1. Mara says

    “I have black friends, but they are productive.”

    I don’t know why, but that made me laugh. It’s kind of a step up from the usual “I’m not racist. I have black friends.” And it kind of felt like there was more to that statement. “They’re productive. Not like those damn Mexicans.” *

    God, what a tool.

    *Disclaimer – Not racist. Have Mexican friends who are productive.

  2. liz templin says

    “I’m not fond of men with all kinds of metal in their face…”

    ^ UM…earrings? or braces? i’m not sure what he means here

  3. kuros says

    He owns a business and he is against those that receive welfare..wonder if he has ever gotten any sort of grant or small business break…oh and return any social security ..because its a myth that it is your money…any social security you get is more debt on the nation..i could go on

  4. ryan says

    ‘anyone who wears a hat inside a building is gay’

    what a fucking idiot. besides, in my experience the complete opposite is true.

  5. clint says

    Enid is a sh!thole. I love all this Oklahoma reporting, Andy, but unfortunately most people in Oklahoma don’t even know what a blog is, let alone read one, let alone read a gay one. I know the falling real estate prices are killing everyone else, but its very hopeful for us homos here in Oklahoma, it looks like we might be able to afford to leave one of these days!

  6. BeauChance says

    What happened to Laurie and Curly and Aunt Eller and “I’m just a girl who can’t say ‘No’?” It sounnds like OK is all Judd Frye now.

  7. says

    There does seem to be a lot of Oklahoma reporting lately. I grew up there. Lemme tell ya, it was a rough thing growing up in small town Oklahoma as an obviously flamboyant child. If it hadn’t been for my quick wit, I’d have been pummeled into the red dirt of Stillwater more times than I can count.

    After making it through high school, I stunned my folks by choosing to stay in Stillwater for college. I chose to stay for the first couple years because (a) Juilliard was too expensive and (b) moving to NYC in 1988 in the middle of the AIDS bloodbath was maybe not a good idea for a very sheltered and very horny 18 year old blonde southern boy.

    It amazed me that, after starting at OSU, the people were not nearly as homophobic as I had experienced in high school. There was plenty of bias, to be sure… it was the 80s after all… but I’d say 75% of the people I met were very cool. I ended up staying until I left for grad school… the friendship and cameraderie I enjoyed in college went a long way toward correcting (almost) the pain of what had happened before.

    Nowadays, things have moved forward. There’s an active gay-straight alliance at my former high school, and anti-gay bullying is not permitted. There are many GLBT organizations at OSU. There may not be a gay pride parade, but it’s not the same place that I wanted so much to flee when I was a pup.

    There are lots of good, smart, honorable people in Oklahoma. And they’re not all in the college towns or in the cities. There are plenty of people like this Enid idiot in Oklahoma (and in northern cities too), but please remember that progress is slowly evolving there too.

    I can’t believe I’m standing up for Oklahoma. Honestly. and Beachance, please note that “Oklahoma” (the title song from the musical) is the state song. We all had to learn it in junior high. Truth. So there’s a lot more Curly down there than Judd Frye.

  8. paul c says

    Isn’t it just a little “faggotty” being a barmaid…gossipping and wiping your little formica counter and serving cold drinks to all the menfolk who do real men’s work all day? Isn’t that the role of a housewife?

  9. craig says

    One of the many, many reasons I left a good paying job in Oklahoma … what an armpit of humanity that place is. A church on every corner … filled with bigots like this. Yuk.

  10. craig says

    I used to work for a trucking company in Tulsa. As a joke, one of the training department supervisors put a gay student with a well-known homophobe. He found out the student was gay on the last day of his training, and it took five men to pull him off of the student. He was almost killed. It wasn’t such a “joke” after that.

    The same supervisor was running around a few years later, calling everyone out in the office for being “sinners.” He suddenly disappeared, to show up in a different department in a different building a few blocks away. “No, really, got tired of training and customer service is great!”

    Two years later I found out the truth. He was cheating on his wife with one of the secretaries, and found out one of the vice presidents was also cheating on his wife … with the same secretary. This guy almost got fired and that’s what the transfer was about.

