1. basis4insanity says

    Thank you, thank you Andy! I’m totally frakkin’ excited over this. Haring was a huge influence on my personal evolution and a hero for so many different reasons. I hope some of the youngers who visit here will watch this if they don’t already know about Keith Haring.

  2. K says

    I’ll admit it, I’m one of the “youngers” who has enjoyed this site over the past few years. I have a Keith Haring animation on the inside screen of my phone. It’s a red character, a blue character, a green character, a pink character and a yellow character jumping up and down on a purple polka-dotted floor. I love it. I didn’t know who he was. The doc was nice. Thanks.

  3. patrick nyc says

    Thanks for the clip ANDY. Haring was not only a great artist, he was an early AIDS activist here. Those who are in the NYC area, if you have not yet been to the LGBT Community Center on 13th Street, check out his work there.

  4. michael says

    Thank You so much for posting this, a beautiful tribute to to Keith Haring and a happy innocent time before AIDS. So few artists work have ever come so close to such exacting representation of joy, love and happiness.

  5. Bell says

    Wow, just great. So amazed anew at Haring’s energy, creativity, joy in life, generosity of spirit. So damned sad he soared through life so quickly and passed so young. Tragic, but his story is inspirational, what an extraordinary person. Thanks.

  6. Lead says

    Thanks so much for the link Andy!

    I really enjoyed being transported back to a very different and difficult period of time not so long ago. Keith will always remain such a big part of my 20’s and the 80’s experience. I still miss him and so many others from that era of the New York scene. Sigh.

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