndi can actually sing

    Madonna can’t

    Ask Madonna to sing the National Anthem and you will laugh for days….

    Ask Cyndi to do the same and you will be amaze how talented she really is…

  13. Andy says

    Cyndi is far more talented than Madonna PERIOD! and she’s done wonderful things for our Community, she deserves much more success. Cyndi’s record company refused to promote her latest album because she was doing the True Colors Tour to promote Gay Rights. I wish Madonna would do more for our Community….during Prop 8 in CA Madonna was silent and didn’t say a word to support a community that have supported her for so many years!

  14. says

    HEELP is actually technically right. Madonna is a much better producer of actual commercial work. Name any other female artist who has stayed on top as long as her (I don’t mean “comebacks”)? Face it, Madonna has never been out of the publics eye in over 20 years. In addition, she has never had a dry period. Ever. That is an amazing thing in todays pop world. AND Madonna on many occasions pushed the public forward on issues of sexuality.

    Maybe if you are under 30 you don’t remember the the world when Madonna came out but if you’re over 30 you better admit that she changed the media world. I am no fanatic and I readily admit Lauper is far and away the better singer. However, she has never had a truly good album after her 1st (which I played relentlessy).

    Sorry, but, I truly doubt anyone can argue with these points.

  15. Steven says

    Bring Ya To The Brink is brilliant. Too bad her record company didn’t want to spend money to actually promote her new music. If you listen to Hard Candy by Madonna and Bring Ya To The Brink by Cyndi …you would without a doubt see and hear who’s talented and who isn’t. She is so Unusual was brilliant…and so was Hat Full of Stars and Bring Ya to the Brink…Sony Music didn’t want to promote Cyndi’s music for some stupid reason but in the end …her music speaks for itself and proves everyone out there that Cyndi Lauper is indeed one of the most underrated singer/songwriters of this generation. I admire her devotion for Human Rights, particularly Gay Rights…few artist out there are as supportive to Gay Rights as Cyndi is..she doesn’t care about the media …she is always there doing what she can to promote Equal Righst…I remember seeing her in Oklahoma ..a very closed minded state…Her little son came out with a Gay Flag wrapped around his neck to present his Mother ….she then sand…True Colors…the whole place went crazy…

  16. Jay says

    Gotta disagree with you on Cyndi’s output, Derek. Sisters of Avalon and Bring Ya To The Brink both qualify as great albums. As does her “lost” album Shine.

    No disagreeing that obviously Madonna has had keener commercial instincts. But then Cyndi was always left of center. It just happened that the center bent a little towards her for that debut.

  17. Mark says

    She MUST do a guest spot on SNL just for the Cougar sketch.


    Poor thing. She needs that wig and sunglasses otherwise he wouldn’t kiss her.

  18. says

    I wasn’t planning on commenting on this story. And I’m really not; I’m commenting on the comments.

    It amazes me how, in response to one celebrity sticking up for another, this comment thread so quickly devolves into which “celebrity” is “better” (more talented, more stylish, more savvy, more desirable, blah blah f**kin’ blah).

    They’re both incredible. Period. Why be a hater?

  19. michael says

    Comparing Cyndi Lauper to Madonna, will only prove embarrassing for Cyndi. She’s not even in the same universe and Madonna, and never was. Only on gay blogs is she even mentioned in the same breath as Madonna. FACT

    Madonnas’ musical output over the last 25 years crushed ANYTHING Cyndi has ever attempted. FACT

    Cyndi has sucked consistently for 20 years, which is why she’s a permanent fixture on the gay club circuit, which is her ONLY audience.

    I think it’s great how she spoke up for Madonna, but it’s so pathetic (and telling) that the reporter was more interested in Madonnas’ life, than anything actually going on with Cyndi. You can bet money, that no reporter would ever ask Madonna anything about Cyndi, and that really says it all.

  20. TANK says

    Contrary to myth, taste is a rare commodity in the “gay community”. That’s why it’s important to nurture taste in, say, Cyndi over madonna. No one’s denying madonna’s commercial success, just her originality and talent. Her longevity cost a lot of money all around, and can be explained easily without referencing anything unique about her.

    Why be a “hater”? Because one can be, and it’s more fun than being relentlessly monotonous, with nothing of value to ever contribute other than the glaringly obvious. No unique angle, or interesting POV…sum it up for you?

  21. michael says

    Keep telling yourself that Tank. It will never change the FACT that Cyndi is a Dlist has been, with zero originality, and marginal talent at best. Madonna has a 25 year track record of delivering classic pop hits, and continues to inspire and entertain generation after generation. She’s an icon, living legend, and the last great star of the 20th century.

    Meanwhile Cyndi works the gay cruise circuit, entertaining tired old queens.

  22. Tony says

    Without a single shred of doubt, Cyndi Lauper has the pipe (TALENT) that Madonna never has. On the topic who’s better than whom, as far as talent is concerned, Madonna is on distant second. Just because Madonna knows how to keep her name in press for a longer period of time does not mean that she’s more talented. Can Madonna sing Jazz or do live (non lip-syncing) concert with bare voice – HELL NO! Madonna’s concert is, yes, very entertaining. In the end, talent beckons respect, and Cyndi has had earned that respect around the world!

    Back to the subject of “cougar,” who give a shit about who sleeps with whom! They are adults, and it’s none of anyone’s business.

  23. daryl d says

    Madonna spoke out against the passing of proposition 8 in front of 50,000 people at Dodger’s Stadium and was booed by some people (who obviously are anti gay but don’t mind Madonna the performer). She also spoke out against it….why am I even arguing with the loons on this site. As for Cyndi being more talented…lol! Cyndi couldn’t even come close to producing the artistry of Like A Prayer or Ray of Light. Being a better producer is more important than being a better singer. But props to Cyndi for not being bitter about Madonna’s continued success while Cyndi has been receiving unemployment checks for the past twenty years.

  24. KillAllPopTarts says

    I’m not certain why some of these commentators seem to be stressing the fact that Madonna has had more commercial success and press, which equals popularity, thus “proving” her to be more talented. It was once popular to believe the earth was flat; that doesn’t make it true. And fagolas are notorious for following whatever trend, regardless of its artistic or moral significance, especially if it wears a mask of wanton licentiousness (tits hanging out, beaver just a snappin’). Somehow, ribald sluttiness/whorishness of appearance is equated with empowerment and liberty in our community. Madonna is not a great artist nor truly original, but possesses a great talent for selling to the masses a dumbed down version of attributes found in true and original artists. A better gauge who is more talented would not be the number of records sold, but who are credited by other artists as having been an influence. It surely won’t be Madonna. Shit, Siouxsie Sioux was even wearing Gaultier before Madge.

  25. Rick says

    Madonna is better, Madonna is the artist of the Millennium and have highest sold out female artist in the history.. a very good talented woman, a writer, a composer and a mother and most especially a person who have helped many poor kids in africa!