    Amazing. I wonder what’s in this freak’s closet. Literally. Feather boas? Bedazzlers? Yes, they’re fine, wonderful people back there, until they find you’re not “one of them,” straight, Baptist. Then you’re sunk.

  11. says

    You can go to a southern baptist church or a trucking company in any part of the United States and have a similar experience. It sucks, but it’s not specific to Oklahoma.

    There are plenty of intelligent, reasonable, good people there.

  12. Bob R says

    Isn’t Oklahoma, along with Idaho, Wyoming and Utah one of the few totally all red states left? Besides, Gary looks like a bitter old queen to me.

  13. says

    His honesty is rather refreshing, I’d say, considering the current head of the Republican Party who wants to reach out to gays while denying us our rights, and Barack Obama who shows every indication of not lifting finger one when it comes to delivering on his campaign promises to us.

    This guy hates fags, and doesn’t care who knows it. Yeah, he’s a pig, but he’s an honest pig.

  14. milkmanrevisited says

    @Milkman: Is anyone really so prejudiced that they’re against Oklahomans? Do we really still have to list the virtues of Oklahomans on the comments section? I will just never understand the things that people choose to get their panties all in a bunch about.

  15. Wil says

    I love that he’s unapologetic in his stance. However, “limp wrist?!” He would be pretty surprised when some Rugby-playing Silverlake (Los Angeles) “Faggot” kicks his sorry ass.

  16. says

    I’m not sure “refreshing” is the first word I’d use to describe his honesty, Roscoe. (Do people who commit hate crimes in broad daylight get special credit for doing it openly? Does that mean you’d rather have him as President than Obama?) But I am going to start wearing hats indoors. P.S. In the video still he totally looks like an old dyke.

  17. Jim says

    Who cares about this stupid Okie? Who would want to go into his shithole establishment? This is a non-story not even worth our time. Some dumb redneck hates everybody, what else is new? If not for the internet, no one outside of the viewing area would know about it. Let him, and Sally Kern, go fuck themselves. The impact of these stupid hicks on my life is absolute zero.

  18. Crash says

    I can agree with your statement about who cares. On a certain level. On the major whole, it serves as a reminder to those of us who live in more accepting communities/cities that not everyone has that luxury of being themselves where ever they may go. Just my thought and opinion.

  19. Craig says

    I don’t know about the trucking company stuff. The one I work for in Tucson is just great, quite open and pretty fully accepted here. Besides, it wasn’t the company in Tulsa that was the problem. It was the people in Oklahoma. Just quite frankly felt dirty contributing to their economy after they put up with idiocy like this and say nothing. That’s the problem: saying nothing. BTW, glad I got my 82 year old mother the heck out of her Baptist church and into our super gay friendly Episcopal one here. She couldn’t take the hate there either and we are all so proud of her in the new church.

  20. Satori says

    Well, don’t lump all Oklahomans as bigoted and close-minded, and acknowledge that there is progress even there, sure, but it really is awfully backward and ignorant by and large. The younger people are better but the reach of conservative insularity and the Southern Baptist church are long. Having lived in the central U.S. for years and traveled extensively in innumerable small towns, I have plenty of experience in flyover country.

  21. TANK says

    He doesn’t ping my gaydar. As if that’s an insult. He’s not gay, and it’s an insult to gays to suggest that he is.

    They should feature this interview on an OK tourism promotional. It’s one of those meth and hillbilly capitols.

  22. Bill says

    Satori you are gross. Open your eyes, the vast majority of heterosexuals are anti-gay. Stop with the self-hate.

    This person will win election since Oklahomans are such bigots. They support everything he says.

  23. Brent says


    For those of us who live in Oklahoma, it becomes a little tiring that these types are the only people to receive national attention. While far from a bastion of progressive ideology, Oklahoma is certainly not the squalid, inbread, “armpit of America” that it’s made out to be. This man does not represent us and, yes, I believe it needs to be said.

    You find it amazing that we might take offense? Andy made this comment:

    “Given this information and what we know about politics in Oklahoma, we think he’s got a pretty good shot.”

