1. Jimmyboyo says



    check for his wide stance


    “…They’re the meanest buggers I have ever seen…….. What is the morals of a gay person? You can’t answer that because anything goes.”

    Ahhhhhh poor Buttars still heart broken over Jeff the school football team quarterback who promised him one hot summer in utah that he would love him forever but instead broke up with him when off at college. Still heart broken Buttars, just get over it already


  2. barry says

    common ground was thrilled when THE CHURCH did not publicly come out and oppose any of the bills when first proposed. what they seemed to forget is that the royal priesthood, err, state legislatures meet privately with THE CHURCH’S hierarchy all the time and discuss what bills will pass and which won’t. nothing here in Utah gets approved without the blessing of the THE CHURCH.

  3. SFshawn says

    Just one look at this guy and you can tell he is one miserable,fucked up asshole! He has no idea how “mean” we can actually be.
    I can’t wait until the church gets TAXED and TAXED and TAXED…Catholic,Mormon,etc.
    Watching Utah deny equality to it’s citizens in 2009 is just beyond pathetic.
    I really thought Utah had more going for it but obviously with closet cases like this running the show up there my guess was wrong.

  4. pete says

    I don’t care how much Park City loves us gays and our $$. I will not set foot in Utah ever again until there is a fundamental shift in attitude. Since I’m in my 40’s I guess I’ll never go back.

  5. says

    God is he a hottie!!! Every time these doofus’s open their ugly mouths one of the major gay porn studios should make a big deal about trying to sign them up for an exclusive contract. That would be amusing.

  6. Bayley says

    Am I crazy or has anti gay fervor been more abundant post Prop 8 than before. I feel as though before Prop 8, everyone just assumed everyone else is pro gay rights and if not pro gay rights, well atleast diplomatic and neutral on it all. With the end results of Prop 8, it’s almost as if homophobes and those uncertain about their stance got ammunition to be more vocal about their disdain for us. As if their hatred was reaffirmed after seeing millions vote and express their own hatred for us. Just in class the other evening, I overhear a loud & proud conversation of 4 very young guys, hip, trendy, artsey looking college kids who would be the LAST anti gay people you would ever peg in a crowd and yet they were just casually talking about how homosexuality is not right and they are sick of hearing about it. I’ve overheard a lot of homophobia at my University and I’m not talking about petty comments like “that’s so gay” I’m talking about things in regard to our rights, our “agenda” and our “lifestyle” from 20, 21, 22 year olds who I sincerely feel a few years ago were on our side. I know this may not relate to this particular story directly, but I feel as though the Proposition 8 defeat was so much more than just another measure that fell. It truly spearheaded a mob mentality that may have always been there before, but is now vocal about it.

  7. CK says

    Butthead is just a mean, nasty ugly sack of shit with nothing better to do than get involved in peoples’ lives that have NOTHING to do with him and his miserable existence! Utahns, vote this fucker out… how can you keep him on for so long? His ass should be thrown out!

  8. Craig Garver says

    Well I certainly second the proposition of never stepping foot in this God forsaken hell hole of a Mormon paradise ever again. Don’t love me, don’t love my gay dollars then. Colorado has just as good snow and no Mormon church to contend with.

    Tax this lousy bunch of bigots in that church until they squeal like stuck pigs. And take their “holy” underwear with them to whatever planet they plan on infesting in their afterlife. What a bunch of lying bigots.

  9. JerzeeMike says

    BAYLEY, I know what you mean regarding the apparent upswing in antigay attitudes lately. I don’t know if this can be directly linked to the passage of Proposition 8 directly but I do think it’s a contributing factor.

    When a country goes into an economic recession people start getting worried and a change in the perceived status quo adds to their apprehension. The “majority” may see granting rights to a marginalized minority as taking away from their slice of the pie and rationalize it as granting “special rights.” This was the socioeconomic condition in pre-WWII Germany and a rising Nazi Party found their scapegoat by demonizing European Jews. Unfortunately this recession is going to get worse and the LGBT community is quickly becoming the scapegoat for bigots and zealots. That’s why it’s important to be ever vigilant and not turn a blind eye to people who would lay the country’s woes at our feet.

  10. clint says

    Of course there has been more bigoted speech since Prop 8, that thing brought EVERYBODY out of the closet, from homos to friendly heteros to haters. At least the light is shining and we now we have a better idea of who and what we’re up against. Unfortunately for the haters, the next generation isn’t going their way.

  11. Jersey says

    Well I wonder what this means for Redford and his fashion show. I mean what gay person is gonna set foot in that state knowing if there is an accident and they end up in a hospital thier partner will be barred from visiting. If he has it next year there then fuck him.

