1. says

    The judge called the murder victim, who was murdered in his sleep, a thug?

    Shouldn’t it be pretty easy to get a new trial based on judicial misconduct? I’m no legal authority, but it seems like there would be a clear case here. That’s just reprehensible.

  2. JohnInManhattan says

    Liverpool’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Network has established The Michael Causer Fund in memory of Michael Causer, a young gay man from Merseyside, who died on Saturday 2nd August from injuries sustained in what police describe as an allegedly homophobic attack.

    The fund will be used to assist the family of Michael Causer at this time in any appropriate way. To donate to the fund, simply go to the Liverpool Charity & Voluntary Services website (LCVS is the organisation that hosts the Network) at the following link:

    Gift aid can be claimed back for any donations made if you are a UK taxpayer.

    Cheques should be made payable to ‘The Michael Causer Fund’ and sent to:

    The Michael Causer Fund
    151 Dale Street
    L2 2AH

    Alternatively credit and debit card donations can be taken over the phone on 0151 227 5177. Thank you!

    Matthew Fox
    LGBT Development Officer

  3. JohnInManhattan says

    Let’s show the Causer family that we across the pond have Michael in our thoughts. I’ve just made a contribution to THE MICHAEL CAUSER FUND and ask that you join me. No amount is too small.

    The Michael Causer Fund

    The Michael Causer Fund has been established by Liverpool’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Network through LCVS in memory of the 18 year old gay man who was killed in a violent attack in Huyton in 2008. In the short term the Fund will provide assistance to Michael’s family for expenses relating to his funeral. Longer term charitable aims for the Fund will be established by the Network in consultation with Michael’s family and friends.

  4. Marc says

    Well, like they say, you get what you deserve. Seems to me Gay people don’t seem to deserve much more than they are willing to accept which in this day and age, the best to hope for is to not be exterminated in groups.

  5. JT says

    I’ll remember this horrid vedict the next time a Brit tries to tell me how backward and socially immature we are here in the States. What a horrible tradgedy all around. My thoughts are with his family and friends. And Marc^…what kinda back assed statement was that?

  6. TANK says

    Shocking. Now if Causer had defended himself and killed Alker (chav trash), would it have turned out the same? There’s nothing you can do except protest…say things like “that’s wrong”…that’s it, huh? That’s all you can do?

  7. Marc says

    That JT, is an incitement to get off our asses and actually do something relevant to our cause. It’s a call to arms to the Gay boys and Lesbian girls out there! We celebrate pride as if there has been something to be prideful of over the last twenty years when Gay and Lesbian people have allowed themselves to be more marginalized than ever! Except for the ones who are getting killed, we are becoming more accepting of the choice of our own invisibility, not less!

    I for one have grown very weary of these stories so if the truth is offensive, then so be it. I’ve been offended for years that people considered me a “model” gay (whatever the hell that is) for the simple fact that I was willing to be radical and offend others sensibilities while they were willing to just sit back and beg for acceptance. I don’t beg, I demand. But one or two lone voices against the chorus of gay and lesbian people who are passively complicit in the murders of their brethren and who lay down passively and accept that the bathhouse and the bar are acceptable venues to be marginalized in is not enough to alter what is.

    Tell me, do you believe we got more attention to the AIDS crisis because we whined for help or because groups like ACT UP demanded it?

    Clear enough?

  8. snowisfun says

    The jury believed the man acted in self-defense. Let me say that most ‘gay bashings’ are men reacting or overreacting to criminal abuse that the homo 1st did. If a homosexual grabs another man’s butt or groin against his will, then if the man reacts by bashing or killing the homosexual, his reaction is to a crime that the homo 1st did.

    But honestly, the main reason gay groups hate ‘gay bashings’ is because you hate the fact that a straight man fought back against a homo who abused him. Homosexuals should be made impotent.

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