Just a Reminder: Towleroad’s Job Board

We had a brief burst of activity when we first launched our job board but for those of you who weren't there for that, we've now got a place on the site where employers looking to hire can post available positions. Listings are free at the moment, using the code LAUNCH09. Please feel free to forward this info to anyone who may be looking to hire. Thanks.


  1. Tom S. says

    I think you should hire me as an assistant/researcher…to help with the ever-expanding Towleroad! I’m resourceful and I could definitely read news/blogs all day.

  2. Bayley says

    I wish there was more cross promoting and a sense of community within the gay community to help one another out, especially in this economic time. We are all well aware there are MANY companies, employers and just sick, sad, ignorant individuals who will never hire a gay person egardless of their qualifications. I personally know of countless situations of gay friends and straight friends who applied for the same position with the gay friend being the ideal candidate for the job and the straight friends having absolutely no experience or drive for it. Needless to say, the gay friends almost never hear back unless the job is related to the fashion, beauty or entertainment industries, while the straight friends almost always fair better.
    Please do more to support our own fellow brothers & sisters, especially those who are in need. Pay it forward toward the community you call home.

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    When I think “job” I think paid compensation. When I see “intern” I think free labor with learning in the mix. Why are “intern” positions listed as “jobs”? I think it would make sense to have a Volunteer and Intern section, or exclude the non-paid positions all together.

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