  12. PAT says

    What an an obnoxious, ignorant, bigoted, appalling, evil man. If anyone is the “meanest bugger,” it is he. He is a disgrace to the electorate who seated him and to the human race. I do pity the oppressed minorities who call Utah home yet can’t exercise basic inalieanable rights that no one would deny to themselves. Let’s hope he doesn’t ship them off to concentration camps–hyperbole, yes, for the time being, but the inescapable conclusion of his criminal ideology. A path to Kristallnacht is the historical analog that immediately comes to mind.

  13. says

    You know what? This guy doesn’t bother me.

    My local PBS station has been running the excellent miniseries “Eyes On The Prize”. It is a primer on how to stand up for your civil rights.

    It also gives me hope that like Bull Connor and many other hateful bigots, this man’s time shall pass.

    I urge everyone here to fing out where there local LGBT center is or go to and find organizations in your area where you can participate and make a difference.

    Without the people who sat at those segregated lunch counters, got hit by water measuring hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch and marching even though their lives were threatened, we would have a much different country today.

    Those people of all colors paved the way for those drag queens at Stonewall which brought us to where we are now.

    No one ever thought Bull Connor would be gone.

    His reign of terror was over soon enough.

    Verily, verily…..

  14. Wheezy says

    @ Craig Garver,

    Forget Colorado. They aren’t that much more enlightened than Utah. Does the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado ring any bells? You know, Ted Haggard’s gay hating former mega-church. If you really want to make a statement go to Whistler, BC, Canada. Canada has equal rights and gay marriage. Give your queer dollars to the people who walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

  15. Aaron Rowland says

    You’ve got to be kidding me Wheezy. While historically Colorado has had a tenuous relationship with its LGBT residents, I assure you that the current electorate and legislature are far more enlightened than those of Utah.

    Of all the states that have voted to ban gay marriage in their constitutions, Colorado is second to only California in the percentage of the electorate to vote in opposition to it.

    Not to mention, Colorado is about to enact (it will easily pass and be signed into law by Ritter) a reciprocal benefits law that will grant most of the basic rights of state marriage to same sex couples.

    If you base your whole opinion on 1996’s Amendment 2 and Colorado Springs based evangelical organizations (Focus on the Family, New Life Church), then you definitely fail to understand Colorado residents and LGBT issues that are faced in the state.

  16. So Left I'm Right says

    That scowling m*therfu(ker looks like he needs a couple of good slaps upside his head. What a true asshole. It’s fascinating to me that if anything is going to “bring down this country” it’s the bigots who have stopped believing in the founding principles of this country, who have erased the concept of the rule of law from their minds, and who seek to demonize groups who really, at the end of the day, have done nothing to them, and really don’t have the power to do all that much to affect their lives in a material way. Bonkers.

  17. brian says

    If anyone is similar to a radical Muslim, it’s Buttars himself. His attitude to gays is no different from the attitude that radical Muslims have towards gays. Buttars and radical Muslims are like two peas in the same pod.

  18. jason says

    Homophobes often conflate gay rights with gay promiscuity. It’s a deliberate tactic designed to paint us all with the hedonism brush. Buttars might have a valid point about gay promiscuity but he needs to separate it from gay rights if he is going to be credible on gay issues in general.

    When you scratch the surface of these homophobes, what you find is that they are not only opposed to gay promiscuity, they are also opposed to gay monogamy. If we in the gay community were suddenly to take vows of monogamy, idiots like Buttars would still be against us. You can see it in the way they oppose gay marriage.

  19. says

    Chris Buttars has been caught in an outright lie.

    Even when the spotlight is on him he can’t help making shit up. Check this out:

    Buttars lied. Eric caught it. And now everyone is going to know Buttars is a liar but nothing is going to happen, because apparently the only thing you’re allowed to flaunt in Utah is the law:


    “When State Commerce Department Director Francine Giani was asked by The Salt Lake Tribune this week if she would do anything about the anti-gay group America Forever for spending and soliciting money even though its registration as a nonprofit had lapsed, she said she didn’t want to ding the group, but would send it a ‘cordial’ letter.”

    Good grief. You break the law in Utah, and the only consequence is a friendly note from the folks who are paid to enforce the rules?

    How many people have to notice before Dept. of Commerce Dir. Francine Giani decides to do her job? Does she even know what her job is?


  20. Don says

    Do you suppose he knows that he called us a “threat to America going down”? Double entendre aside for the moment, I am one of those mean gays who plans on doing all I can to keep America from going down. And then, once again, we will have saved Buttars and his ignorant kind from themselves.

  21. Kieran says

    awwww, sounds like Buttars could use a nice big gay hug…though he would obviously need to shower first – his logic stinks terribly.

    and he say’s we’re “mean”? That’s a laugh. We’re only mean to Kanye West…and Kenny Chesney

  22. Sydney says

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  23. I'm Straight!!! says

    …I fond this website by entering “Buttars is an asshole” in the google search box. Your website came up…guess what Buttars is still an asshole!!!!

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