1. dizzyspins says

    I’d compliment Timberlake on his outfits in this spread, but since he didn’t pick them–and probably hasn’t had any input on what he’s worn since he was 12–I can’t really buy giving him a fashion-icon award.

    At least this stuff is more tasteful then the wigger Ken doll stuff he used to wear.

  2. LO says

    Umm… A big NO to “Trendsetter”. If Justin decided to rock sandals with socks NO ONE will do it just because he did it, unless they’ve been doing it. What a joke. The only trend Justin has set is gigantic douchery.

  3. TANK says

    It’s amusing how plain to ug he’s becoming the older he gets…now that didn’t age well. YIKES!

  4. Jimmyboyo says


    You had me agreeing with you till hit the “wig@er” word. Dude! come on now


    I agree

    He isn’t aging all that well. Makes me suspect it was his run in with madonna. When will people younger than her realize that she always ends up sucking something out of them that makes their life ever after go down hill yet she remains. There is something spooky involved with that

  5. jmg says

    He’s too skinny now! Remember how great he looked shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone like 8 years ago?

  6. Leland Frances says

    As my Aunt Pitty Patt always said:

    “You can take the trash out of the trailer but you can’t take the Trailer out of the Trash.”

    Ditto to posts about Ms. Siriano and Mika. What is this—National Lowest COMMON Denominator Day?

  7. Tralfaz says

    Leland, your Aunt Pitty is a wize woman.

    La Timberlake needs to just go away. Girlfriend is NOT that cute. Oh I’d fuck him, but I’d hump a tree if I needed to.

  8. Sallyjerts says

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