Max Mutchnick on Gay Parenting and Patience

There's a sweet piece by Will and Grace creator Max Mutchnick (below, right) about travel, parenting, and patience in the Huffington Post:

"I stood shoeless in front of the metal detector. Rose was in my arms. Her mouth open just a tiny bit and her eyes as wide as they've ever been in her hundred and thirty five days of life. Behind me was my husband. He held Evan…'Step through.' …The TSA guard said it like he was talking to a prisoner. I did as I was told. My husband followed. He held a baby in one arm and four business class tickets in the other. The guard looked at the tickets, then looked at us, then looked at the tickets…A moment of silence. Rage started to well up inside of me in anticipation of the next question this giant with a badge was going to ask me. How was this man going to insult my family? In what way would he make me explain my difference? This is what he said: 'Where did you get them?'"

Where Did You Get Them? [huffington post]
(image via back story)

Posted February 19, 2009 at 7:04pm ETC by Andy Towle
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