    Assumptions like this are vitriolic and reductive. The rural-American bigots in this country are legion, spanning every state. This type of reporting is sensationalism (seriously, Andy, c’mon). What most Americans don’t know about Oklahoma could fill a library.

  24. zoe says

    It’s people like this that halt the progression of a society. This man discriminates not only against black and gay people, but also against people “on welfare” and “with metal in their face” – as a student, with lots of metal in my face, looking forward to a future when piercings don’t immediately label you a miscreant, it upsets me that people still think it is appropriate to judge based on one’s appearance. Would this man turn away someone who was wearing ripped jeans and a nose ring, even though he makes $60,000 a year? It’s ridiculous!

    Bigotry and judgment have no place in balanced life. Openness and respect are the only tools one needs to lead a good and respectable life. This man is proving himself uneducated and unenlightened. We need to not talk to or about him anymore. If he gets elected, it will be like negating Barack Obama’s win, because people are still so willing to put the worst choice in a spot with power. BAD NEWS!!

  25. JJ says

    I lived in Tulsa, OK for a year and a half and couldn’t leave soon enough. It was truly the most backwards city and state I have ever been in. Seriously, it wasn’t unusual to meet people who have never left the state. Baptist bigots and uneducated rednecks, all of them. Sorry to generalize but I never saw anything to the contrary. (And a year and a half is enough time to run into someone with some enlightenment one would think)Everyone has bad grammer coupled with Gomer Pyle accents. Even the gay folks I met who were apparently “out” were some of the most self-hating, homophobic people I have ever met. I don’t believe there is such a thing as Gay Pride in Oklahoma but there sure is pride in being ignorant and uneducated. Go Okies!

  26. Pissed says

    If the people of Enid have any integrity at all, they will not only boycott this bigot’s business so that he’s forced to close, but other business owners will refuse to allow him to patronize their establishments on the basis of not being willing to serve Hate Mongerers. Instead, they will probably elect this sad, idiot. Sally Kern anyone? Oklahoma has a long way to go to catch up with the rest of the world. (The educated world)
    And yes, he does look like a sad old lady, doesn’t he? I wonder how long before it all comes out that he’s been molesting his male children.

  27. Carl says

    Gary James looks like an old woman, lol. I’m sure he cruises parks and sucks cock under bathroom stalls. It’s always the biggest queen who tries to deflect attention away from his own homo tendencies to lash out at others. Come out already Gary girl!

  28. nudie says

    I actually had the priveledge of meeting Gary James at a Food and Beverage Convention. I say priveledge because now I can ridicule him with some authority. First of all, he had the saddest pair of moobs (man tits) and secondly, his breath smelled like stinky man ass. Now why would that be unless he’s been rimming some guy with a dirty butt? Me thinks you need to come on out of the closet Ms. Thang. It’s nice out here. Not so hate filled, like your closet Gary Ann!

  29. says

    Homosexual behavior is a threat to our way of life. As communities, we have the right to reject it and condemn it. Homosexuals need to accept that other people have the right to disagree with them and condemn their behavior. I swear, gay activists are the most intolerant, pushy people on the planet.

  30. TANK says

    Homophobia is a threat to our way of life. As communities, we have the right to reject it and condemn it. Homophobes need to accept that other people have the right to disagree with them and condemn their behavior. I swear, illiterate bigoted religious homophobes are the most intolerant, pushy people on the planet.

  31. KK says

    Gary James (the guy you are talking about here) lost the election. He got a whole 80 votes and finished in third.

    Also, Jim, you’re wrong. Those stupid hicks, as you call them, influence people who do have an impact on your life. Don’t you think she has some friends in the federal government? As someone involved in advocacy for GLBTs here in OK, I can assure you she does. She is a threat to everyone’s freedom, not just ours. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that just because she is not in your backyard, you don’t need to worry about her. Big mistake.

  32. Chris Davis says

    If he hasn’t served in a combat arms unit in the military, he’s a freedom welfare recipient. Oh, and he works in a restaurant; that’s a “girlie man” job, old man. Any time you want your ass kicked by a liberal, let me know, Dorothy.